• Front end Engineering Notes


    1、 Talk about your preliminary understanding of engineering, combined with the problems you have encountered before, and say the value that more than three engineering can solve problems or bring. All means aimed at improving efficiency, reducing cost and ensuring quality belong to “Engineering”. The main problems to be solved are as follows: Disadvantages of […]

  • Git operation: use. Gitignore to manage vs project


    When using git to manage visual studio projects, we often encounter this situation: The entire project folder has more than 100 m, while the source code only has more than 100 K. If all of them are added into git, 100m garbage will be generated during each compilation, and the size of GIT project will […]

  • Using Maven shade plugin to solve incompatible dependency conflicts


    Problem description In Maven project, we often encounter the problem of version conflict of underlying dependency package. If the higher version is compatible with the lower version, we can use Maven’sexclusionsExclude lower versions. But if the versions are not compatible with each other, or even if different jars have the same class name conflict, it […]

  • ThreadX porting — stm32h7 + mdk-ac6 platform


    1、 Preface After UCOS announced that it was open source, ThreadX, which was acquired by Microsoft, was also open source. It’s really great for us embedded industry practitioners to be able to learn these high-value code, which is very helpful for the development of vision and the improvement of ability. ThreadX also contains netx, guix, […]

  • Specific use of golang import


      When using gopath, the general reference starts from the next layer of SRC, such as Src/ github.com/ … , reference github.com … My project SRC/ xxx.com/go -qb/… , reference xxx.com/go -qb/… The full name of modgobit is automatically downloaded to the path github.com … My project starts from the next layer of mod folder, […]

  • Micro front end: summary of singlespa practice


    Background: I took over an old project (a project started three or four years ago), and one of the biggest problems I faced wasMaintenance and iteration of old code。 There are not many options for maintaining old code: Rebuild all over again = > heavy workload and high cost Maintenance and iteration according to the […]

  • Steps of creating microservice project


    1. Jianfu project Set up a maven project usedependencyManagementManagement version: lock the jar package version and play the role of version arbitration Submodule can be omittedgroup、versionIf the version of the jar package used is found from the parent project, the version locked by the parent project will be used 2. Create each sub module It […]

  • Experience of using Nacos as configuration center


    1. Page configuration Apart from the principle, let’s first introduce the basic use of Nacos. As shown in the figure below, Nacos configuration is based on data ID. basically, a configuration file of a service corresponds to a data ID. the supported formats are XML, yaml and properties. Just like the general small projects, one […]

  • What you see is what you get on the desktop of electron


    Suddenly let you develop electron application, can you hold it? If the leader suddenly says that we need to develop a front-end desktop application, then it is natural for us to choose electron for front-end er. But in fact, many students are not familiar with electron. If we are suddenly asked to develop electron applications, […]

  • Maven uses


    Dependency passing In the dependency tree of engineering, the shallower the depth is, the more priority is given. If two dependent packages are at the same level on the dependency tree, who is the first to choose the other In summary, best practices for avoiding version problems when passing dependencies. In general, if the project […]

  • QWidget: must construct a QApplication before a QWidget


    QT creator error: QWidget: must construct a QApplication before a QWidget resolvent My reason is that debug, release and linked dynamic library versions are different when building a projectSo just add the link libraries of release and debug in Pro project configuration file respectively # release # LIBS += -L./Lib -lqscintilla2_qt5 # debug LIBS += […]

  • Experience of using Nacos as configuration center — environment configuration


    1. Installation and operation 1.1 source code and runtime package download Download address:https://github.com/alibaba/nacos/releases  Currently, 1.3.1 is officially recommended 1.2 install MySQL driver 1.3.1 uses the MySQL connector of mysql8, so you need to download the MySQL driver, otherwise the DB connection fails Official download address:https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/   1.3 modify DB connection configuration In the console application.properties Modify […]