• How to add a second set of listeners to the specified network card in Oracle restart environment


    **Recently, I came into contact with a case of configuring the second set of listener in restart environment. I hope it will help. If there are any deficiencies, please correct them. Background:The customer wants to configure two listeners in Oracle restart environment to listen to the IP addresses corresponding to eth0 and eth1 network cards […]

  • [record] build front end development environment under WSL


    preface WhyWSLAs a development environment? There is only one reason Environmental isolation, no longer afraidWindowsThere’s a strange environmental problem The method used in this paperWSLVersion is1.0And the pagoda panel has been installed install PM2 Manager Install in the storePM2 Manager Add soft chain Because the pagoda is not fully compatibleUbuntuSo you need to add global […]

  • How to configure Python virtual environment with vs Code


    Introduction to vscode Vscode website: https://code.visualstudio.com/ Voice support: Fast speed, fast reading and writing speed for large files (less than 1s to open 10m code, nearly 6S to offline native card), relatively small number of plug-ins, some enhanced functions, such as debugger, terminal, native support language syntax highlight less (C # JS typescript is the […]

  • Start the spring boot project with the built-in Linux of win10


    1. Install the built-in Linux subsystem of win10 1.1. Install Linux subsystem 1.1.1. Upgrade or reload Linux system 1. System requirementsYou need to upgrade win10 to the anniversary version, or reload the system2. Refit the systemThe test results show that the Linux subsystem can be enabled after the following system is reinstalledcn_windows_10_enterprise_version_1607_updated_jul_2016_x64_dvd_9057083.isocn_windows_10_multi-edition_vl_version_1709_updated_sept_2017_x64_dvd_100090774.iso 1.1.2. Enable Linux […]

  • [original] have you ever used these configuration file methods of springboot?


    follow“Full stack of Java back end technology”** Reply to “interview” to get a full set of interview materials of large factories There are several ways to operate configuration files in springboot. Have you used them all? Compared with spring MVC, springboot has a lot less configuration files. However, in log development, there are still many […]

  • Major rollover scene, record an online accident


    Key words: golang, go, Gorm, zero value, responsible rich Rollover date: March 4, 2021 Rollover site At 3:30 this afternoon, some colleagues reported that there was a test announcement pop-up window on the app cold start. Voice over:Just updated a service half an hour ago. Check the configuration. Event review 10: 27: code release sandbox […]

  • Share a small tool to implement I18N translation in react or Vue projects


    preface At present, many projects will involve internationalization to support multilingual environment.For example, in the two most popular frameworks of react and Vue, the two most commonly used UI libraries, ant design and element, have realized internationalization requirements. Moreover, there is no significant difference in the implementation methods, all of which cache the language environment […]

  • Dapr environment installation guide


    Environment MAC + docker install Dapr client brew install dapr/tap/dapr-cli View installation dapr initialization 1. Install docker environment After installation dapr init View version dapr –version Check the operation of docker docker ps Redis, Zipkin and dapr are installed by default CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 9b5719e28e4a daprio/dapr “./placement” 7 minutes ago […]

  • [JS basic series] thoroughly understand the execution context and call stack


    Today is the sixth in a series, mainly talking about some knowledge points of execution context and call stack. Before, we wereSecond articleWhen it comes to scope knowledge, the article mentioned that there are also some knowledge points such as execution context and variable promotion. Because the length of the article is not clear, today’s […]

  • Installation and use of anaconda and CONDA commands


    Author: VladSource Vlad (official account: fulade_ me) Anaconda Anaconda is an open source tool with more than six million users. Anaconda is committed to providing the most convenient way to use Python for data science computing and machine learning. At present, Anaconda has more than 250 + data science toolkits. CONDA toolkits can be used […]

  • RX of Linux_ length_ errors


    After monitoring Linux in the online environment, alarm host network receive errors. netstat -niCheck the network card, rx-err has 86W, there are a lot of Rx errors. get into/sys/class/net/ens18/statistics/, check them one by one and find that they arerx_length_errors

  • Detailed explanation of JS execution process


    Original blog address:https://finget.github.io/view… JS code execution, mainly divided into two stages: compilation stage, execution stage!This article is based on the V8 engine. preface V8 engine Working principle of V8 engine: V8 is composed of many sub modules, among which the four modules are the most important Parser: responsible for converting javascript source code to abstract […]