• Comparison and selection between Kafka and Kinesis


    In the modern large-scale data environment, message sending and processing become very important. As an elephant in the field of message sending and processing, it is Kafka. The direct relationship between Kafka and Kinesis Before comparing Kafka with kinesis, we need to know something about kinesis. What is Kafka Apache Kafka is an open source, […]

  • Python crawls 58 city rental data to crack font encryption


    The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. The following article is from CSDN by trhx Bob Novices and Xiaobai who have just come into contact with Python […]

  • Clear illustration and in-depth analysis of HTTPS principle


    preface Nice to meet you~ HTTP now basically covers all HTTP requests. As a great invention, it ensures our communication security. In fact, we don’t have much perception of HTTPS in Android, because these contents have been completed with the help of mature frameworks, such as okhttp. We can hardly feel the difference when we […]

  • NFT era: exploring another explosive point of the market


    Starting in the second half of 2020, NFT was once regarded as the next industry explosion point of relay defi. Not surprisingly, NFT sold $160000 for a pair of socks with uniswap at the beginning of 2021, and the founder of twitter sold $2.5 million for five words. The encryption artist beeple won $9.75 million […]

  • PHP RSA encryption and decryption


    <?php /** *App RSA encryption and decryption auxiliary function **/ function app_pri_encrypt($data){ $privateKey = openssl_pkey_get_private(file_get_contents(“app-private.key”)); $encrypted = null; openssl_private_encrypt($data,$encrypted,$privateKey); return base64_encode($encrypted); } function app_pri_decrypt($data){ $privateKey = openssl_pkey_get_private(file_get_contents(“app-private.key”)); $decrypted = null; openssl_private_decrypt(base64_decode($data),$decrypted,$privateKey); return $decrypted; } function app_pub_encrypt($data){ $publicKey = openssl_pkey_get_public(file_get_contents(“app-public.key”)); $encrypted = null; openssl_public_encrypt($data,$encrypted,$publicKey); return base64_encode($encrypted); } function app_pub_decrypt($data){ $publicKey = openssl_pkey_get_public(file_get_contents(“app-public.key”)); $decrypted = null; openssl_public_decrypt(base64_decode($data),$decrypted,$publicKey); […]

  • Apache under CentOS 6.3 configures HTTPS encryption certificate access based on encryption authentication


    Here is a brief demonstration of the encryption based authentication access under Apache – HTTPS encryption access. 1. DNS resolution: [[email protected] html]# nslookup www.downcc.com Server: Address: Name:   www.downcc.com Address: 2. Install Apache SSL support module: # Yum install – y Mod_ SSL (the module […]

  • Use proxy re encryption + platform to ensure reliable and secure data sharing


    In manufacturing, medicine and other industries, there are a lot of sleeping data. Using these data will have the potential to promote technological innovation or decrypt the life sciences. But at the same time, these data involve trade secrets and user privacy protection. It has always been a difficult problem to realize secure data sharing […]

  • Golang toolset – string tool, time tool, HTTP tool, etc


    gotool Gotool is a small and complete tool set of golang, which mainly refines and integrates the methods commonly used in daily development, avoids repeated wheel making and improves work efficiency. Each method is extracted from the author’s work experience and previous projects. Please refer to the document for details of the updated content on […]

  • What is the economic support of the popular NFT


    At present, the new online celebrity NFT has successfully stepped out of the circle and quickly spread to all walks of life with an overwhelming posture. The climax comes in an auction, and the high auction value constantly refreshes the world’s cognition. You may be hard to imagine that the virtual product NFT will enter […]

  • Getting started with spring security


    #1. Introduction to spring security: Spring Security is a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework. It is the de-facto standard for securing Spring-based applications. Spring Security is a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java applications. Like all Spring projects, the real power of Spring Security is found in […]

  • Cross co sponsored the encryption art chain Exhibition “the third power of Tao” will be opened on May 7, and heco will provide underlying technical support


    The global large-scale encryption art chain Exhibition “the third power of the Tao” will open on May 7. The exhibition will last for 23 days until May 30. The exhibition was initiated by the encryption art platform hnft Gallery, supported by the academic team of the International College of the Central Academy of fine arts, […]

  • Springboot integrates Nacos to realize multi environment dynamic configuration


    nacosAlibaba’s open source project is a dynamic service discovery, configuration management and service management platform that is easier to build cloud native applications. With the progress of China’s science and technology, more and more open-source technologies come from my proud China. In the past, to understand a certain technology, in addition to checking the articles […]