• Thread class of multithreading Series 2


    In the last article, we talked about the basis of multithreading. In this article, we will learn the thread class in C ා. The thread class is an API introduced in. Net Framework version 1.0. If the concept of thread is not clearPlease read my last article:Multithreading series (1), multithreading Foundation In this article, the […]

  • Difficult features and compatibility of mobile terminal


    Safari browser fonts can’t be automatically resized to fit the web page -webkit-text-size-adjust:100% ClickIt has a transparent gray background -webkit-tap-highlight-color:rgba(0,0,0,0);    Wechat, QQ built-in browser video automatic full screen Video address of non Tencent domain name The default webpage of iPhone x is displayed in the safe area, not full screen   The flex layout […]

  • Explain the entrustment of C ා


    Commission: as the name suggests, let someone else do something for you. Delegate is a mechanism for C ා to implement callback functions. Some people may ask, what is the callback function??? For example: I am now the boss of a company. The company is now recruiting. Net engineers. We have a little sister who […]

  • WinForm C ා multithreading instance


    When we use C ා to develop programs, we often use multithreading to realize multitask processing. The common method is to create multiple threads for processing. Today, I’d like to share an example of how to implement the thread pool. Make a reference to friends in need. Example: WinForm    using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using […]

  • Remove the binding from all events


    In the single example, in order to prevent error reporting when asynchronous trigger is caused by multiple registration events, we searched the Internet for a circle and did not find the desired method. [exception type]: argumentexceptionException information: the delegation must have one target (and only one target). Combined with the online data, the method is […]

  • [road to advanced API 6] a technical blind spot almost caused the whole project to overturn


    After teaching the intern a plan last time, the relationship between the boy and the operation sister is getting closer and closer. From time to time, he sprinkles a handful of dog food. In our company, we have really realized the R & D and operation of a pro family. Didn’t you see last time? […]

  • . net core common design patterns – ichangetoken


    scene An object a wants to notify B (or C, d) of some state changes,The common way is to define an event (or delegate directly) in A. when the state changes, a triggers the event. B subscribes to this event directly  There’s something wrong with this designBecause B wants to subscribe to a’s events, B […]

  • C ා s Commission case


    C ා delegate implementation (delegate) does not say much. Go directly to the code and see the comments in the code: namespace Delegate { Delegate void dgsayihi (string name); // declare delegation delegate void DGDo(string name); class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { DGSayiHi sayhi = new DGSayiHi(SayChineseHi); DGSayiHi sayhi2 = new DGSayiHi(SayEnglishHi); Sayhi […]

  • [IOS] about IOS Object-C delegate delegation


    What is delegation “Leaders want to smoke and ask you to help buy a pack of cigarettes, so you drive to the supermarket and buy a pack of cigarettes.” in this sentence, we split it up Leader: entrusted initiator Want to smoke: what the client wants to do Buy a pack of cigarettes: entrustment (Protocol) […]

  • Overview of synchronization context


    >>Return to C ා concurrent programming 1. Overview 2. The necessity of synchronizing context 2.1. Birth of isynchronizeinvoke 2.2. The birth of synchronizationcontext 3. The concept of synchronization context 4. Implementation of synchronization context 4.1. WinForm synchronization context 4.2. Dispatcher synchronization context 4.3. Default synchronization context 4.4. Context capture and execution 4.5. AspNetSynchronizationContext 5. Precautions […]

  • C ා anonymous method (function) anonymous delegate built-in generic delegate lamada


    Anonymous method: through anonymous delegate, lamada expression defined function specific operation and copy to delegate type; Anonymous delegation: a simplified way to declare a delegation is through the delegate keyword; Built in generic delegation: the system’s built-in delegation type is mainly action without return valueAnd func with return value Instance code (running environment netcoreapp3.1) class […]

  • Thread safe collection


    >>Return to C ා concurrent programming 1. Introduction 2. Immutable stack and queue 3. Immutable list 4. Immutable set set 5. Immutable dictionary 6. Thread safety dictionary 7. Blocking queue 8. Blocking stack and package 9. Asynchronous queue 10. Asynchronous stack and package 11. Blocking / asynchronous queue 1. Introduction Immutable set Between immutable setsshareMost […]