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  • Three visualization tools to help you learn JS regular expression!


    Recently, Lao Wang has been fascinated by visualization. For example, algorithm visualization, regular visualization, Vue data hijacking Visualization The running process of the program can’t be seen or touched. If the visualization can be realized completely, the difficulty of understanding will be greatly reduced. Three JS regular visualization tools https://jex.im/regulex https://regexper.com (Internet needs freedom) https://aoxiaoqiang.github.io… […]

  • Best programming font: source code Pro


    Preface In our daily work, we can’t do without dealing with code and editor, and the font of code is also one of the factors that determine our work efficiency. For example, in some fonts, the English letter O and the Arabic digit 0, or the English letter L and the Arabic digit 1 are […]

  • Set of regular expressions


    I. expression of verification number Number: ^ [0-9]$ N digits: ^ \ D {n}$ At least n digits: ^ \ D {n,}$ M-N digits: ^ \ D {m, n}$ Zero and non-zero digits: ^ (0| [1-9] [0-9])$ The number with two decimals at most at the beginning of non-zero: ^ ([1-9] [0-9]) + (. [0-9] […]

  • C ා extract the content of the specified character type from the string


    Extract Chinese, English and numbers from a string Chinese character 30margin Chinese character 40horizontalalignment Regular expression: /// ///English letters and numbers /// public const string LettersAndNumbers = “[a-zA-Z0-9]+”; /// ///Chinese characters /// public const string ChineseChars = “[\u4E00-\u9FA5]+”; /// ///English characters /// public const string EnglishChars = “[a-zA-Z]+”; Regex uses: string ChineseChars = “[\u4E00-\u9FA5]+”; Var […]