• RPC request & response parameter specification


    Let’s talk first Some concepts of 0.1 API, the narrowest definition of API, refers to the method of class or interface in our program. RPC is a cross application communication framework in LAN. The common ones are Dubbo, thrift, HSF and feign. Rpcapi – an API that can basically be used the same way as […]

  • The PowerShell command is not fully displayed


    Problem description in usepowershellHave you ever had such troubleThe command is not displayed completely, and the end becomes a little bit All evilwindwosWhat should we do? Solution Add at the end|fl flnamelyFormat-ListAbbreviation for Reference link:Use the format command to change the output view

  • Using sed command to delete specific line of file efficiently


    Using sed command to delete specific line of file efficiently Normally, if we want to delete some lines in a file, we usually open the file first, find the contents to be deleted, then select these lines and press the delete key to delete them. This is no problem when the amount of data is […]

  • Regular expressions in Linux


    importance Through sed or awk tools, we can easily and happily analyze a pile of text, process data, analyze server error logs, and analyze server user access logs. But in order to play well with sed and awk tools, regular expressions are the foundation, so we have to master them. Single character Specific characters Such […]

  • Mac vscode can’t recognize NPM


    Configure vscode opensettings.jsonFile: ‘command’ + ‘,’Key Then enter: shell, as shown in the figure below, and click Modify: settings.jsonThe main contents of the file are as follows (mainly adding attribute values at the end of “. OSX” and “. Linux”): { “editor.fontSize”: 14, “files.autoSave”: “onFocusChange”, “git.autofetch”: true, “window.zoomLevel”: 0, “terminal.integrated.shell.osx”: “/bin/zsh”, “terminal.integrated.automationShell.linux”: “/bin/zsh”, “workbench.colorTheme”: “Dark […]

  • Grasp regular expressions quickly


    1. Preface When it comes to regularization, maybe many people will feel headache as I used to. The purpose of this article is not to make you become regularization experts, but just to describe some problemsSimple and regular writingandHow to write some simple rulesCome on! 2. Text 2.1 welfare section First of all, release the […]

  • ABAP regular expression


    Regular expression is more complex, but you can use regular expression to kill many programmers, because others have written a lot of bad code, you can do it in one sentence. se24 CL_ABAP_MATCHER Exercise 1:^[0-9]+abc$^Enter the starting position of the string for the match. [0-9] + matches multiple numbers, [0-9] matches a single number, + […]

  • STL_ String container


    1、 String concept String is a string type of STL, which is usually used to represent a string. Before using string, strings are usually represented by char *. String and char * can both be used to represent strings, so what’s the difference between them. Comparison between string and char *: String is a class […]

  • Base64 format check


    preface Recently, projects need to use cropper, butvue-cropperIt’s too troublesome to match. I want to find a ready-made mobile cropper. As a result, I found the one who was just born for more than two monthsvue-cropper-h5. But it’s not suitable for my project. It needs to be optimized and can be usedLoadFile()andLoadBase64(). So Base64 format […]

  • The address of nginx non 80 / 443 port mapping appears source port_ in_ redirect off


    Nginx does not use port 80443. It has mapped port 80443 of nginx to port 80443 of external IP By specifying port_ in_ redirect off; Tell nginx not to bring port when redirecting. If it is not configured, the default value is true If the end of the URL is / will not be a […]

  • Django uses or conditional queries and various query keywords


    Django uses or condition query: from django.db.models import Q User.objects.filter(Q(state=0) | Q(state=1)) Django query keywords: __ Exact equals like ‘AAA’__ Iexact is exactly the same as ignore case like ‘AAA’__ Contains contains like% AAA%__ Icontains contains ignore case like ‘% AAA%’, but for SQLite, the effect of contains is equivalent to icontains.__ GT greater than__ […]

  • Using go language to write a simple shell


    Translated from:https://sj14.gitlab.io/post/2… introduce In this article, we will use go language to write a minimal UNIX (- like) operating system shell, which only needs about 60 lines of code. You need to know a little bit about the go language (know how to compile simple projects) and how to use UNIX shells simply. UNIX is […]