• Using dependency plug-in to solve dependency package conflict


    By chance, I went through the official documents of Maven dependency plug-in, and got quite a harvest. Let’s make a record. There may be some suspicions in the title party, but since you have printed out the dependency tree, the conflict relationship is clearly displayed in the tree. Dependency tree dependency:treeIt is probably the most […]

  • Don’t understand mybatis first level cache? Let me tell you these five questions


    L1 cache Main contents: The first level cache is also called local cache. The first level cache of mybatis is cached at the session level. Mybatis’s first level cache is on by default. We don’t need to make any configuration in the development project, but if you want to close the first level cache, you […]

  • Distributed monitoring system wgcloud v3.2 released, new host image


    Wgcloud: the server side is based on springboot, and the agent side is written with go. The core modules include: server cluster monitoring, ES cluster status monitoring, CPU monitoring, memory monitoring, data monitoring, docker monitoring, network traffic monitoring, service heartbeat detection, application process management, disk IO monitoring, system load monitoring, monitoring alarm information push. This […]

  • Cnpm – V Caton. Unable to download various packages


    Problem: when cnpm is executed, it is stuck all the timeUninstall the original cnpm first npm uninstall -g cnpm –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org Registration module image npm set registry https://registry.npm.taobao.org The source image of node on which node gyp compilation depends npm set disturl https://npm.taobao.org/dist wipe cache npm cache clean –force Install cnpm npm install -g cnpm –registry=https://registry.npm.taobao.org […]

  • Vue component — search box


    Basic code of component Vue.component(‘ym-search’, { template: ` <div class=”ym-search-area-wrap” ref=”searchWrap” :class=”{‘show-result’: showResult}”> <div class=”ym-search-area” :style=”{‘height’: searchHeight}” v-if=”!showResult”> <slot></slot> <div class=”ym-high-btn-area”> < El button type = “primary” size = “small” @ Click = “tosearch (1)” > search < / El button > < El button type = Default “size = small” @ Click = cleanall […]

  • Redis used in springboot


    Introduction to redis Installing redis in Linux Description of redis Redis is an open source, in memory data structure storage system, which can be used as database, cache and message middleware. It supports multiple types of data structures 1. Redis common commands String type: command explain case set Add key value set username admin get […]

  • Spring boot2 (3): using spring boot2 to integrate redis cache


    Learn the second chapter of integrating mybatis with springboot, and learn about the built-in caching mechanism of mybatis. You have stepped through some pitfalls during deployment. Let’s record and share the caching function of mybatis. The source code of this article is at the end of the article What is query caching Mybatis has a […]

  • Five ways to clear or delete the contents of large files in Linux


    Sometimes, when working with a file in a Linux terminal, you may want to clear the contents of the file without opening it with any Linux command line editor. How can this be achieved? In this article, we will use some useful commands to clear the contents of the file in several different ways. Warning: […]

  • [go] go wait to read the data content of the last line


    This code is based on the video tutorial of MOOC, mainly F. seek (0, os.SEEK_ End) is moved to the end, but there is a small problem. When the open file is emptied again and the content is emptied, the data can no longer be read. For example, when the echo ” > 1.log is […]

  • Python clear command line mode


    Python clear the command line! Sometimes when we run some code on the command line, we feel that it is redundant. We can clear the code on the command line through the following code. import os def clear():os.system(‘cls’) clear() The main code is os.system (‘cls’), you can also enter the code directly to clear the […]

  • How to clear Python list


    Operation of situation list: del list[:] list=[] list[:]=[] def func(L): L.append(1) print L #L[:]=[] #del L[:] L = [] print L L=[] func(L) print L Output results: [1] [] [1] Analysis: l is a variable data type. As a parameter, the change of L in the function can be reflected in the L outside the […]