• Masuit.tools, a free wheel


    Open source address: https://gitee.com/masuit/Masuit.Tools It includes some commonly used operation classes, mostly static classes, encryption and decryption, reflection operations, dynamic compilation, weight random screening algorithm, simple and complex conversion, distributed short ID, expression tree, LINQ extension, file compression, multi-threaded download and FTP client, hardware information, character string extension method, date and time extension operation, Chinese […]

  • SMS platform API interface demo example -golang/sms/send


    Demo: sms/send – SMS sending Original link Example code rely on import ( “bytes” “crypto/md5” “encoding/hex” “encoding/json” “fmt” “io” “io/ioutil” “net/http” “sort” “strconv” “strings” “mime/multipart” ) configuration information const ( API = “https://api-v4.mysubmail.com/sms/send” APPID = “10***” APPKEY = “f8a5**********************778df” ) Example of unencrypted code postdata := make(map[string]string) postdata[“appid”] = APPID postdata[“signature”] = APPKEY Postdata[“content”] = […]

  • SMS platform API interface demo example -golang/sms/xsend


    Demo: sms/xsend – SMS template sending Original link Example code rely on import ( “bytes” “crypto/md5” “encoding/hex” “encoding/json” “fmt” “io” “io/ioutil” “mime/multipart” “net/http” “sort” “strconv” “strings” ) configuration information const ( API = “https://api-v4.mysubmail.com/sms/xsend” APPID = “10***” APPKEY = “f8a5**********************778df” ) Example of unencrypted code //Example template id:9vfm31, example template content: [subsystem] your verification code […]

  • US $2.2 billion cryptocurrency stolen


    According to the latest report of chainalysis, the amount of cryptocurrency stolen from decentralized Finance (DFI) platform surged by 1330% in 2021.US $2.2 billion cryptocurrency of decentralized financial platform was stolen in 2021, and US $2.2 billion cryptocurrency of decentralized financial platform was stolen in 2021 Blockchain data platform chainalysis recently released a cryptocurrency crime […]

  • Samba server setup


    Recently, when players use the server, find a place to write down the relevant configuration. The main purpose is to take notes for themselves, not a complete introduction. Samba is a very mature service. The installation process itself will not encounter any problems. It can also be tested and accessed in the ES file browser […]

  • Rsa~ troubleshooting of third-party RSA connection


    Symmetric encryption Party A selects a certain encryption rule to encrypt the information; Party B uses the same rule to decrypt the information. Since encryption and decryption use the same rules (hereinafter referred to as “key”), this is called “symmetric key algorithm”.This encryption mode has a biggest weakness: Party A must tell Party B the […]

  • Build your own ja3 fingerprint with go


    From official account:Gopher points north In this article, we will briefly review the handshake process of HTTPS, and explain what is ja3 fingerprint and how to customize the exclusive ja3 fingerprint with go based on the questions raised by readers. The outline of this article is as follows. Please follow Lao Xu’s idea to gradually […]

  • Application of homomorphic encryption in federated computing


    [Abstract] in the era of big data, how to give full play to the value of data on the premise of protecting data security and privacy has become an urgent problem to be solved. As a key technology to realize data privacy computing, homomorphic encryption has a wide range of application needs and some feasible […]

  • Alluxio version 2.8 has been released! 3 major improvements to open the new world of data first


    Alluxio Guide Recently, the world’s first open source data editing software developer alluxio announced the officialRelease data editing platform version 2.8, the new version is available immediately. Version 2.8Enhanced interface support for AWS S3 rest API; The data security function is added to encrypt sensitive application data that need to meet compliance and regulatory requirements; […]

  • Summary of excellent articles of this blog (continuously updated)


    @[toc] preface “Subscribe” once and enjoy the happiness of lifelong service Subscribe to any column and enjoy all columns 1. Advanced IOS Advanced IOS: [encapsulate rich text API and use block to realize chain programming] (magic of block: combine the advantages of block and method to realize chain programming of IOS) Advanced IOS [only rotate […]

  • [JS reverse hundred cases] encryption of socialist core values you haven’t seen


    Follow wechat official account: brother K crawler, and continue to share advanced crawler, js/ Android reverse and other technical dry goods! statement All the contents in this article are for learning and communication only. The packet capturing content, sensitive website and data interface have been desensitized. It is strictly prohibited to use them for commercial […]

  • How does the MAC system encrypt folders? Detailed explanation of MAC system folder encryption method


    MAC system folder encryption tutorial you want to know? Xiaobian will demonstrate the steps of MAC folder encryption. When we have some files that are inconvenient for others to see, we can encrypt the folder where they are located. How should we operate?    Method 1. Encryption with disk tools of the system 1. Use spotlight […]