• How does bakeryswap.js work?


    1 compilation contractEnter the project directory at the terminal and execute the following command to compile bakeryswap and the test token contract provided by the development package: ~$ cd ~/bakeryswap.js~/bakeryswap.js$ bin/build-contracts The results are as follows: Insert picture description here 2 deployment contractFirst, start the development private chain at another terminal: ~$ ganache-cli -d Then […]

  • C # event


    C # event Remember, I haven’t written a blog this month. Just mix it up event Event refers to something that can happen. It is a member that enables an object or class to provide notification. For example, you open your mobile phone, click “information”, and then the information window will pop up. The “click” […]

  • Talk about flynk’s timerservice


    order This paper mainly studies the timerservice of Flink TimerService flink-streaming-java_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/streaming/api/TimerService.java @PublicEvolving public interface TimerService { String UNSUPPORTED_REGISTER_TIMER_MSG = “Setting timers is only supported on a keyed streams.”; String UNSUPPORTED_DELETE_TIMER_MSG = “Deleting timers is only supported on a keyed streams.”; long currentProcessingTime(); long currentWatermark(); void registerProcessingTimeTimer(long time); void registerEventTimeTimer(long time); void deleteProcessingTimeTimer(long time); void deleteEventTimeTimer(long […]

  • Thoughts on memory leakage in task. Run mentioned by the boss of fine code farmer


    1: Background 1. Tell a story During this period of time, the project was delayed and the overtime was severe. The blog stopped a little, but it still had to continue the technical output! The garden has been very lively recently. The leader of exquisite yard farmer shared three articles: Why use task. Run carefully[https://www.cnblogs.com/willick/p/14078259.html] […]

  • C # Study Notes 6. Entrustment


    Delegation is c# one of the most important features, and c# all the latter features are basically based on delegation.1. What is the entrustment of c#Delegates in C # can be understood as a wrapper of functions. Functions in C # are passed in the form of parameters, which is relatively different from function pointers […]

  • The difference between delegation and event in C #


    The difference between delegation and event in C #Generally speaking, a delegate is a class that internally maintains a field pointing to a method. An event can be regarded as a delegate type variable, and multiple delegates or methods can be registered and cancelled through the event. This article realizes the difference between delegation and […]

  • How to use delegates in c#


    A delegate is a type safe function pointer that can reference a method with the same signature as a delegate. You can useentrustImplement events or callback functions,Multicast delegationOne or more methods with the same signature can be referenced. Understanding delegation In essence, a delegate contains a reference to a method. Conceptually, it is the same […]

  • How to improve the performance of jQuery?


    1Google Code has collected several JavaScript libraries, which we can load from there without having to load through our own server. The advantage of this is to save bandwidth. If users visit websites that also load these libraries, JavaScript libraries will be cached on the user side to improve the loading speed. PLAIN TEXTJavaScript: //Load […]

  • One article explains dotnet’s entrustment


    Simple concepts also need to be looked at often.   1、 Foreword Let’s briefly talk about the origin of delegate. In C / C + +, there was a concept called function pointer. It’s actually a memory pointer to a function. When calling a function, just call the function pointer. As for the implementation of […]

  • Use func delegates to record API logs


    problem When we develop web APIs, we usually need to record the input and output information of the API to facilitate subsequent troubleshooting; So what do we usually do? We usually write a public method to control input and output in a public place. This is funcCommission comes in handy. What is func FuncEncapsulates a […]

  • Comparison of dotnet’s local function and delegate


    The previous article talked about delegation. This article talks about the comparison between local functions and delegation.   The reason for putting delegates and local functions in the front and back parts is that they are very similar and easy to mix up. You need to know more about delegation【Portal】   Use delegate expression (lambda) […]

  • How to use action, func and predict in C #


    Translation link:https://www.infoworld.com/art… A delegate is a type safe function pointer that can refer to a method with the same signature as the delegate. Delegates are often used to implement callback methods or event mechanisms, and are usually declared with the “delegate” keyword in C #. You can declare a delegate at the level of a […]