• Redis must know API


    Some nonsense 1. Redis is an open-source, key based storage system with multiple data structures and functions.2. Redis supports persistence, does not lose data after power failure, and asynchronously saves data updates to disk.3. Redis supports string, hash, list, set, ordered set, bitmap, unique count of ultra small memory, and geographic information positioning.4. Redis supports […]

  • Notes on the basis of Vue and some learning experiences


    What you don’t know in Vue, and precautions v-html When v-html is used, the value in the instruction will overwrite the original value in the binding tag, and when v-html is used, do not set it as the place to provide content to users, because v-html is easy to be attacked by XSS v-bind When […]

  • Mobile page event penetration / click penetration problem


    Background One of the projects the blogger is in charge of is web page. There is an event penetration problem on the mobile end. After introducing the cause of the problem, it is found that it is a knowledge point of mobile web, which is worth recording. 2、 Click and 300ms delay Mobile browser provides […]

  • Binary reactor


    What is a binary pile? Binary pile is a special kind of pile. It has the following characteristics: It has the property of complete binary tree. The value of any parent node in the heap is greater than or equal to the value of its left and right child nodes (maximum heap), or less than […]

  • CSS learn about


    CSS meet me 1. CSS things CSS (cascading style sheets)Cascading style sheetsMy understanding is:Table with various styles superimposed。 A web page, if there is no CSS, is wearing “King’s new clothes”, running naked! The importance of CSS is self-evident! As the clothing of HTML, CSS provides a style description for HTML elements, defines its display […]

  • To implement Java local caching, start from these points


    Cache, I believe you must be familiar with it, in the project, cache is absolutely necessary. There are many caching tools on the market, such as redis, guava cache or ehcache. I think you are very familiar with these tools, so today we don’t talk about them. Let’s talk about how to implement local caching. […]

  • Adjacency list C++


    Adjacency List in order toFurther improve space efficiency, consider usingList replacement arrayThe adjacency matrix is transformed into adjacency list It takes up space because of the problem of adjacency matrix,Four bytes without connection,The situation of no connection and no space occupation can be considered;       When defining an array, you should specify how many elements there […]

  • Implementation methods of eight common data structures in python (recommended Collection)


    As a required part of computer foundation, data structure is also a necessary test for many large Internet enterprises. It is conceivable that it is important in the field of computer. However, many students majoring in computer only understand the theory of data structure, but they can’t realize all kinds of data structures with code. […]

  • Five different values of CSS position


    Position property positionAttribute specifies the type of positioning method (static, relative, fixed, absolute, or sticky) to use for the element. There are five different values: static relative fixed absolute sticky Then usetop,bottom,leftandrightAttribute to locate the element. However, unless set firstpositionProperties, otherwise they will not work. They work differently depending on the location value. position:static; By […]

  • DOM senior engineer incomplete Guide


    Use the DOM like a proTranslator: kyrieliu “The front frame is so fragrant that I dare not tear DOM by myself!” Although the vast majority of front-end ers have such problems, but based on the principle of big foundation, tearing DOM by hand should be a necessary skill for front-end siege lions, which is exactly […]

  • Special object array in JS


    Preface Previously learned data types can only store one value (for example: number / string). I want to store multiple values in a variable. How should I store them? The so-called array is to arrange multiple elements (usually of the same type) in a certain order into a collection, which we call array. 1.1 array […]

  • Reading the selector module of zepto source code


    SelectorModule is right.ZeptoThe extension of selector makesZeptoSelectors can also support partsCSS3Selector andeqetc.ZeptoThe selector defined. Before reading this article, you’d better read “read the magic $, zepto source code“. Reading the zepto source series has been put on GitHub. Welcome to star: reading zepto Source version The source code of this article is zepto1.2.0 GitBook 《reading-zepto》 […]