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  • The difference between template syntax if and with


    If keyword The syntax is as follows {{if pipeline}} T1 {{end}}{{if pipeline}} T1 {{else}} T0 {{end}}{{if pipeline}} T1 {{else if pipeline}} T0 {{end}} The pipeline is the judgment condition, and the direct result is similar to if in go language With keyword The syntax is as follows {{ with pipeline }} T1 {{ end }}{{ […]

  • Springboot gets all URL paths


    I need to capture all URLs when I do permission control. Because I need the request type, I filter some URLs without request type. I don’t say much and code them. Configuration @Slf4j public class RolePolicyConfig { private final WebApplicationContext context; @Autowired public RolePolicyConfig(WebApplicationContext context) { this.context = context; } @PostConstruct public void methodInit() { […]

  • C + + STL priority queue_ queue)


    std::priority_queue Priority queue   1、firstThe element is alwaysmaximumElements. 2. It has heap like features, in which elements can be inserted at any time.    3. SupportSubscript access(random access iterator) The implementation inside the priority queue needs to rely onFoundation vesselThe container should be passablerandom access iterators Access and need to support the following operations empty( ) […]

  • MySQL cursor


    MySQL cursor   SQL statement is “set oriented programming“, which focuses on “what to get”, rather than “how to get”. Sometimes we don’t need to do the same operation on every query structure set, but only operate some lines in it. At this time, we need the process oriented programming method, and the cursor is […]

  • C ා to update the query table as a parameter to the database


    1. Main method of importdata Put the input as the object array type, and take out the corresponding parameters according to the subscript. Here are table and username public object[] ImportData(object[] Param) { DataTable dt = (DataTable)Param[0]; string msg1 = “”, msg2 = “”, msg3 = “”; Hashtable ht = new Hashtable(); Username = param […]