• Usage examples of if else in sqlserver stored procedures


    Now we need to insert data into table B through programming, but it is not allowed to assign null value to int type in the program. If it is not assigned, it defaults to 0.To solve this problem, if else of the stored procedure is used. The following is the complete stored procedure. Code example: […]

  • Detailed explanation of if and else based on shell


    Basic grammar The if syntax of shell is very similar to that of C language and other high-level languages. The only thing we need to pay attention to is that the if statement of shell has strict requirements on space (in fact, the shell has strict requirements on the use of space in all syntax). […]

  • Three implementations of if / else in Oracle


    1. Standard SQL specification 1. Single IF IF v=… THEN END IF; 2、IF … ELSE IF v=… THEN ELSE t….; END IF; 3. Multiple IFs IF v=… THEN ELSIF v=… THEN t…; END IFL Note: Multiple IFs are’ELSIF’not’ELSE IF’ 2. decode function DECODE(VALUE,IF1,THEN1,IF2,THEN2,IF2,THEN2,..,ELSE) Represents that if value equals if1, the result of the DECODE function […]

  • How does vs2015 use if else statements?


    If statement is often used in Visual Studio. If-else judgment statement has two branching choices. How to use it? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software Name: Visual Studio 2015 Simplified Chinese Official Edition (Enterprise Edition) Software size: 4.5GB Update time: 2016-09-17 1. If-else statements have two branches, the flow chart of […]