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  • Python removes excel space and line feed, and reports an error ‘Int’ object has no attribute ‘strip’


    Found a section of code on the Internet, run after the error, which friend help to see #Remove except spaces and empty lines Error in operation result: D:\Testing_Software\Python38\python.exe D:/Code/PycharmProjects/test_rigang/utile/operation_excel.pyTraceback (most recent call last): File “D:/Code/PycharmProjects/test_rigang/utile/operation_excel.py”, line 87, in opers.clear_blank_space() File “D:/Code/PycharmProjects/test_rigang/utile/operation_excel.py”, line 80, in clear_blank_space ws.cell(i, j).value = old.strip().replace(‘ ‘, ‘’).replace(“\n”, “”)AttributeError: ‘int’ object has […]

  • Markdown tutorial


    Makedown title Secondary title Secondary title Three level title Four level title Makedown paragraph format Markdown add more than two spaces back (line feed of paragraph) A blank line indicates the beginning of a new paragraph typeface Italics Italicsbold boldBold italics Bold italics Dividing line Strikethrough There’s a trough Underline <u> Underline < U > […]

  • Solution of generating JSON with blank space and blank line by PHP


    1. Delete the extra blank lines in PHP file, especially at the end of the file?>Blank line at the back2. Modify the PHP file to UTF-8 no BOM format, vscode can click “UTF-8 with BOM” in the status bar at the bottom right corner, and then select “save by encoding = > UTF-8”

  • Introduction to sed command


    In sed processing, there are two buffers: [pattern space] and [hold space] Sed execution process: First read a line, remove the trailing newline character, store it in [pattern space], and execute the edit command. After processing, unless the – n parameter is added, the current [pattern space] will be printed out, and the line breaks […]

  • Practical case analysis of vim operation (1): adding content at the beginning or end of a line in batch


    When we write code or documents, we often need to add the same content at the beginning or end of multiple lines. It is obviously inefficient to manually operate one line at a time. It is convenient to do such things. Case 1 hold aaa bbb ccc ddd eee Change to # aaa # bbb […]