• Symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, certificates, do you understand?


    1. Encrypting sensitive information is a necessary requirement of the Internet. Encryption is divided into symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption. 1. Asymmetric encryption (public key private key) RSA principle: The core is that it is difficult to decompose a number into the product of two prime numbers, especially when the two prime numbers are large. […]

  • Zoom will provide E2EE capabilities to users around the world to ensure the platform has the ability to prevent and combat abuse


    Technical Editor: Xu Jiu Published by: Sifu Editorial Department Recently, during the virtual Zoomtopia customer event held online, Zoom confirmed that it will begin to deploy end-to-end encryption (E2EE). Zoom also made it clear that this E2EE deployment will be divided into four phases. The first is a 30-day technical preview phase, mainly to collect […]

  • [Everyone understands cryptography] An easy-to-understand Java cryptography introductory tutorial


    Passwords are closely related to our lives, from state secrets to personal accounts, we deal with passwords every day: So, where does the password come from? How is common encryption implemented in daily life? How to ensure the security of personal information? This article will briefly discuss these aspects. If there are any mistakes, please […]

  • Is “encrypt first, then sign” safe? After reading this article, you will understand it in seconds!


    Abstract: There is a rule mentioned in many security specifications and security articles: first encrypt and then sign is not safe, you should sign first and then encrypt. What is the rationale behind this rule? Is it necessarily insecure to encrypt first and then sign? This article answers them one by one for you. Sign […]

  • Common encryption related to crawlers in NodeJS


    Crypto usage in NodeJS Common encryption algorithms are often encountered when crawling JS decryption, such as: MD5, Sha1, Sha256, AES, RSA and other encryption algorithms, which can be called in Python. Of course, it is also convenient to use NodeJS calls sometimes. Familiar with the common NodeJS Encryption algorithm is very helpful for reverse JS. […]

  • Interpretation of the TOTP principle behind the login two-factor authentication (MFA) feature


    Summary:With the frequent occurrence of Internet password leakage incidents, more and more products begin to support multi-factor authentication (MFA). TOTP is the most common implementation method in the field of MFA. This article introduces the principle of TOTP and the practical experience of HUAWEI CLOUD. principle The TOTP (Time-Based One-Time Password) algorithm is a time-based […]

  • Explain Https with Cowherd and Weaver Girl


    foreword This article tries to use Cowherd and Weaver Girl to explain Https. Information exchange and transmission have existed since ancient times, but the transmission conductors and exchange methods are constantly changing. Modern information transmission is carried out through the network. The steps of information transmission are simplified: packaging —> transmission —> unpacking, and protocols […]

  • The Python implementation of the encryption algorithm that takes you hand in hand


    Abstract: A simple md5 encryption algorithm will take you to unravel the mystery of the so-called “encryption” process. A simple md5 encryption algorithm, very suitable for beginners to practice Link:> aHR0cDovL3d3dy5jaHVjaHVqaWUuY29tL2luZGV4Lmh0bWw= 0x01. Analysis request View the encrypted field by entering the account password to capture the packet 0x02. Locate the encryption location directly by searchingpassword:</font> […]

  • In-depth analysis of RSA key principles and practices


    I. Introduction After many of the darkest moments in your life, you are reading this and you will regret and even be angry: why didn’t you write this sooner? ! Your darkest hour includes: 1. Your project needs to connect with a bank, and the other party needs you to provide an encryption certificate. You […]

  • In 2021, use PGP in a more modern way (Part 2)


    Previous link: In 2021, use PGP in a more modern way (Part 1)In 2021, use PGP with a more modern approach (medium) Publishing and Exchange of PGP Public Keys There are relatively few Chinese articles discussing the secure exchange of public keys, and this link is the top priority of the entire encryption system. The […]

  • php national secret SM3 signature algorithm


    php national secret SM3 signature algorithm code address https://github.com/lizhichao/sm Install composer require lizhichao/one-sm use require __DIR__ . ‘/vendor/autoload.php’; // string signature echo \OneSm\Sm3::sign(‘abc’) . PHP_EOL; echo \OneSm\Sm3::sign(str_repeat(“adfas hahaha”, 100)) . PHP_EOL; // file signature echo \OneSm\Sm3::signFile(__FILE__) . PHP_EOL; Performance Testing andopenssl , SM3-PHPPerformance Testing php bench.php result openssl:c4cae8d8730206d130e1eef9de3e00225da0b556cfcb8d0076561352ff19f769 one-sm3:c4cae8d8730206d130e1eef9de3e00225da0b556cfcb8d0076561352ff19f769 SM3-PHP:c4cae8d8730206d130e1eef9de3e00225da0b556cfcb8d0076561352ff19f769 openssl time:4.8391819000244ms one-sm3 time:5.7239532470703ms SM3-PHP […]

  • Common encryption methods and Python implementation


    This article first appeared on:Walker AI Due to the illegal copying of computer software, communication leaks, and data security are threatened, encryption is a technology that is often used in the development process and is used in some important scenarios, such as: login, payment, oauth, etc. The scenarios are different Different signature encryption algorithms need […]