• Pastate.js Responsive react state management framework


    Introduction to pastate What is pastate Pastate is a responsive react state management framework, which implements asynchronous responsive state management. Pastate is a lean framework that encapsulates many high-level concepts, which means that youYou don’t have to learnSome concepts that are difficult to understand can be easily used in a simple application. In the process […]

  • [go] gocron source code reading – go language web framework macaron


    Gocron source code using the makaron framework, the following is to install this framework, and the general MVC framework is very similargo get gopkg.in/macaron.v1git clone https://github.com/golang/crypto.git $GOPATH/src/golang.org/x/crypto Monitor port 80, a simple example of using template engine package main import “gopkg.in/macaron.v1” func main() { m := macaron.Classic() //Using the template engine m.Use(macaron.Renderer()) m.Get(“/”, func(ctx *macaron.Context) […]

  • I can’t imagine! There are so many treasures in the hard disk of big age code farmer


    Abstract:By making the tool library into cloud container application, the container application in cloud container engine is called by CCE engine and API gateway. It not only conforms to the development trend of cloud origin, but also can flexibly expand capacity at any time to meet the needs of large-scale development of the company. After […]

  • Seven steps to mastering Apache spark 2.0 (1)


    Everyone talks about it hereSparkIn the age of, decimal also thinks it is necessary to publish technical articles on spark to help you understand and master spark from entry to proficient, from concept to programming, and deeply experience its charm:)Spark, here we go! 1、 Why spark First of all, spark is the most effective open […]

  • SQL one stop solution for heterogeneous data of deep dry goods


    At the recent GDG developer conference in Guangzhou, Dong Lin, senior technical director of getpush, took “SQL one-stop solution for heterogeneous data” as the theme, and deeply shared many years of practical experience of getpush in the field of SQL. This article will elaborate the unified SQL from three aspects 1、 Why unify SQL 2、 […]

  • How is an SQL query executed?


    What parts does MySQL have? Connectors: Manage Connections, verify permissions. Analyzer: lexical analysis, grammatical analysis. Optimizer: execution plan generation, index selection. Executor: operate the storage engine and return the result. Storage engine: store data and provide read-write interface. Connector The first step is to connect to the MySQL database, which is to connect to the […]

  • First public: jdtx


    Nowadays, distributed database, cloud native database, newsql and other terms emerge one after another in the field of database, and changes in this relatively stable field are increasingly inevitable. Compared with complete innovation, incremental enhancement is more popular in industries with heavy precipitation. Like all solutions in the distributed field, the transparent data fragmentation scheme […]

  • Analysis of MySQL infrastructure


    The article has been hosted to GitHub, you can go to GitHub to check and read, welcome to star! MySQL infrastructure 1、 Introduction When we learn mysql, the first step is to understand and install the MySQL client, and then use Mysql to do a series of database operations. But what we often ignore is […]

  • Regular expression matching principle


    Matching principle Before we understand the principle of regular matching, let’s take a look at the regular matching engine. There are two main types of regular expression engines: DFA and NFA. DFA (deterministic finite automaton) deterministic finite automata NFA (non deterministic finite automaton)There is also POSIX NFA, which is based on the NFA engine specification […]

  • [actual combat] build a complete front-end project with express + mongodb


    prefaceTo be a full-fledged engineer, you need to meet the back-end and database even if you don’t know each other. The example given in this article is very simple, and the source code is also posted. Just step by step, you can run~~~ Think about a need: make a login page, build your own service […]

  • Sharding sphere data fragmentation analysis


    Sharding sphere is an ecosystem of open source distributed database middleware solutions. It is composed of three independent products: sharding JDBC, sharding proxy and sharding sidecar (under planning). They all provide standardized data fragmentation, distributed transaction and database governance functions, which can be applied to various application scenarios such as Java isomorphism, heterogeneous languages, containers, […]

  • Automated execution engine


    Today’s “analyzing the sharding sphere series” will introduce the sharding sphere automation execution engine module. In view of the boss’s preference for serious technical articles, I try to share the sharding sphere automatic execution engine module with you in a serious and solemn narrative style. It is said that the memory of fish is only […]