• How does the front end handle class array objects gracefully?


    1、 Background Recently, Robin, a front-end intern, came to the Leo department. As a master, Leo introduced the company’s business, department work, and the front-end newcomer’s learning map. Next, Robin began to study happily for a week~ A week later, Leo assigned a study assignment for Robin and developed a person search selection page. The […]

  • Introduction of kylin 4.0 topn implementation principle


    #Introduction Apache kylin is an open source distributed analysis engine, which provides SQL query interface on Hadoop and multi-dimensional analysis (OLAP) capability to support large-scale data. It can query huge data sets in sub seconds. Topn measurement has been added since kylin 1.5, until kylin 3. X. the implementation has not changed much. To understand […]

  • HTTP request in go — Analysis of HTTP 1.1 request process


    From the official account: New World grocery store preface HTTP is one of the most widely used protocols, and it is also one of the most frequently contacted protocols by programmers. Today, the author makes a comprehensive analysis of the request process of HTTP1.1 from the perspective of gopher. I hope that readers can have […]

  • Map () method


    effect: The map () method returns a new array. The elements in the array are the values of the original array elements after calling the function Grammar: array.map(function(currentValue,index,arr), thisValue) Currentvalue, required, the value of the current element Index, optional, the index value of the current element in the array Arr optional, the array object to […]

  • P label becomes ellipsis when it exceeds the specified number of lines


    Slightly changed label line number: p:nth-child(2) { overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; display: -webkit-box; -webkit-box-orient: vertical; -webkit-line-clamp: 2; word-wrap: break-word; word-break: break-all; }

  • How does Dubbo call link improve performance by 30% from 2.7.0 to 2.7.5


    preface In this article, we have made a lot of improvements in the link performance from Dubbo 2.5.0 to Dubbo 2.5.0 in the last two months. Static service metadata reduces link computation Consumer side cache consumermodel We know that when a service starts, if the configuration of the service reference is configured, the proxy object […]

  • Indexer


    Parametric properties The get accessor accepts one or more parameters, and the set accessor accepts two or more parameters. It is also called indexer in C #. Basic structure of indexer Return type this [parameter] {get; set;} Declaration indexer class Test { //Declare an indexer that takes an int type parameter and returns an int […]

  • Process analysis of HTTP 2.0 request initiated by go


    From the official account: New World grocery store preface FollowingHTTP request in go — Analysis of HTTP 1.1 request processAfter that, it took nearly a month to write this article. Reading suggestions Http2.0 is basically consistent with HTTP1.1 in establishing TCP connection and secure TLS transmission channel. So I don’t recommend reading itHTTP request in […]

  • Simple memory cache module – smache


    introduce [sm]art + c[ache] = smache Smache is a convenient memory cache module, which can avoid occupying more memory infinitely through some simple caching strategies, and ensure that the most commonly used and most should be cached objects are cached. GitHub: https://github.com/Houfeng/smache install npm install smache –save usage const Cache = require(‘smache’); //Create instance var […]

  • Steps of creating microservice project


    1. Jianfu project Set up a maven project usedependencyManagementManagement version: lock the jar package version and play the role of version arbitration Submodule can be omittedgroup、versionIf the version of the jar package used is found from the parent project, the version locked by the parent project will be used 2. Create each sub module It […]

  • Using endless in Windows: undefined: syscall.SIGUSR1


    There is no SIGUSR1, sigusr2, etc. in order to not easily abandon the windows environment (no courage to change MAC). At present, a ditty method is used to solve the problemModify go / SRC / syscall / types in go’s installation directory_ windows.go , add the following code: var signals = […]string{ //Omit line n […]

  • Why does spring use level 3 caching to solve circular dependency?


    Focus on “Su San Shuo technology”, reply: there are surprises in development manual and time management. Maybe some friends don’t know about spring’s circular dependency. Let’s take a look at this example first. @Service public class AService { private BService bService; public AService(BService bService) { this.bService = bService; } public void doA() { System.out.println(“call doA”); […]