• Setting up environment for personal installation of go1.13.6


    Because of curiosity and into the go language, let you not only hear its sound, not see its shape. https://golang.org/doc/install This is the official website document of go language. If you can’t eat English well, you will be limited to a limited area. Download the installation package at: https://golang.org/dl/ 。 If you can’t open it, […]

  • Conversion of mon type time format in Oracle and resolution of invalid month and year error


    Time conversion NLS in different systems_ DATE_ Usage of language: English: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE=AMERICAN Japanese: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE = Japanese Chinese: NLS_ DATE_ LANGUAGE = SIMPLIFIED CHINESE   Summarize the solution:   select TO_CHAR(to_date(’23-JUN-99′,’dd-MON-YY’,’NLS_DATE_LANGUAGE=AMERICAN’),’YYYY-MM-DD’) from dual;

  • Reordering method of SQL


    — Id Name Course Score –1001 Li Si English 100 –1007 Wang Wu mathematics 30 –1004 Li Si mathematics 62 –1005 Li Siyu 83 –1006 Wang Wu Chinese 55 –1008 three English 64 –1003 Wang Wu English 56 –1002 Zhang San mathematics 93 –1000 copies of three languages 81 –First sort according to the name […]

  • JS regular: password strength is more than 8 bits, and contains upper and lower case letters, numbers, half width English symbols


    Regular code /^(?=.*\d)(?=.*[A-Z])(?=.*[a-z])(?=.*[\x21-\x2f\x3a-\x40\x5b-\x60\x7B-\x7F])[\da-zA-Z\x21-\x2f\x3a-\x40\x5b-\x60\x7B-\x7F]{8,}$/ This regular rule[1]: Include numbers Contains uppercase letters Contains lowercase letters Include English Punctuation At least 8 digits If all the above conditions are met, it can be verified Regular interpretation: /^$/rule ^Match start $End of match Note: in the^Within character set matching rules[], indicating negation. For example, HTML tag matching/]+>/Can matchetc. […]

  • HTML handles word wrapping


    Mainly do often forget the accumulation of knowledge points, the content of this article is more comprehensive, and here for reference, the original article address here 1.word- break:break-all. Only works in English, with letters as the basis for line breaks 2.word- wrap:break-word. It works only in English, with words as the basis for line breaks […]

  • Git commit message specification and template


    Industry standard: angularjs From the specification used by angularjs, the format is as follows: <type>(<scope>): <subject> <body> <footer> Description of each paragraph: type: feat/fix/docs/refactor/perf/test/style/revert/chore Scope: the scope of influence (component or file), which can be omitted Subject: the first person present tense begins with a verb and begins in lowercase. It is less than 50 […]

  • SQL Server English date to general date format


    Question: The English date format is converted to the general date format. In the Chinese environment, if the conversion script is executed directly, an error will be reportedMessage 241, level 16, status 1, line 1Conversion failed when converting date and / or time from string. Root cause: The English date format does not count as […]

  • Knowledge of idea


    Basic understanding src:All code is written inside the SRC file, not outside it.The. IML file is not relevant, it is the relevant configuration information of idea. SRC — right click — new — package — enter the package name(Rules: use numbers, lowercase and periods) New HelloWorld program:Package right click new Java class name Idea automatically […]

  • Get last opened directory


    The path is simply saved to the CSV file, and is directly obtained next time. Call method: try { dialog.SelectedPath = FolderPathHelper.GetLastPath (“9009”, “menu 1″); } catch (Exception ex) { Log ($”failed to get path:{ ex.ToString ()}”); #if DEBUG throw ex; #endif } try { FolderPathHelper.SavePath (“9009”, “menu 1”, “C: \”); } catch (Exception ex) […]

  • fir.me Automatically publish Android applications and automatically add update logs


    We got the latest git log 3 Update logs in the last article Reference link: click here for the link address The automatic upload script is as follows: In the Jenkins build script, this script automatically uploads and adds update logs (the latest 3 logs) after executing the task gradle clean gradle assembleRelease Fir login […]

  • Ubuntu switch user directory language


    problem The user folders created by Ubuntu installed in Chinese are: “desktop“, “document”, “download” And just as a person who often uses shell operations, aCD DownloadIn this way, all commands need to switch the input method. Of course, the efficiency cannot be tolerated. Solution Use English environment. Good, good at English, can be willful I […]

  • Deletion of English paragraphs


    A few days ago, when translating webgl function, we encountered many audit problems. The first problem is the synchronization of Chinese and English paragraphs. Later, the idea was to copy the English paragraphs into the Chinese translation for simultaneous review. But in this way, there will be another problem, that is, the article is too […]