• C ා entrusted supplement 01


    In the last article, we wrote some basic things about entrustment. In this article, we talked about other things about entrustment. Example 1 plug in programming According to the understanding of delegates, delegates can pass a method as a parameter. With this feature, we can use delegates to implement plug-in programming. public delegate int Transformer(int […]

  • C-covariance and inversion


    Microsoft official overview: In C, covariance and inversion can realize implicit reference conversion of array type, delegate type and generic type parameters. Covariant preserves allocation compatibility, while contravariant preserves allocation compatibility. Covariance: the ability to use a more derived type than the originally specified derived type. Contravariant: able to use less derived types. Official example: […]

  • C × lambda expression


    I. definition of lambda expression Lambda expression is actually an anonymous function. Using lambda expression can simplify the amount of code needed in development. Lambda expressions can contain statements and expressions, and can be used to create delegate or expression tree types. Inline expressions with input parameters that can be bound to the delegate or […]

  • Review the delegation and event that you can understand under the object-oriented core


      The core of case interpretation is object-oriented. All cases are based on C ා, involving the most frequently concerned issues in our practice: 1. Encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism; 2. Abstract class and interface; 3. Delegation and event. III. entrustment and events Generally speaking, the purpose of using delegation is to “realize the effect of […]

  • C# delegate


    Delegates in C are similar to pointers to functions in C or C + +.DelegateIs a reference type variable that holds a reference to a method. References can be changed at run time. Delegates are specifically used to implement events and callback methods. All delegates are derived fromSystem.DelegateClass.   For example, Xiaoming asks Xiaozhang to […]

  • PHP call() method implementation delegation example


    The example of this article describes how PHP call () method implements delegation. To share with you for your reference, as follows: Delegation refers to that an object forwards or delegates a request to another object, and the entrusted party processes the request for the original object. This is similar to inheritance, and is similar […]

  • Linq-related learning notes


    Language-Integrated Query Write a demo, see specifically🌰 The lambda expression is related to a little delegate delegate delegation, but it’s easy to understand. And yield, which is not very clear. namespace LINQDemo { public class Employee { public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } } }   using […]

  • JS event delegation


    Event delegation also has a name called Event Agent. In JavaScript advanced programming, event delegation is to use event bubbles to specify only one event handler to manage all events of a certain type.  

  • Unity/C


    Reference material [1] Unity 3D scripting using C # language to develop cross-platform games[2]@Zhang Ziyang [Delegation and Event in C # – Part.1] http://www.tracefact.net/tech/009.html[3]@Zhang Ziyang [Delegation and Event in C # – Part.2], http://www.tracefact.net/tech/029.html[4]@Mao Nebula [Effective C[5] Robert Nystrom, Game Programming Mode Basic knowledge C# uses the delegate keyword to easily complete a mechanism similar […]

  • Delegation and Event Use in CS – Taking Cross Form Passing Value in Winform as an Example


    scene Delegate Delegate is a reference type variable that holds a reference to a method. Delegates are specifically used to implement events and callback methods. Statement of Entrustment public delegate int MyDelegate (string s);   Instance delegation The delegate type is declared, and the delegate object must be created using the new keyword, which is […]

  • [C] Learning Notes (2) Delegate Relevance


    The generic delegation type is also based on Mr. Yang’s video. Castanea mollissima    1 using System; 2 3 namespace Demo 4 { 5 /// <summary> 6///generic delegate type 7 /// </summary> 8 /// 9 Public delegate T Transformer < T > (T arg); // Here a generic delegate type with a return type of […]

  • (1) Delegates, Events, Lambda Expressions


    C Enter the topic: Delegate represents a delegate, which is a data structure that references static methods or class instances and instance methods of that class. (citing the original English language of official documents)   Represents a delegate, which is a data structure that refers to a static method or to a class instance and an […]