• Unified solution for converting code items by spring boot enumeration


    Define structure and interface public class CodeItem { private String _itemText; private Object _itemValue; public CodeItem(){ } public CodeItem(String itemText, Object itemValue){ _itemText = itemText; _itemValue = itemValue; } public String get_itemText() { return _itemText; } public void set_itemText(String _itemText) { this._itemText = _itemText; } public Object get_itemValue() { return _itemValue; } public void set_itemValue(Object […]

  • A dictionary tree


    What is a dictionary tree Dictionary tree is aSpace for timeThe data structure, also known as trie tree and prefix tree, is a tree structure (dictionary tree is a data structure), which is typically used for statistics, sorting and saving a large number of strings. Therefore, it is often used in text word frequency statistics […]

  • Gopher to rust hot eye grammar ranking


    Gopher to rust hot eye grammar ranking Author: Zhongyi – sealos author, sealer initiator Top 10 often forget to write semicolons fn add_with_extra(x: i32, y: i32) -> i32 { let x = x + 1; // sentence let y = y + 5; // sentence X + Y // expression } When you first turn […]

  • Solution to the problem of the 11th weekly game of acwing


    Calculate ABC first\(0<=a<=b<=c\)Will be given at random \(a+b,a+c,b+c,a+b+c\)Value of because\(a,b,c\)Are positive integers, so\(a+b+c\)Must be the maximumThen use\(a+b+c\)Subtract one by one (Note:\(a,b,c\)size code #include #include #include using namespace std; int x[5]; int main(){ for(int i=1;i<=4;++i) cin>>x[i]; sort(x+1,x+5); for(int i=3;i>=1;–i) cout< Square up According to the simulation of the meaning of the title, it is not difficult […]

  • C + + 11 strong type enumeration


    Enumeration is to define a category and enumerate the individuals under the unified category for code use. Defects of C + + 98 enumeration: Whether namedEnumeration namestillEnumerating members in types, bothGlobal scopeYes, itsThe scope is globalof Appears if the same enumeration member is defined in a different enumerationRedeclarationWrong. enum PUBLIC_COLOR { RED, YELLOW, GREEN }; […]

  • Java enumeration classes, so that the use of elegant and easy to understand


    Java enumeration is a special class, which generally represents a set of constants, such as 4 seasons of a year, 12 months of a year, 7 days of a week, Southeast, northwest, etc. Java enumeration classes are defined by enum keyword, and constants are separated by commas.See implementation: @Test package com. foodie. enumeration; This work […]

  • [daily algorithm / brush through leetcode] 11 Container with the most water (medium)


    Click here to view more content related to algorithmic interview~ Title Description Here you arenA nonnegative integera1,a2,…,anEach number represents a point in the coordinates(i, ai)。 Draw in coordinatesnVertical lineiThe two endpoints of are(i, ai)and(i, 0)。 Find two of the lines so that they are consistent with each otherxThe container composed of shafts can hold the […]

  • Efcore implementation value object of DDD


    Efcore implementation value object of DDD Region public record Region { public long Id { get; init; } public MultilingualString Name { get; init; } public Area Area { get; init; } public RegionLevel Level { get; private set; } public long? Population { get; private set; } // population public Geo Location { get; […]

  • Typescript learning document – Advanced


    catalogue Typescript learning advanced Chapter 1: variable declaration 1.1 var variable declaration 1.2 scope rule 1.3 quirks of variable capture 1.4 let variable declaration 1.5 block level scope 1.6 repeated declarations and projections 1.7 block level scope variable capture 1.8 conststatement 1.9 letAndconstcompare 1.10 deconstruction 1.11 array deconstruction 1.12 tuple deconstruction 1.13 object deconstruction 1.14 […]

  • Swift enumeration


    AndC,Objective-CCompared with the enumeration in,SwiftinenumerationMore functionpowerful。 It supports many onlyclassUnique features, such as:Properties、Methods、Initialization、 Extensions、Protocols… Writing method of enumeration in C language Only supportIntOne type: //Week: enumeration name, which can be omitted //Mon: enumeration members //Week: define enumeration variables enum WEEK { MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI, STA, SUN } week; Swift enumeration supportInteger、Float point、String (string)、Boolean […]

  • Latest tiktok X-Gorgon 0404 algorithm location search tiktok 2021-01-12 latest shake 14.4 version


    Introduction: This analysis is tiktok version: 14.4 x-gorgon version: 0404 can be tested. The following reverse hook records are from tiktok 11.30401, and the new version of hook is similar to previous ones. Tiktok is the largest and most active platform in tiktok. There are many people in different industries who do reverse analysis. In […]

  • C# beginner, data type


    Value type   Data type, character type, boolean type, date type Structure type (struct), enumeration type (enum) reference type   String, array, class, delegate type   explain:(1) Value type data – usually allocated in the stack, and the actual data value is stored in the variable.(2) The actual data of the reference type is allocated in the […]