• X-gorgon algorithm parameter acquisition (Python version, with source code)


    Yesterday, when searching the x-gorgon algorithm, I saw that an old brother wrote better. I forgot the specific website. I’m afraid I won’t find it next time, so I sent it here and made some changes The code is only for learning and discussion 1 # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- 2 “”” 3 x-gorgon encryption […]

  • Computer crash course Episode 15 Alan Turing


    1. Father of Computer Science Born in London in 1912, he showed amazing mathematical and scientific abilities since childhood In 1935, he began to make achievements in computer science He was a master’s student at King’s college, Cambridge Began to solve the problem raised by German mathematician David Hilbert: “decidability problem” Definition of question: is […]

  • Python aes-cbc encryption and decryption


    To understand CBC encryption and decryption, we need to understand its principle first, so that the idea will be much clearer when writing code. Principle: you can search aes-cbc and pkcs7padding. I also came out of Google and Bing.I won’t say here. Just paste the code and use itPKCS7PaddingFill in plaintext in the same way. […]

  • Juicefs data encryption principle


    As a distributed file system, juicefs deals with massive data every day, so the security of data is particularly critical. Today, let’s introduce the efforts of juicefs in data encryption. Data encryption in transmission Juicefs encrypts data when transmitting on the network to prevent unauthorized users from eavesdropping on network communication. The juicefs client always […]

  • HTTPS encryption (handshake) process


    introduction HTTP is not secure. You only need to set the corresponding DNS, make a man in the middle attack, and then return the modified data to achieve the purpose of tampering with the data (adding unauthorized advertisements).When we switch to HTTPS, the operator’s small 99’s will not work, the server authentication will not pass, […]

  • Blockchain market forecast in 2021 with cybervein development highlights


    1. Coinbase will become the first IPO case in the field of encryption, with a market value of more than $30 billion. Highlights: coinbase, established in 2012, initially only provided simple bitcoin purchase services. At present, it has extended a variety of businesses and crossed many fields of the cryptocurrency industry. In addition to meaning […]

  • My advanced IOS interview in 2021


    I have participated in many interviews this year. Let’s see what my interview questions are The interview questions I can remember What’s up, runloop? Briefly describe the execution sequence of runloop and realize a background resident thread with runloop.reference resourceshttps://juejin.cn/post/6868551023439544333 List several methods to implement deferred call? Briefly describe the difference between process oriented and […]

  • Python aes256 encryption


    Basic knowledge #Under the Linux operating system, the default environment coding of Python 3 is changed to UTF-8 coding, so most strings are processed in UTF-8 when writing code UTF-8: 1byte = 8bit 1 English character = 1 byte 1 Chinese character = 3byte 128bit = 16byte = 16 English characters 192bit = 24byte = […]

  • The reason is revealed! Why pulsar instead of Kafka


    It takes 5 minutes to read this article Author: Chris Bartholomew Some time ago, I mentioned it in a blog《7 reasons to choose pulsar instead of Kafka 》。 Since then, I have been preparing a detailed report comparing Kafka and pulsar, and have been talking with users of pulsar open source project, as well as […]

  • Do you know what indicators need to be tested for the “physical examination” before the application goes online?


    Introduction: what items are detected before the application goes online? How to detect? What are the test data indicators?As more and more enterprises build and launch new apps based on mpaas, the online quality of apps has also become the focus of customers. What items are detected before going online? How to detect? What are […]

  • The latest and most common IOS interview questions, read this one is enough


    1. AFNetworking IOS interview question: analysis of underlying principle of afnetworking 2. SDWebImage Sdwebimage interview often ask some knowledge points Sdwebimage loading process IOS third-party framework – sdwebimage interpretation 3. Block Possible IOS written interview questions (8) — block 04. IOS interview question. The principle of block, why copy is used as the attribute modifier […]

  • How to encrypt the file and hide it after encryption?


    In life, there are always some confidential and secret files on our personal computer (hereinafter referred to as PC), which we don’t want others to see or can’t let others see. There will be professional encryption software and special computer for very important files. For our ordinary secret files, we can use the functions of […]