• Resolve base64endcoder class not found in springboot project


    Last night,Spring boot deployed to serverThe console reported an error. Looking at the error message, it means that Maven failed to pack. The dependency was not found, resulting in Base64EncoderandBase64Decoder Class cannot be found Causes and Solutions Encryption and decryption can be done through Base64. Getencoder() and Base64. Getdecoder() under Java. Util. Base package

  • Where is data security for bank apps under hacker attack?


    In October 2019, Tian Houtian was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 10000 yuan for the crime of illegally obtaining computer information system data. Tian has only junior high school culture, but has a strong computer talent. From January 5 to January 15, 2019, through software capture, PS ID card, replay attack […]

  • API interface design specification


    Summary This article shares the API interface design specifications to provide reference for R & D personnel. Norms are dead and people are alive. I hope I can set norms by myself and not be slapped. Route naming specification action prefix Remarks Obtain get get{XXX} Obtain get get{XXX}List Newly added add add{XXX} modify update update{XXX} […]

  • Open source project SMSs Development Guide (IV) – SSL / TLS encryption communication details (I)


    This paper introduces how to realize SSL / TLS based encrypted communication in Java, C + + and nodejs. It focuses on the analysis of the whole process from handshake to data sending / receiving in Java by using socketchannel and sslingine. This article also covers how to create a SSL enabled server using OpenSSL […]

  • Why HTTPS is safer than http


    HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the most widely used protocol on the Internet at present. With the enhancement of people’s network security awareness, HTTPS has been adopted more and more. Whether we visit some shopping websites, or log in some blogs, forums, etc., we are protected by HTTPS. Even mainstream browsers such as Google Chrome […]

  • Crypto-js decryption buf-8 format error


    Malformed UTF-8 data at Object.stringify Searching the online data is to say that the encrypted data must be an integer multiple of 8, and to give the corresponding solutions, but I found that my error did not come out of the encrypted data, but because the encrypted key is not even!It may be that I […]

  • Navicat keygen – how does the registry work?


    Navicat keygen – how does the registry work? 1. Key words explanation Navicat activation public key This is a 2048 bit RSA public key, which Navicat uses to encrypt and decrypt activation information. This public key is used asRCDataTypes of resources are stored innavicat.exeAmong. Resource name is”ACTIVATIONPUBKEY”。 You can use a software called resource hacker […]

  • Point of view: with MySQL database, will it be “stuck”?


    Guide readingAbout the author:Merming, who has many years of experience in data storage, cloud computing system operation and maintenance and technical support, is currently engaged in MySQL database scheme design, and has provided IAAs and PAAS construction schemes for many users in manufacturing, finance and telecommunication industries.This article is reproduced from the official account: knowledge […]

  • Seven cattle Etag algorithm (OC)


    I. Abstracts 1. Upload the file of seven cows, and use hash to uniquely identify a file in the storage space of seven cows, which is a hash value calculated by Etag algorithm; 2. Algorithm Introduction: https://developer.qiniu.com/kodo/manual/1231/appendix; 3. In the implementation language provided by qiniu (https://github.com/qiniu/qetag), no OC implementation is given; 4. Refer to JS […]

  • Using cookies to hijack private messages on Weibo


    I remember when I was learning QT programming, I did a hands-on project. The product is a small software that searches the cookie content of chrome. The cookie of chrome is saved in a SQLite file in the user directory. You can search the specific path online. At that time, I was naive. I wanted […]

  • Password through user.myd MySQL


      Specific acquisition methods:   1) Open user.myd file through hex tool Here: 0xed   2) Copy the MySQL password for analysis *Ceaf6e9fa3a448a25ac9d00c8d7078385 ා 33 bits The * sign on the front indicates 40 bit encryptionList all the ciphertext hash 6b54fbc ා seven digit hash:*CEAF6E9FA3A448A25AC9D00C8D70783856B54FBC   3) Cmd5 attempts to crack   Another method: Download […]

  • Front end basic finishing HTTPS related


    outline TCP triple handshake establishing connection Client sends a list of symmetric and asymmetric encryption Suites supported by client random + The server saves the client random, selects an encryption suite from it, and returns the service random and digital certificate The client receives the service random and the digital certificate, and begins to verify […]