• Introduction to quantexa CDI syneo platform


    Quantexa Big data service providers use entity analysis, relationship analysis and artificial intelligence technology to help customers process data and prevent financial crimes Enterprise overview It was established in 2016 and currently has 500 employees The service feature is scene decision intelligence (CDI) The landing scenarios are mainly anti money laundering, anti financial fraud monitoring, […]

  • Getting started with SSM spring


    Getting started with SSM spring Spring framework is an open source J2EE application framework initiated by rod Johnson. It is a lightweight container for managing the life cycle of beans. Getting to know spring Start with simple engineering: Create entity class: Create the spring configuration XML file under the resources directory: Each bean represents an […]

  • Efcore 6.0 entry. This is enough


    preface As a coder who has been working in the dotnet industry, many ORM frameworks have been involved in large and small projects in recent years, such as efcore, dapper, NHibernate, sqlsugar, etc. These ORM have their own advantages and disadvantages. People have different opinions on their choices. In fact, it’s good to meet the […]

  • Large map synchronization scheme based on ECS (Part 2)


    The previous two sections describe the ECS framework and the implementation scheme of large map synchronization. This is the last article in this series. The theme is “no silver bullet”. We will discuss the limitations of synchronization based on ECs. 1. It is difficult to synchronize complex data types (such as vector, map or custom […]

  • Data integrity


    10.1What is data integrity Function: guarantee User input data Save to database It’s right For example: Age: should be a number, Student number: it should not be repeated Grade: cannot be empty 。 。 。 How to ensure data integrity: add constraints. Integrity constraint classification: Entity (record) integrity Domain integrity Referential integrity 10.2Entity integrity (row) Entity(Entity: the data of a […]

  • Practical application of entity link in oppo small cloth assistant and ograph


    1 problem background Accurate and direct knowledge Q & A ability is very important to create Xiaobu’s image of “understanding knowledge and understanding you better”. In the voice assistant scenario, problems such as polysemy or colloquial expression often occur. For example: Li Bai’s costume, Li Bai’s poetry, play Li Bai. The first Li Bai refers […]

  • The aggregation of DDD is in Net


    The aggregation of DDD is in Net (1) Work unit Dbcontext of efcore: track the change of object state; SaveChanges commits all changes to the database at once, which is a transaction. Therefore, dbcontext is a natural UOW implementation. (2) Implementation of aggregation and aggregation root Even if an entity type does not declare the […]

  • Coredata collation (I) — basic concept and simple use


    Coredata collation (I) — basic concept and simple use preface The reason for writing this article is that the company chose this framework when it asked for technology sharing. Although the coredata framework is officially produced, its various concepts and existing details make the learning cost higher, which is also cumbersome compared with libsqlite and […]

  • Acmmm2021 | integrating “knowledge + atlas” into multimodal training: method and e-commerce application practice


    Introduction: with the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, knowledge atlas, as the knowledge pillar in the field of artificial intelligence, has attracted extensive attention in academia and industry with its strong knowledge representation and reasoning ability. In recent years, knowledge atlas has been widely used in semantic search, question answering, knowledge management and other […]

  • Spring data JPA has the problem that the parent entity is saved and the child entity has an ID, which will make redundant queries


    First, give a detailed explanation of the title. In fact, it is a problem of cascade storage. In my last paragraph of entity code @Table(name=”open_app_user”) @Entity public class OpenAppUser extends BaseEntity implements UserDetails { /** *Application ID */ @Apimodelproperty (value = “application ID”) @ManyToOne @JoinColumn(name = “app_id”) //private Integer appId; private OpenApp openApp; // … […]

  • Analytical micro aggregation – event tracing


    This article is reproduced from [how to decouple]:https://codedecoupled.com/php… Aggregation is a relatively complex concept in DDD (Domain Driven Design). As an important tool in DDD tactical design, we need to know it well. Generally speaking, aggregation refers to a group of closely related classes that form a bounded organization. Objects outside the boundary can only […]

  • On the ORM framework


    Fast transmission On the basis of ORM framework On the ORM framework On the update of ORM framework Talking about ORM framework On the query of ORM framework Follow up to be determined…… A tree that embraces is born at the slightest reflex In the field of computer science, reflection refers to a class of […]