• Entity attribute value pattern of PHP design pattern (EAV pattern) code examples (35)


    Entity — attribute — value EAV mode can facilitate PHP to implement EAV model. objective Entity attribute value model (EAV) is a data model to describe the attributes (attributes, parameters) of an entity. It can be used to describe their potential huge, but the number of entities that will be applied to a given entity […]

  • Sagit.Framework Introduction to for IOS development framework 10: basic usage of stmodelbase and sthttpmodel entity base classes


    preface: This article introduces the common usage of model base class stmodelbase and stmodel in SAGIT framework. Stmodelbase: the base class of all entities, from which self-defined entities inherit. Stmodel: internally pre implemented entity class used for the results returned by the sthttp network request. 1. Introduction to model related entities in the framework: Stmodel […]

  • Object comparison


    Object comparison proposition When updating the database object, compare the data and record the difference Design Determine the comparison object Using springComponentScanThe thought ofThrough [email protected] to indicate that this is a component in theComponentScanScan [email protected] to register Determine the fields to compare There are many fields in a database object, which may all need to […]

  • Tutorial document | 3D Parkour game development


    This tutorial will lead you to develop a complete 3D Parkour game from scratch. It is mainly for readers who have some experience in egret2d development. You can learn from egretpro development hand in hand, and quickly start your journey of egretrpro development. Here is the whole process of making the game. Game making Before […]

  • Design of MySQL database


    What is database design? Database design is the process of planning and structuring the data entities in the database and the relationship between these data entities The following database model diagram reflects the relationship between the four data entities Database design is very important Poor database design is manifested in the following two aspects: inefficiency […]

  • Exploration and practice of NER technology in meituan search


    1. Background Named entity recognition (NER), also known as “proper name recognition”, refers to the identification of entities with specific meaning in the text, mainly including person name, place name, organization name, proper name, etc. Ner is an important basic tool in information extraction, question answering system, syntactic analysis, machine translation, metadata annotation for semantic […]

  • Hibernate JPA entity class time annotation – @ temporary


    The date format stored in the database is usually yyyy MM DD HH: mm: SS: SSS format. In front-end query, the formatted date format can be obtained by setting entity date annotation @Temporal( TemporalType.DATE )Get yyyy mm DD @Temporal( TemporalType.TIME )HH: mm: SS was obtained @Temporal( TemporalType.TIMESTAMP )Get yyyy MM DD HH: mm: SS: SSS […]

  • Complete comparison and help selection of. Net orm in 2020


    . net ORM foreword Why write this article? Hope to optimize search engine for SEO, let more Chinese know and use. At present, Baidu search. Net ORM is all sqlsugar, and I am speechless personally. The first thing for everyone to enter the group is to compare them, and repeat answers and persuade them every […]

  • Build spring cloud microservice framework: VI. database persistence layer – springdatajpa


    Build microservice framework (database persistence layer spring datajpa) I’m used to mybatis. This time, I want to change my taste and integrate spring datajpa in squid. Source address of this article: build microservice framework (database persistence layer spring datajpa) GitHub address: Squid introduce I’ve heard about it beforeHibernateJPA, which has never been used, but has […]

  • Event bus based on rabbitmq


    In this era of hot micro service, if you don’t know a little bit of micro service related technology, there is no way to blow off the cattle. So it is necessary to understand and learn. So I recently looked at the knowledge related to microservices.Microservices involve a wide range of knowledge. I’m just going […]

  • Upgrade because you like it, mystaging-3.0 continues


    Why do I maintain mystagging At present, I am the only one in the maintenance of the project, when the right to learn exchange. Why should I continue to maintain it? After a thousand words, or because I like it, I decided to upgrade mystaging because of its simplicity and ease of use. At present, […]

  • Talk about Dubbo (2): a simple introduction


    get ready The above two points of preparation are not the focus of this article, do not do a detailed introduction, installation is relatively simple, consult the relevant information, installation and learning. 1 server 1.2 interface definition 1. Create Maven module: MSA demo API msa-demo-api 2. MSA demo API: Configuration pom.xml Since dubbox-2.8.4, the usage […]