• Vue cli packaging NPM component key point record


    First create the project Vue create project name(Vue init is an old version) Then sort the catalogue into the following examplesFor local testingpackagesIt stores the developed components Then organize the package json If you have an entry file on the NPM command line, you don’t have tovue.config.jsThe entry file is defined on enclosedvue.config.jsConfiguration scheme Vue […]

  • Multi entry webpack hot update failure?


    preface WebpackModern front-end developers must be quite familiar with it. It is widely used in many projectswebpack-dev-server, I believe everyone should have been contacted. Recently, the author is configuring multiple entries. The hot update works well in a single entry. As a result, it doesn’t work well in multiple entries?, Find the answer through Googleissue,HMR […]

  • Webpack Foundation


    brief introduction In essence,webpackIs a modern JavaScript applicationStatic module packaging tool。 When a webpack processes an application, it builds one internallyDependency graph, this dependency graph maps each module required by the project and generates one or morebundle。 webpackIt is a tool for packaging modular JavaScript. It will start from the entry module, identify the modular […]

  • A practice and thinking of react + Redux


    Code reference of this partConfigurableAPIServer This is the first time that the author applies react + Redux to a more complex project. The biggest problem encountered in the early stage of this project is the granularity of component splitting. Because the project has no specially configured UI, the program ape develops directly according to his […]

  • Vue carding


    Vue explain 1. Introduce Vue’s project directory1.1 app project directory.|–Build / / code related to webpack| |– build. JS / / production environment construction code| |– check-version. JS / / check node, NPM and other versions| |– dev-client. JS / / related to thermal overload| |– dev-server. JS / / build local server| |– utils. […]

  • Vue and Vue How does prototype “enrich” step by step (1)


    Vue can run on the web platform and weex platform. Take the web platform as an example, starting from its entry file: Web platform entry file At first glance, there are several, and their differences can be referred to:https://cn.vuejs.org/v2/guide/installation.html#%E5%AF%B9%E4%B8%8D%E5%90%8C%E6%9E%84%E5%BB%BA%E7%89%88%E6%9C%AC%E7%9A%84%E8%A7%A3%E9%87%8A, we won’t repeat it here. Select one of the entrancessrc\platforms\web\entry-runtime-with-compiler.jsWe focus on the changes of Vue. […]

  • The difference between hash, chunkhash and contenthash


    hash The project level hash will change as long as any file in the project changes chunkhash Each entry corresponds to a different chunkAs long as the entry file or the file imported by the entry file (and the file imported by the import file, etc.) changes, chunkash will change. That is to say, if […]

  • Webpack file packaging


    In the previous section, we have installed webpack. In this section, we will learn how to use webpack for file packaging. Packaging files using webpack To package files, first we need to initialize a project. We have already created an XKD_ Webpack project, and there is already a package under the root directory of the […]

  • Building a micro front-end project from zero based on Qiankun


    Micro front end is a technical means and method strategy for multiple teams to jointly build modern web applications by publishing functions independently. 1、 What is a micro front end The term “micro front end” was first proposed in 2016. It extends the concept of back-end micro services to the front-end world. In short, it […]

  • 27. Kubernetes (k8s) notes ingress (II) envy


    preface: As a portal component of the Internet system, the traffic entry agent has many types: from the old agents haproxy and nginx, to the microservice API gateways Kong and zuul, and then to the specification and implementation of containerized progress. The functions, performance, scalability and application scenarios vary among different types. When the big […]

  • Debugging Lua with rider


    emmylua1. Version 3.5 and above supports rider debugging, but the new version of emmylua only supports rider 2020 and above. Therefore, if you want to debug Lua with rider, you need to upgrade rider to 2020. The emmylua plug-in can be downloaded from JetBrains store. New debugging Click editor config in debug config on the […]

  • Webpack entry


    We talked about it in the last sectionwebpackConfiguration file forwebpack.config.js, this file needs to be created manually in the root directory of the project. To configure it after creation, let’s see how to configure it in this sectionwebpackThe entrance in, that isentryProperties. entryEntry can be used to specifywebpackThe module from which the project is built […]