• ellipsize_end textview


    Most of the time, the text display is limited, there is a Maxine, and then you are required to intercept at the end of the last line, and the end of the last line is… (XXX text…), so just set the ellipsize in your XML_ Just end,howeverSometimes the demand is strange, system controls can not […]

  • Translate numbers into strings


    Original address: https://leetcode-cn.com/probl… Title Description Given a number, we translate it into a string according to the following rules: 0 into “a”, 1 into “B” 11 to “L” 25 to “Z”. A number may have multiple translations. Please program a function to calculate how many different translation methods there are for a number. Example 1: […]

  • Deploy node project to Linux server (3): install node and mongodb and start the project successfully


    Go straight to the point! Installing node and mongodb 1. To download node and mongodb, I download them from the host computer, upload them to the server through winscp, and put them on the/usr/local/Under the directory 2. Decompress the node and set the environment variable 1. Enter the installation directory cd /usr/local/ 2. Unzip nodejs […]

  • You may need to know about the laravel set


    preface Set throughIlluminate\Support\Collection For example, most of the parameters of laravel’s kernel are passed by collections, but this does not mean that collections are good. As a fast and elegant development framework, laravel has a certain reason, not because of its routing, DB, listener and so on. When you need to deal with a set […]

  • [go] go wait to read the data content of the last line


    This code is based on the video tutorial of MOOC, mainly F. seek (0, os.SEEK_ End) is moved to the end, but there is a small problem. When the open file is emptied again and the content is emptied, the data can no longer be read. For example, when the echo ” > 1.log is […]

  • Win10 configuration wsl2 ultimate development environment


    Set default subsystem wsl –set-default Ubuntu Set default user Ubuntu config –default-user root Set root password sudo passwd Switch to alisource developer.aliyun.com/mirror/ubuntu… Edit / etc / apt/ sources.list The file writes the following at the beginning of the file #Backup first sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources_init.list Edit / etc / apt/ sources.list The file writes the […]

  • Read the principle of ArrayList


    01. Principle The bottom layer of ArrayList is implemented by array, which has the advantages and disadvantages of array. At the same time, it supports dynamic expansion (1.5 times of the original). So it is very suitable for the scene that needs to use index to access quickly. At the same time, due to its […]

  • F # functional programming – Exercise answers


    original texthttps://fsharpforfunandprofit.com/posts/computation-expressions-bind/ There is an exercise at the end of the original text let strToInt str = ??? let stringAddWorkflow x y z = yourWorkflow { let! a = strToInt x let! b = strToInt y let! c = strToInt z return a + b + c } // test1 let good = stringAddWorkflow “12” […]

  • Push () method


    effect: Adds one or more elements to the end of the array and returns the new length Grammar: array.push(item1, item2, …, itemX) Item, the element added to the array be careful: The new element is added at the end of the arrayThis method changes the length of the arrayThis method does not generate a new […]

  • Leetcode refers to offer 11. Rotate the smallest number of arrays | Python


    Rotate the smallest number in the array Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/xuan-zhuan-shu-zu-de-zui-xiao-shu-zi-lcof subject Moving the first elements of an array to the end of an array is called array rotation. Input a rotation of an incremental sorted array and output the smallest element of the rotated array. For example, the array [3,4,5,1,2] is a rotation of [1,2,3,4,5], […]

  • SSH appears in Git push_ dispatch_ run_ fatal


    Problem: gitpush encountered the following error: ssh_dispatch_run_fatal: Connection to port 22: Software caused connection abort fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. Cause: DNS resolution problem Open CMD and enter ping command to view github.com Connection, request timeout: Solution: configure the […]

  • Linux text view command and its options (cat, head, tail)


    Linux system built-in commands can be queried in the following two ways: “cat — help” or “man cat”. The common options and official explanations of the cat command are as follows: cat file_ Name displays all the contents of the file cat -b file_ Name displays the non empty line content of the file cat […]