• Data structure introduction – stack


    Definition: one that can be realized“Advanced post production”Storage structure of Classification: Static stack Dynamic stack Algorithm: Stack out Pressing stack Code implementation: Knock more, knock more, later improvements #include #include #include typedef struct Node { int data; struct Node * pNext; }NODE , * PNODE; typedef struct Stack { PNODE pTop; PNODE pBottom; }STACK , […]

  • Example of using pymysql to call MySQL database


    #Import pymysql module import pymysql #Connect to database conn = pymysql.connect( host=”localhost”, user=”root”, password=”123456″, database=”fanis”, charset=”utf8″ ) #Get a cursor cursor = conn.cursor() Create table sql = “”” CREATE TABLE if not exists user( id INT auto_increment PRIMARY KEY , name CHAR(10) NOT NULL UNIQUE, age TINYINT NOT NULL );””” cursor.execute(sql) #Clear table data sql […]

  • Miscellany of shell programming under Linux


    This article mainly talks about some common shell programming knowledge, including date format, empty file content, shell string truncation, operators used in shell, random numbers, forced arithmetic operation (addition and subtraction) on a variable, escape of special characters, etc. Date date format 1. Various date format conversion Format: 2020-02-24 11:50 Instance: show current time Order: […]

  • How node.js generates log files locally


    Usually usedconsoleTo print the information that the node script needs to see when executing, but this information can only be found in theConsoleSee. If you want to record the printed information toFile viewIf so, let’s look down. 1, foreword Expect: Every time the script is run, log logs are generated and stored locally Every time […]

  • Deselection of multi selection of El table of elementui and deselection of filter conflict of ref of all filters


    The reason for writing this article: Nowadays, there is no same explanation form on the Internet (or on the Internet, so I can’t find it, or the big guy thinks it’s too simple to explain). However, I think this is a deep understanding of the underlying framework of Vue + element UI. (why should we […]

  • 3389 connection trace removal


    @echo off Set / P FK = are you sure you want to clear 3389 connection traces? (y/n) if /i “%fk%”==”y” goto y if /i “%fk%”==”n” goto n call %0 :y reg delete “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client” /f del /a /f /q %HOMEPATH%\Documents\Default.rdp Echo command executed successfully. Please check whether it is cleared manually. pause >nul […]

  • Batch file copy in WinForm (with code download)


    scene Effect     Drag the files to be copied in batch to the form, click the bottom to select the target folder, and then click the copy button.     Note: Blog home page:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Pay attention to the public addressDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization Create a new form […]

  • Release easydoc Version 1.2.1, a simple and fast document generation tool


    About easydoc Easydoc is a simple and fast tool for generating documents.Just a software file! It comes with you, no installation, no other dependence.Support Microsoft, apple, Linux and other operating systems. Easydoc official website https://easydoc.089858.com Easydoc Download https://easydoc.089858.com/do… Version 1.2.1 update log Support to start web service and its command New command to empty the […]

  • Token refresh mechanism of Axios interceptor under Vue


    //Create the http.js file. The following is the specific code: // introduce the installed Axios plug-in import axios from ‘axios’ import router from ‘@/router’; import Vue from ‘vue’ const qs = require(“qs”); let _this = new Vue(); let isLock = false; let refreshSubscribers = []; //Determine whether the token expires function isTokenExpired(token) { let expires_time […]

  • The mobile terminal uses JQ to monitor keyboard events and enter to search


    1. Input box type is set to search < input type = “search” class = “mobile search input” placeholder = “search” > 2. Listening to keyboard events $(“.mobile-search-input”).on(‘keypress’, function (e) { If (e.keycode = =’13 ‘) {// press enter e.preventDefault(); /*********/ } }); 3. Remove the clear button in the search box .mobile-search-input::-webkit-search-cancel-button { display: […]

  • Pyqt clears all branch methods under a qtreeewidgetitem


    1. Circular deletion #This is the processing when I select one of the branches for the right-click clear operation for i in range(self.tree.currentItem().childCount()): self.tree.currentItem().removeChild(self.tree.currentItem().child(0)) As mentioned above, a branch is removed circularly. The above pyqt clears all the branch methods under a qtreeewidgeitem, which is all the content that Xiaobian has shared with you. I […]

  • Pyqt realizes the function of copy, select all and clear in the menu


    Inheritance relationship of text operation of pyqt: QTextBrowser ( QtGui.QTextEdit) Qtextedit has the following functions: Copy() copy Selectall() select all Clear() clear Although it can be realized by cursor selection, it is more convenient to directly call the method of the parent class, including shortcut keys. The above pyqt realizes the function of copying, selecting […]