• Transfer encoding and content length in HTTP protocol


    Transfer-EncodingIt’s aHTTPHeader field, which literally means “transmission code“. actually,HTTPThere is another header related to coding in the protocolContent-Encoding(content coding).Content-Encoding It is usually used to compress and encode entity content to optimize transmission. For example, using gzip to compress text files can greatly reduce the volume. Content coding is usually selective, such asjpg / pngThis kind […]

  • Detailed explanation of DB first mode of Entity Framework


    EF (abbreviation of Entity Framework, the same below) has three ways: database first, model first and code first. Here’s how DB first works: 1. There are two tables in the database, one is the specialty table and the other is the student table. A student can only belong to one specialty Where t_ Major is […]

  • Custom paging effect based on Entity Framework


    brief introduction Write one beforeImplementation of paging based on dapperNow let’s write a pagination implementation based on Entity Framework and a general implementation of addition, deletion and modification. code Or code first:https://github.com/jinweijie/EF.GenericRepository How to run the example As before: 1. First clone the code and decompress database.7z in database 2. Attach to SQL Server localdb. […]

  • Entity mapping of asp.net core extension library


    In the layered design pattern, the data between each layer is usually transferred through the data transfer object (dto). In most cases, the definition structures of the data of each layer are similar. How to transform each other in these definition structures? Before, we used the automapper library, but the function of automapper is huge […]

  • A brief introduction to the thesis of a frustratively easy approach


    summary This paper is a paper about entity recognition and relation extraction by Dr. Chen Danqi. The text uses a pipeline method instead of joint learning method, which surpasses previous models and achieves SOTA in ace04 / 05 and scierc. Among them: Ner uses the span based model instead of the traditional sequence annotation model […]

  • Illustrated HTTP – Book Sharing (3)


    Chapter 3: http information in HTTP message 3.1 HTTP message The HTTP communication process includes the request sent from the client to the server and the response returned from the server to the client The information that users interact with the HTTP protocol is calledHTTP messageIn essence, it is a string text composed of multiple […]

  • Hand in hand teaching you to crawl Youku movie information – 1


    Crawler production is mainly divided into three aspects1. Load page structure2. Analyze the structure of web pages and transform them into data entities that meet the needs3. Save data entities (database, text, etc.) In the actual coding process, we found a good class library “htmlagility pack”.Introduction:Official website:http://html-agility-pack.net/…There are about 28 classes in the HTML agility […]

  • Minimalist and practical Asp.NetCore New CMS module in modular framework


    brief introduction I have explained the background of this framework. You can check this link if you are not clearMinimalist and practical Asp.NetCore Modular framework decided to be free and open source Recently, the following functions have been added to this framework: 1. The CMS module is newly added. At present, it is relatively simple […]

  • The LTP model of Harbin Institute of Technology


    1、 Installation 1. I spent a whole morning and a half in the afternoon installing. Finally, I realized that LTP is different from pyltp, and the mature version is (that’s what it is) I understand that some projects of GitHub can also view the historical release. The serious 3.4.0 is found in the releaseComplexity: […]

  • Wenxin, who has reached the top of the glue list, is teaching again. One stop teaching is to understand information extraction


    Recently, the authoritative ranking of natural language processing field — glue (general language understanding assessment benchmark) has been released. Ernie, a semantic understanding technology and platform developed by Baidu, topped the list again with a score of 90.9, leading Microsoft’s deberta / Turing nlrv4, Google’s T5 and other similar technologies developed by Alibaba and Huawei. […]

  • A free powerful online drawing software development tool


    ER model represents entity relationship model. It is an advanced data model diagram that defines the conceptual view of the database. It is the blueprint or design of the database, and will be used to realize the database in the future. The entity relationship model is based on objects (calledEntity)And the relationship between these entitiesrelationship. […]

  • Data Lake & Data Warehouse


    Abstract:What is data lake? What does it do? Today, Huawei’s cloud technology experts will start from theory and explain the problems from the technical dimension. What is data lake If you need to define a data lake, you can define it as follows:Data lake is a large warehouse for storing all kinds of original data […]