• [open source] koa + graphql (typescript version)


    Write on the front A few days ago, I read an article about the best practice of graphql with koa, which described in great detail the actual combat of integrating koa with graphql. However, it is the JS version, and because it was an article two years ago, some packages have also updated their usage.So […]

  • Tomcat, HTTP summary 2


    HTTP summary What is HTTP protocol HTTP protocol refers to the communication rules / specifications between browser and server. It mainly specifies the format of the request sent by the browser to the server And the information format that the server responds to the browser Basic rules of HTTP working One request, one response The […]

  • Hexo Title special symbol raises an error (colon, quotation mark, brace, hyphen)


    There is a JSON dictionary in the title of the last article. The result is wrong ERROR Process failed: _ Posts/ WeChat official account development error solution – send template message.Md YAMLException: incomplete explicit mapping pair; a key node is missed; or followed by a non-tabulated empty line at line 1, column 94: … ot;: […]

  • Nestjs learning (1) – the use of typeorm


    background Recently, I’m learning nestjs, but I don’t start from the actual needs, and I don’t have the support of the project. I feel that it’s just a beginning. Only when I solve the problems of each project can I further deepen and consolidate the knowledge I’ve learned. Therefore, I want to take the needs […]

  • [thinking summary] the origin of MVC, MVP and MVVM


    6 / 6 periodic summary: Objective: to understand the design idea of MVVM in Vue Strategy: I decided to start with its ancestor MVC (with the help of the backbone framework), Action: explore the process of MVC stepping on the pit as follows: |study hardMVC based javascript web rich application development: not easy to understand, […]

  • Mybatis enhances byid query


    Enhanced byid query In relational tables, ID is used as a foreign key for binding. Sometimes querying an entity object requires connecting many layers of left join in SQL. In order to reduce the number, I have an idea: can I return it directly through some annotations and a common method First, make some tables […]

  • Efcore operation corresponding to database


    Efcore operation corresponding to database catalog Efcore operation corresponding to database 1. Check the data contained by an ID in a set 2. Check the data that an ID set does not contain by a set 1. Check the data contained by an ID in a set For example: check the combination of ID in […]

  • Cannot determine value type from string ‘xxx‘


    preface The creation of this article comes from the problems my friends encountered in self-learning mybatis. The problems are shown in the title of the article. Cannot determine value type from string ‘xxx’. On the other hand, it can solve all the problems without any parameters. His question is that his entity does not use […]

  • adaptive learning


    The test questions match knowledge points automatically, and push the corresponding test questions for users according to their usage. knowledge graph What is the knowledge map Knowledge map is a kind of structured semantic network, which is used to represent the relationship between entities. When using knowledge map, the relationship between knowledge entities in knowledge […]

  • Ape-4


    Common fluent API methods and their functions to configure Fluent API method effect Architecture related configuration HasDefaultSchema() The default schema for the database ComplexType() Configure a complex type as a class Entity related configuration HasIndex() The index of the entity HasKey() The primary key of an entity (it can implement a composite primary key, but […]

  • Entity attribute value pattern of PHP design pattern (EAV pattern) code examples (35)


    Entity — attribute — value EAV mode can facilitate PHP to implement EAV model. objective Entity attribute value model (EAV) is a data model to describe the attributes (attributes, parameters) of an entity. It can be used to describe their potential huge, but the number of entities that will be applied to a given entity […]

  • Sagit.Framework Introduction to for IOS development framework 10: basic usage of stmodelbase and sthttpmodel entity base classes


    preface: This article introduces the common usage of model base class stmodelbase and stmodel in SAGIT framework. Stmodelbase: the base class of all entities, from which self-defined entities inherit. Stmodel: internally pre implemented entity class used for the results returned by the sthttp network request. 1. Introduction to model related entities in the framework: Stmodel […]