• Greedy algorithm – the circular average card problem


    Thinking of solving problems First, suppose that each person passes C [i] to the left (where C [1] represents the value passed by the first person to the last person), then the sum of the absolute values of C [i] is the minimum number of passes.Suppose that the initial value of each person is a […]

  • Energy consumed by serial MRAM


    MR25H256It is a serial MRAM with a four pin interface of chip selection (CS), serial input (SI), serial output (so) and serial clock (SCK) using serial peripheral interface, which is logically organized as a memory array of 32kx8. SPI) bus. Serial MRAM implements a common command subset for SPI EEPROM and flash components today, allowing […]

  • Six necessary skills for freelancers


    How to define freelance Freelance = free + professional Freelance is a compound word, many people will first look at the importance of freedom, here I want to emphasize the occupation.Career is your product (as an individual), which is the basis of your survival. For example, if someone is a programmer, your product (output) is […]

  • Simulated annealing algorithm (SA)


    Find the global minimum point.One new solution at a time. If the solution is better, adopt it; otherwise, adopt it with a certain probability.Let the difference between the new solution and the previous solution be Δ e, the temperature be t, K be a random number, and the probability of the ion tending to equilibrium […]