• SQL Server encryption and decryption


    1、 Passphase encryption 1.1 summary 1) For emergency data encryption without certificate and key, the data can be encrypted and decrypted directly based on the password provided by the user. 2) A pass phrase is a password that allows spaces. This passphase will not be stored in the database, which means that it will not […]

  • Your development tool spring custom annotation


    preface    custom annotation is a sharp tool in development, which is often used. It was mentioned in the last articleCustom verification notesThe usage of. However, recently received such a demand, mainly for some interfaces return data need to be encrypted. So it’s natural to think of itUser defined annotation + AOPTo achieve such a […]

  • The connection and difference among HTTPS, SSL and TLS (for personal use)


    SSL (secure socket layer) is a protocol encryption layer based on HTTPS. It was initially developed by Netscape, and then standardized by IETF (the Internet Engineering Task Force) and written into RFC (request for comments). RFC contains a lot of Internet technology specifications! At first, because HTTP uses plaintext when transmitting data (although the data […]

  • A survey of privacy issues in machine learning


    With the progress of society and the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence plays an important role. Machine learning is facing a huge problem of privacy disclosure. Privacy basics of machine learning Machine learning privacy disclosure: Unreliable data collector divulges information (direct divulges) The attacker analyzes the output of the machine learning model and […]

  • Computer network — deep understanding of HTTP and http


    1. HTTP status code name classification give an example 1XX Message status 100 continue 2XX Request successful 200 request successful202 the request succeeded, but no resource entity was returned 3XX redirect 301 permanent redirection302 temporary redirection 4XX Client error There is a syntax error in the 400 request403 request rejected by server404 the server could […]

  • Analysis of HTTPS


    HTTPS related brief introduction HTTP is encrypted by SSL to generate HTTPS, which makes the network communication more secure Three encryption methods are used in HTTPS, namely symmetric encryption AES, asymmetric encryption RSA and hash algorithm (irreversible), AES transmission (efficiency consideration), RSA communication AES and HTTP (efficiency verification) There are three main problems solved by […]

  • [12C] Oracle 12C transparent data encryption


    For the security of the database, in addition to the use of users, permissions and roles to control, it can also be achieved through data encryption or data mask. For transparent data encryption, individual table columns or the entire table space can be encrypted. When a user inserts data into an encrypted column, transparent data […]

  • Federal learning white paper


    1. Definition of federal learning Privacy Preserving Distributed machine learning frameworkWithout sharing data resources, all participants can carry out data joint training and establish the final machine learning model. (win win cooperation model, common prosperity strategy) features: The data of participants are kept locally to ensure the data security to a certain extent Participants joint […]

  • How does HTTPS ensure web security


    It is imperative for the whole network to implement HTTPS HTTPS (full name: Hypertext Transfer Protocol over secure socket layer) is to ensure the security of data transmission between client and server. In the past two years, Internet giants such as Google, Baidu and Facebook have started to vigorously promote HTTPS. Many large Internet companies […]

  • Another artifact! Universal website password blasting tool


    Author: whw1sfbOriginal text:__https://www.freebuf.com/secto…Disclaimer: the tools and test methods mentioned in this article are only for research and learning, please abide by the “network security law” and other relevant laws and regulations. There is a key test item in Web penetration testing: password explosion. At present, more and more website systems add various encryption algorithms to […]

  • Methods of encrypting files in Linux system


    1. Oppnssl MD5 method of encrypting string a. The manual input command and process are as follows:     Copy code The code is as follows: #OpenSSL / / enter OpenSSL in the terminal and press enter. </p> Explanation: why not enter after entering 123456? Because OpenSSL treats carriage return as a character in the encrypted […]