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    minimum spanning tree Properties of minimum spanning tree An algorithm for minimum spanning tree: prim algorithm Topological sorting Activity network AOV network Always visit the node with 0 degree of penetration, and the topological ranking is not necessarily unique Topological sorting It is worth noting that topological ranking always accesses nodes with degree 0 first, […]

  • Understanding topological ordering


    preface Topological sort, also known as topological order, is a bit confusing, because topological sort is not a pure sort algorithm, it is only for the purpose of sortingA class of GraphsTo find a linear order that can be executed. This algorithm sounds like a big one. Today’s interviews are also very popular. For example, […]

  • Application of graph topological ordering and critical path solving


    1. Topological sorting 1.1 introduction to topological sorting There are ⼀ digraphs that represent ⼯ processes, in which ⽤ vertices represent activities, and arcs represent the priority relationship between activities. In this way, digraphs represent ⽹ activities for vertices, which is called activity on vertex networkAs shown in Figure 1.1.1 below:The finite set of activities […]