• Research on multi-core performance of non professional game CPU


    As a professional web back-end development, very amateur game enthusiasts, ordinary hardware fever abaters, although they do not know anything about game development, want to discuss the problem of game performance. Game performance and multi-core CPU The first question is, in recent years, why the main theme of the game is on the choice of […]

  • Persisting Redux data in react native


    In a recent project, it is required to perform persistent processing on Redux data. After research, it is successfully implemented. Here is a record of the process We can useredux-persistPersistent data processing install npm i –save redux-persist Use After the installation is successful, we need tostoreThe code is modified. This is my store generation file […]

  • Design a page with nunjucks template


    Use nunjucks instead of EJS, because this is a more powerful template engine in nodeNunjucks official website Configure to use the nunjucks template engine The nunjuks template engine does not have specific restrictions on the suffix of template file namesIf the filename is a.html, a.html needs to be passed during renderingPass b.nujs if the filename […]

  • How can nunjucks be used?


    Basic use const nunjucks = require(‘nunjucks’) // nunjucks.configure({ autoescape: true }); // const result = nunjucks.renderString(‘Hello {{ username }}’, { username: ‘James’ }); // console.log(result) //The view relative path here is affected by the node execution path nunjucks.configure(‘views’, { autoescape: true }); // var result = nunjucks.render(‘index.html’, { foo: ‘bar’ }); var result = nunjucks.render(‘login.html’); […]

  • Build the pit 02 on the road of risk control system – risk analysis 𞓜 experience sharing of a CPO


    In the previous chapter, “building the pit 01 on the road of risk control system – information collection”, we introduced the first point, how to get enough data, and the next thing is to create a mechanism to deal with these information flexibly, provide basic materials for automatic analysis and capture of risk events, and […]

  • Developer’s interpretation: why do ants use fusion computing as a new computing model?


    Guidance:Nowadays, most AI applications are developed based on supervised learning paradigm, that is, the model is trained offline, and then deployed to the server for online prediction, which has great limitations in real-time response. With the maturity of computing and AI system, we hope that machine learning applications can run more in dynamic environment and […]

  • CSS rendering principle and optimization strategy


    Highlight: the article benefits from the simple to the deep. A lot of children’s shoes are disdainful when mentioning CSS, especially when seeing redmonk 2019 programming language ratings, CSS actually ranks seventh. Let’s take a look at this leaderboard: Since CSS is so important, it’s worth our time to study the relevant principles. In this […]

  • MySQL Foundation (05): logical architecture diagram and details of InnoDB storage engine


    Source code: GitHub, click here, gitee, click here 1、 MySQL logical architecture 1. Logic architecture diagram Based on the following logical architecture diagram, you can be familiar with the collaborative working relationship between various MySQL architecture components. The classic C / S architecture style is client / server mode. 2. Hierarchical description Client connection Generally, […]

  • Challenge and practice of building CEP engine based on Flink


    How does qi’anxin group, as a network security company, build a CEP engine based on Flink to detect network attacks in real time? What are the challenges and valuable practical experiences? The main content of this paper is divided into the following four aspects: Background and current situation Technical framework Products and operation and maintenance […]

  • Three minutes to understand activity workflow


    1、 What is workflowThe definition of workflow given by georgakopoulos is: workflow is to organize a group of tasks to complete a certain business process: it defines the trigger sequence and trigger conditions of tasks. Each task can be completed by one or more software systems, or by one or a group of people, or […]

  • Flask plug-in series – flask Sqlalchemy


    brief introduction Database is an important part of web development. The most commonly used web program is relational database, also known as SQL database. In addition, document database (such as mongodb) and key value pair database (such as redis) have become popular in web development in recent years. We are used to call these two […]

  • Recently, we are working on animation related projects. We recommend 11 easy-to-use JS animation libraries


    By Jonathan saringTranslator: front-end witSource: medium The more you know, the more you don’t know Take a look at it and get used to it This paperGitHubHttps://github.com/qq44924588… Has included more categories of previous high praise articles, as well as a lot of my documents and tutorial materials. Welcome to star and perfect, you can refer […]