• Encapsulation of pager component based on ES6 and factory mode


    The effects of the components are as follows: Technical highlights: 1. Encapsulate the paging component. It does not need to maintain the public data on the external page, but only needs to maintain the pager instance itself in the public data part 2. All data are calculated and stored internally. Multiple pager instances are new […]

  • Ten thousand word long text chat cache (2) – application level cache


    In depth analysis of the core principles of spring MVC: start with the handwritten MVC framework (smartmvc)https://github.com/silently9527/SmartMvc Idea multi thread file download Plug-in:https://github.com/silently9527/FastDownloadIdeaPlugin The official account: beta JAVA abstract In the last article, ten thousand word long text chat cache (Part 1), we mainly focused on how to optimize the cache around http. There are […]

  • Comparison of cache elimination algorithms LRU / LFU


    preface Cache elimination algorithm is a kind of algorithm that decides which data should be eliminated when a new item is stored in a limited capacity list when the space is full.Its core is to calculate which item should be eliminated, which is the elimination mechanism. introduce LRU (least recently used / least recently used) […]

  • Istio’s serviceentry


    Use the service entry resource to add entries to the service registry maintained internally by istio. After adding a service entry, the envoy agent can send traffic to the service as if the service entry were a service in the grid. By configuring service entries, you can manage traffic for services running outside the grid. […]

  • Raft algorithm election process and scenario analysis


    Raft algorithm is divided into two stages Leader election Three roles Follower, candidate, leader (in order)The three roles cannot be overstepped, that is, leader can only degenerate to follower, follower can only be upgraded to candidate, candidate can be degenerated to follower, or elected as leader. How to convert it? Will term and timeout change […]

  • Flutter uses charts_ Implementation of line graph with fluent


    Gossip Recently, I was learning to use fluent to develop app. Because it is the technology used in the company’s project, I put myself into practical development while learning. I recorded the components I used and learned, and summarized them for review. To achieve the effect of line chart, consult the data and find outcharts_flutter, […]

  • 4. Nginx module


    Official module of nginx 1.ngx_http_stub_status_module http://nginx.org/en/docs/http…。 This module can view the basic information of packet processing by nginx #Enable method location /status { stub_status; } visit/statusThe data shown are as follows Active connections: 4 server accepts handled requests 310840 310840 481035 Reading: 0 Writing: 1 Waiting: 3 2. ngx_http_random_index_module http://nginx.org/en/docs/http… This module is used to […]

  • Flutter GridView


    I have collected some learning materials, including a lot of learning, interview, advanced fluter information, and a lot of video details. If you want to know more, please see the end of the article for details. Also welcome all the great gods to come to install X. 1. Introduction GridView is one of the commonly […]

  • Sublime text 2 close remember last open file


    I feel that sublime’s function of remembering to open files last time is very annoying. Turn it off In “user”/ Preferences.sublime -Settings “add an entry in the configuration file: “hot_exit”: false, “remember_open_files”: false It’s much cleaner to open it again.

  • React caches the list data and sliding position through Redux, and recovers the page state when backing back


    in useReactandReact-routerWhen a single page application is implemented, there will be a scenario: click an entry from the list page to enter the details page, and then when you go back to the list page, the list page will refresh again, not only the data will be retrieved, but the scroll bar will also return […]

  • Common syntax description of markdown


    preface MarkdownIt’s a lightweightMarkup LanguageThe grammar is concise, easy to learn, and has many other advantages. At present, it is used by more and more people for writing. Markdown has a series of derivative versions, which are used to extend markdown’s functions (such as tables, footnotes, embedded HTML, etc.). These functions are not available in […]

  • Technology sharing | quickly master the use of MySQL 8.0 authentication plug-ins


    Author: Guo Binbin Introduction When MySQL version 8.0.15 is copied from the master to the slave, the IO thread is always in the connecting state. Because the authentication plug-in used by the copied user is caching  Sha2  password, and the user who wants to authenticate through caching  Sha2  password has only […]