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  • Basic syntax and variables of shell programming


    I. basic format of shell script writing Take the simplesthello wordGive an example .#!/bin/bash echo ‘hello world’ . / bin / bash: tell the computer to use the bash interpreter to execute the code Echo: printing II. Running shell script Method 1(recommended) chmod 777 myshell.sh #Give file permission ./myshell.sh #Running files Method 2 sh myshell.sh […]

  • Environment construction of Hadoop version 3.2.1


    Recently, someone asked if they could send some big data related knowledge! Today, I will start with the installation environment and build my own learning environment. There are three ways to build Hadoop and its use environment: Stand alone version is suitable for development and debugging; Pseudo distribution is suitable for simulating cluster learning; Fully […]

  • Go language (construction of environment)


    Step by step, build a go language development environment from scratch. Install go language and build go language development environment download Download address Go official website: https://golang.org/dl/ Go official image station (recommended): https://golang.google.cn/dl/ Version selection For Windows platform and Mac platform, it is recommended to download the executable version, and for Linux platform, it is […]

  • Archlinux / manjaro install MariaDB Hadoop hive (pseudo distributed)


    Hadoop 2. X.y (pseudo distributed) Refer to the single node setup section of the corresponding version of the official websitehttps://hadoop.apache.org/docs/ First, SSH and Rsync Then download the bin package and extract it. Add the extracted root directory as the environment variable Hadoop? Home Case study export HADOOP_HOME=/home/yzj/Applications/hadoop/hadoop-2.10.0 export PATH=$PATH:$HADOOP_HOME/bin:$HADOOP_HOME/sbin Modify Hadoop? Home / etc / […]

  • Scrapy docking selenium


    First, PIP installs selenium, and then downloads the browser driver   Webdrive download address Webdriver of chrome: http://chrome.storage.google apis.com/index.html Firefox Firefox driver download address: https://github.com/mozilla/geckodriver/releases/ Download the corresponding driver according to the operating system and browser version, and set the path of the downloaded webdriver to the environment variable      Unzip the downloaded zip […]

  • Windows PowerShell Foundation


    Windows PowerShell Foundation Catalog: 1. Pipeline and redirection 2. Command execution 3. variable 4. Array and hash table × @ () to create array, use “,” to separate each value, @ {} to create hash table, use “;” to separate each value 5. Common commands Get help view help Get command query command Get member […]

  • Download and installation of Android SDK


    I. Introduction to Android SDK The Android SDK (software development kit) is used by software development engineers to build a collection of development tools for application software for specific software packages, software frameworks, hardware platforms, operating systems, etc. It provides Android API library and development tools to build, test and debug applications. In short, the […]

  • MySQL – Download – install – configure – Multi version Coexistence – set password – crack password-01


    Catalog MySQL download, installation and configuration Download on the official website (image warehouse is available at the back) Download from open source image warehouse (fast) Open source image warehouse site MySQL installation decompression Add Mysql to environment variable for easy startup Configure MySQL Configuration coding Install MySQL service Open command line as Administrator Enter the […]

  • Manjaro install redis manually


    The windows system used to be used before has been a little annoyed by win10 recently, and has entered manjaro’s pit. Some software under windows has been installed in manjaro with a record. My system information   Let’s start work. I. preparation steps Download Redis https://redis.io/ Two, installation 1Current directory / home / yzhl / […]

  • Mysql-5.. 6.23-win64.zip installation and configuration


    MySQL is a small but powerful database, which is very popular at present. However, the installation package provided on the official website has two formats, one is MSI format and the other is ZIP format. Many people found that there was no setup.exe when decompressing in ZIP format. They were confused about a bunch of […]

  • MySQL installation and connection


    1. installation Download address: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ Common problems and solutions: https://blog.csdn.net/chen97_/article/details/81484286 1.1. Add environment variable Add the extracted mysql-5.7.21-winx64 \ bin path to the system environment variable. Open my computer – right click in the blank – properties – advanced system settings – Advanced – environment variables – double click path, create a new one, and […]