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  • How to realize DES encryption algorithm code example through PHP


    How to realize DES encryption algorithm code example through PHP Note: php7 or above is not supported, because php7 removes some functions, and the {} of the variable should be changed to [] <?php class Des { /** *Encryption method * *@ param string $STR content to be encrypted *@ param string $key key *@ […]

  • Jsonwebtoken Chinese document


    jsonwebtoken usage jwt.sign(payload, secretOrPrivateKey, [options, callback]) (asynchronous) if a callback is provided, the callback is called using err or JWT. (synchronous) returns the jsonwebtoken as a string. Payload must be an object, buffer or string. Note that exp can only be set if payload is an object literal.Secretorprivatekey is a string or buffer containing the […]

  • How to use PHP JWT in Web


    Explain JWT JWT is a string, which is encrypted and verified by three parts. Token based authentication can replace the traditional cookie + session authentication method. The three parts are as follows: header.payload.signature Header part The header format is: { “typ”:”JWT”, “alg”:”HS256″ } This is a JSON string. Both fields are required,algField specifies the buildsignatureThe […]

  • Information security topic arrangement (1)


    1. In recent years, hackers’ network attack behavior mode has changed greatly, and it is becoming more and more intense. What is the basic reason? ( )  A: hackers are keen to create a sensation B: hackers are driven by interests C: more and more system security defects D: hacker technology advances by leaps […]

  • JWT help class (related methods)


    Note: install the JWT package first   using System;using System.Collections.Generic;using System.Linq;using System.Web; using JWT;using JWT.Algorithms ; / / encryption algorithmusing JWT.Builder;using JWT.Exceptions;using JWT.Serializers; namespace WebApplication1.Models{   public class JWTHelper   {Private string key {get; set;} = bfdhargrtjuykreawtuyjtretryjgafasdgrth “; / / this keyPrivate ijwtalgorithm algorithm algorithm {get; set;} / / this is hmacsha256 encryption algorithmPrivate ijsonserializer serializer {get; […]

  • Knowledge points of node full stack development


    1. Time formatting moment.jsLink: http://momentjs.cn/ 2. Cache mechanism LRU cacheLink: https://www.npmjs.com/package… 3. Encryption algorithm cryptoLink: https://www.liaoxuefeng.com/w… 4. Using the tool library lodashLink: https://www.lodashjs.com/ 5. Log processing log4jsLink: https://www.cnblogs.com/Joans… 6. Automatic building tool gulpLink: https://www.gulpjs.com.cn/ 7. Server user state storage express sessionLink: https://www.cnblogs.com/loade… 8. Save the session to Mongo connect MongoLink: https://blog.csdn.net/u011144… 9. Express: a common […]

  • Play with hybrid encryption


    Data encryption is a technology with a long history, which means that plaintext is transformed into ciphertext through encryption algorithm and encryption key, while decryption is to recover ciphertext into plaintext through decryption algorithm and decryption key. Its core is cryptography. Data encryption is still the most reliable way for computer system to protect information. […]

  • How to integrate JWT (JSON web token) authentication in springboot


    This blog mainly introduces what JWT is and how to use JWT (JSON web token) in spring boot project. 1. About JWT 1.1 what is JWT At the beginning of the old saying, if we want to use such a tool, we must first know the following questions. What is this tool and what problems […]

  • [ asp.net Core series] 12 data encryption algorithm


    Preface In this article, we will introduce the encryption and decryption of. Net core. In a web application, the user’s password is stored as password data using the MD5 value. In other cases, encryption and decryption are also used. The common encryption algorithms are divided into symmetric encryption and asymmetric encryption. The so-called symmetric encryption […]

  • Is MD5 an encryption algorithm?


    preface MD5 is a very common algorithm in program development, many people have used it. One of the most commonly used scenarios of MD5 algorithm is user registration, the password is encrypted by MD5, and the password cannot be decrypted in reverse, which can improve the security. But is MD5 encryption? What does encryption mean? […]

  • Common encryption algorithms


    Common encryption algorithms can be divided into three categories: symmetric encryption algorithm, asymmetric encryption algorithm and hash algorithm. Symmetric encryption An encryption algorithm that uses the same key for encryption and decryption. The advantages of symmetric encryption algorithm lie in the high speed of encryption and decryption and the difficulty of decryption when using long […]

  • Neo4j verification password generation code (Python)


    There is adbmsDirectory, which stores the identity verification fileauth: [[email protected] data]# ll total 0 drwxr-xr-x 3 112 nfsnobody 21 Jan 29 14:34 databases drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 17 Jan 29 14:36 dbms [[email protected] dbms]# ls auth To view the auth file: [[email protected] dbms]# cat auth neo4j:SHA-256,0A9FC5A9A9C368A3FD2E41F9BB024AAA3CA8808B3428A4EE2D72B13703A7AD5E,FADA2AD5718A00B0DAB07735FFD16038: The content of the file is relatively simple, and […]