• R language — commonly used but always unforgettable data processing tips


    ##Extract elements in the list that contain specific characters DE.pattern = your_list[grep(pattern = “pattern”,x = names(your_list),value = T)] ##Batch read file names in the list library(pipeR) library(rlist) test = list.files(path = “E:/Desktop/”,pattern = “*” ) write.table(test,”E:/Desktop/readme.xls”,sep = “\t”) ###Read all sheets in Excel library(readxl) excel_ Path < – C (“your path / Annex 1 MRM […]

  • 【GO】gomail


    reference material[1] Send mail using gomail[2] Golang uses the gomail package to send mail In the actual project, you may encounter the need to send e-mail, so I tried to implement it. Maybe we haven’t actually met this requirement yet, but we can also start to implement it first. Maybe this requirement is on the […]

  • In the Vue front-end project, the user-defined component development shown in the attachment


    In the Vue front-end interface, custom components are very important and convenient. We generally split some general interface modules and create our own custom components. This operation can greatly reduce the amount of code on the page and improve the development efficiency of functional modules. This essay continues to introduce how to use custom encapsulated […]

  • Metadata management – complete implementation of dynamic form designer in crud API system


    Form design In the previous article, we introduced some basic functions of form design through a series of cases. Form design plays a very important role and is also the core of crud API. Therefore, this paper will introduce some other functions in form design in detail. outline Form field column property Column English name […]

  • Vue realizes file upload (with progress bar and cancel upload function)


    Demonstration effect uploadfile.gif code implementation Here I only write the demo of single file upload, and only limit the file size to no more than 5m. If you want to limit the types of uploaded files, you can set them in the input tag. If you want to upload multiple files together, you must set […]

  • Perl batch download Gmail attachment code


    Recently, I’m writing a program to download attachments in batches from Gmail, which uses two modules: Mail:: pop3cclient and mime:: parser Implementation code: Copy codeThe code is as follows: use Mail::POP3Client; use MIME::Parser;   my $U = ‘User.Name@gmail.com’; my $P = ‘uSeR.pAsSwORd’; my $X = new MIME::Parser; $X -> output_dir(‘C:\\download’);    #directory to save attachment   […]

  • The public multi type attachment picture upload area in Vue page is applicable to folding panel


    In front-end projects, attachment upload is a very common function, which is used in almost all app related projects. Generally, when you choose to use a front-end UI framework, you can find the encapsulated image upload components, but in some cases, it may not be applicable to your own project requirements. The attachment upload area […]

  • Nail should be updated with version


    Introduction:On April 15, the version of nailing Yida was updated, five new functions were added, and some existing functions were optimized and upgraded. On April 15, nailing Yida released the version update. The main new functions of this version update include: exclusive version supports online editing of accessories, online industry solution library, new price list […]

  • Visualization of electronic fence to improve safety operation and maintenance efficiency


    The promotion of modern industrialization not only greatly accelerates the modernization process, but also brings corresponding security risks. In the traditional monitoring field, 2D visual monitoring is generally realized based on Web front-end technology. This paper uses thingjs to construct a lightweight 3D visualization scene, which shows the digital twin visualization scene of a modern […]

  • Python office automation: Mail


    preparation Take QQ email as an example 1. Set QQ email: click “setting” – > “account” 2. Slide down to find the following page, click the “open” button to open the POP3 / SMTP service, complete the opening operation according to the prompt, and generate the authorization code after successful opening (the authorization code is […]

  • Mongodb introduction and Development Guide


    catalogue1、 Introduction to mongodb2、 Build mongodb3、 Java with mongodb4、 Spring session mongodb5、 Mongodb development specifications and examples6、 Mongodb + nodejs See Annex: mongodb introduction and Development Guide for details_ 20200409224211.pdf Mongodb learning exchange group:

  • Python one click to get mail attachments


    Here, take my corporate QQ email as an example. The code is as follows: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- Original text:bgods.cn/blog/post/54/ This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link to this article