• Implementation example of HTML5 embedded nail


    1. The official JS needs to be introduced into the project <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://g.alicdn.com/dingding/dingtalk-jsapi/2.3.0/dingtalk.open.js” > </script> Or NPM 2. The API is self-contained. If there is writing, authentication is required, so you must authenticate before using it Get the authentication of nailing interface dd.config({ agentId:agentid , // required, micro app ID corpId:corpId , // required, […]

  • HTML embed tag usage and attribute details


    1、 Basic grammar Copy code The code is as follows: embed src=url Note: embed can be used to insert a variety of multimedia, the format can be MIDI, WAV, AIFF, Au, MP3, etc., Netscape and the new version of IE support. The URL is an audio or video file and its path, which can be […]

  • Introduction to the difference between object and embed labels used in flash content display


    1、 Introduction: If we want to display the flash content in the web page normally, the page must have a label specifying the flash path. That is, object and embed tags. Object tag is used for IE browser on Windows platform, while embed is used for Netscape Navigator browser on windows and Macintosh platform and […]

  • Embedded Code for Several Old Players


    The player we saw on the webpage is no more than WMP/RealPlayer/Flash Player. The rest is nothing more than a panel or other controls. Some of the players installed on the computer are also integrated with coding and decoding. The core coding and decoding techniques are the same. For example, the most popular Windows media […]

  • Implementing Method of Embedding Image into HTML Element


    The img element allows us to embed images in HTML documents. To embed an image, you need to use SRC and alt attributes. The code is as follows: <img src=”../img/example/img-map.jpg” alt=”Products Image” width=”580″ height=”266″ /> Display effect: 1. Embedding images in hyperlinks A common use of img elements is to create an image-based hyperlink in […]