• “The embedomicon” study notes


    “The embedomicon” study notes Some differences from the original tutorial Chapter 5 was rewritten because!asmand!global_asmHas entered stable, the way the original text is too cumbersome. The original book of Rust Edition adopts 2018, and this article adopts 2021. According to the official statement, the Rust Edition and the Rust version should be independent, and the […]

  • Adapt to LVGL8.2 based on OneOS-Lite


    1 Introduction LVGL7.9 has been adapted and supported in OneOS-Lite for a long time. With the iteration of LVGL version, LVGL8.2 cooperates withsquarelineVisual development tools have become a better choice. Therefore, OneOS-Lite also supports LVGL8.2 version.This article is about the process of adapting LVGL8.2 based on OneOS-Lite for sharing. 2. LVGL directory structure As can […]

  • Application of Embedded System File System Development Cache


    I. Introduction Recently developed a “file system” based on an embedded system. Some bizarre bugs appeared in the later test. After review and troubleshooting, it was found that the cache inconsistency caused by opening the cache and DMA transfer data. Share it now. 2. Cache The application scenario of changing the file system is based […]