• Recommend a good vscode plug-in: a vscode plug-in that can give store definition information in vuex


    VueThis$Store Problems to be solved When using vuex to manage the state of your application, because there are too many states, you have to open the vuex definition file every time to copy the function name or state name at the time of definition for correctness, which wastes a lot of time. In order to […]

  • Using Maven to print directly running jar package


    Add the following contents to the POM file under the project > build > plugins node <plugin> <artifactId>maven-assembly-plugin</artifactId> <configuration> <archive> <manifest> <mainClass>com.taobao.search.abc.Xyz</mainClass> </manifest> </archive> <descriptorRefs> <descriptorRef>jar-with-dependencies</descriptorRef> </descriptorRefs> </configuration> </plugin> Mainclass is your program entry main method. Then go to the project directory and run: mvn clean compile assembly:single If there are no errors, after compiling, […]

  • Analysis of basic configuration of webpack


    For webpack, we (front-end development) will meet in the daily development, through writing output, learn about the front-end engineering small knowledge summary and learning, form their own knowledge system concept Webpack official website definition: Webpack is a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. When webpack processes an application, it recursively builds a dependency graph […]

  • Sparkcontext of spark source code analysis


    SparkContext Sparkcontext is the main entry of spark application, through which you can connect spark cluster, and create RDD, accumulator, broadcast variable, etc.; = = each start-up JVM can only have one sparkcontext. Before starting a new sparkcontext, you must stop the active sparkcontext = =. /** * Main entry point for Spark functionality. A […]

  • The practical method of Vue project


    Catalog description |– public |–SRC Project Development Directory |–API interface directory |– request.js |– api.js Interface |–Assets static file |– image |– css |– _ variables.scss Global sass variable definition file |– js |– config.js Global JS variable definition file |– fieldParam.js Custom fields |–Storage directory of components |–I18N internationalization |– router router |– meta.js […]

  • Webpack4 configuration optimization


    We talked about some of the basics of webpack. Now let’s use webpack to actually compile and write a project.Create a project with Vue cli, remove its Vue cli service, webpack and other black box tools, and then compile it ourselves.First, we need to create three files webpack.common.js Public webpack configuration webpack.dev.js Configuration in development […]

  • Introduction to Jupiter framework entrance


    Introduction to Jupiter framework entrance summary In this article, we will introduce the application portal of Jupiter microservice framework. The reason for writing this article is to deeply understand the operation mechanism of Jupiter framework. Introduction to data structure Let’s take a look at the application object of Jupiter, // Application is the framework’s instance, […]

  • NPM upload strategy (Rookie version)


    preface By the time of this article’s release – August 13, 2020, the author has just learned how to publish NPM’s own code, and has taken a lot of detours during this period – even though there are many tutorials on the Internet, the specific reasons are omitted here. The original intention of publishing this […]

  • How to gracefully solve the state sharing among multiple react and Vue apps?


    preface Life is a process of accumulation, you will always fall, even if you fall, you should know how to grasp a handful of sand in your hand. ——Ding Lei Every need, every pit, every repairbugEvery knowledge learned and every article read will not be useless, they will contribute to their own technical castle. Today […]

  • Key words of rust question and answer


    The function of trust starts with the keyword FN, which is short for function. The main function is a function with no parameters and no return value. fn main() { println!(“Hello, world!”); } The main function above is the main program entry function. The executable program must have the main function as the program entrance, […]

  • Webpack 4.0 breaks down (1) HTML


    webpackAs the most popular front-end construction tool, it is the front-end automation tool chainThe most important partThe use threshold is high. This series is the author’s own learning records, more basic, hope to passProblem + SolutionThe specific needs encountered in the front-end construction are the starting point for learningwebpackThe corresponding treatment method in the tool. […]

  • Using exception handling in Vue for error prompt


    Add code Vue.prototype.errorMsg = function(message, code) { alert(message); // Vue.$ vux.toast.show ({I use vux to customize the error information according to my own situation // text: message, // type: ‘warn’ // }) } Vue.config.errorHandler = (err, vm, info) => { if( err instanceof vm.errorMsg )// do not let the browser display custom exception information return […]