• 3D display of electronic fence using H5 and webgl Technology


    Preface The promotion of modern industrialization greatly accelerates the modernization process, but also brings the corresponding security risks. In the traditional visual monitoring field, it is generally based on the front-end technology of Web SCADA to realize 2D visual monitoring. This system uses the HT for web product of Hightop to construct lightweight 3D visual […]

  • Technical exchange on common problems of process engine form engine


    Chapter 1: first use. Net and then Java. Data migration? What are the problems. RE:。 Net version of ccflow and Java version of jflow series are a database structure, an operation manual, process template, form template are universal, the front-end code HTML, JS are the same. So there is no migration problem. Etc:We have different […]

  • Dell-7559-10.15-black apple


    7559 black apple-10.15 0x00 digression Two days ago, I saw that the black fruit soldier had done a good job of Catalina’s installation package, but I didn’t finish the next day… I didn’t have time to work in the daytime yesterday, and I finally had time to do it when I went back in the […]

  • Full analysis of spring boot email


    1. Preface Welcome to the spring boot 2 practical series e-mail. Although it is a bit “annealed” in recent years, it still plays an important role in development. In more formal occasions, we still send messages and receipts by email. Today, let’s learn how toSpring BootSend email below. 2. dependence Java send mail dependencyjakartaProject (originaljavaEEProvided […]

  • Use mailkit to send an email with embedded pictures that do not appear as attachments


    Use mailkit to send an email with embedded pictures that do not appear as attachments Reference article: mailkit — send mail Be careful Whether to display embedded pictures as attachments in the mail client is different according to different mails. Outlook and QQ are not displayed as attachments after testing temporarily, and Sina mailbox will […]

  • E-mail processing control aspose.email for. Net will be updated in October!


    Aspose.Email for .NETIs a complete set of e-mail processing controls, used to build cross platform applications, without using Microsoft Outlook can create, operate, transform and transfer e-mail. The API provides e-mail processing functions, such as adding, extracting or deleting attachments in mail objects, and customizing headers by adding or deleting recipients or changing topics. Aspose.Email […]

  • How to clear the redundant email attachments in the Mac system?


    Cleanmymac is very good at cleaning up the Mac operating system. During the whole cleaning process, the software will clean up all aspects of the operating system. It can effectively clean up the garbage in the MAC system. This is why many users like to use this software very much. Today I’ll show you how […]