• [Vue] special attribute


    Special attribute key ref is key Expected: number | Stirng | Boolean | symbolIt is mainly used in the virtual dom of VueDiff algorithm, compare the old and new nodes to identify vnodes Not usedkeyWhen, Vue uses a method that minimizes dynamic elements and tries as much as possibleIn situ repair/Algorithm for reusing elements of […]

  • [basic] novice task, five minutes to fully master jQuery selector


    1. Basic selector 1.1 ID selector: //Select the element with ID mydiv, which is the fastest $(“#myDiv”) Type 1.2 selector: //Select all elements whose class attribute is red $(“.red”) 1.3 element selector: //Select all div elements $(“div”) 1.4 wildcard selector: //Select all elements $(“*”) 1.5 compound selector: //Check all span elements and all elements with […]

  • H5API


    H5API New HTML5 features Tag: NAV article footer header aside New feature of the form: the value of input type is date time week email number Form attribute form Formaction from method required readonly disabled Form control label: progress meter datalist 1. H5api (JS part in HTML5) Before the advent of HTML5, to display video, […]

  • Front end things 2 (CSS)


    Flex layout (elastic layout, default spindle, cross axis, flex: 1) Flex layout is an elastic layout. After setting the container to flex layout, float, clear and vertical align will become invalid. By default, the container has two axes (main axis and vertical cross axis), which are arranged along the main axis by default. What are […]

  • Leetcode-073-matrix zeroing


    Matrix zeroing Title Description: given a matrix of m x n, if an element is 0, all elements in its row and column are set to 0. Please use the in place algorithm. Advanced: An intuitive solution is to use the extra space of O (MN), but this is not a good solution. A simple […]

  • Go one library a day, colly


    brief introduction collyIt is a powerful crawler framework written in go language. It provides a concise API, has strong performance, can automatically process Cookies & sessions, and provides a flexible extension mechanism. First, let’s introducecollyBasic concepts of. Then introduce it through several casescollyUsage and characteristics of:Pull GitHub treading, pull Baidu novel hot list, and download […]

  • Vue element front end application development organization and role management


    catalogue 1. Organization management module interface 2. Role management interface 3. Interface modular processing 1. Organization management module interface The organization management module interface is as follows, including organization member management and role management. In the ABP basic field, an organization can contain 0 to more members or 0 to more roles. Therefore, the interface […]

  • Share some examples of native front-end CSS that may be used. Why don’t you come in and have a look?


    preface Today, let’s share some actual examples of native CSS or CSS + JS. These examples are relatively simple, but they may be encountered in actual development. I believe it will be helpful to some children’s shoes~ CSS timeline effect Timeline is a very common effect. We can achieve it through the relative positioning and […]

  • [Vue] built in components


    Built in components component transition transition-group keep-alive slot 1 component props:is、 inline-templateYou can render components dynamically based on the dataSee in the previous chapter for detailsisattribute 2 transition Wrap oneelementorDynamic component, implementationtransitionEffect ofCommon element example <template> <div id=”app”> <button @click=”show = !show”>Toggle</button> <transition name=”fade”> <p v-if=”show”>hello world</p> </transition> </div> </template> <script> export default { name: […]

  • Front end screenshot implementation


    preface Demand background: Goal: turn the page content into pictures and share them Persistence: no server-side storage is required Client capability: independent of client capability Use pupeteer to do screenshot service advantage: The front end is easy to use, just call the interface The sharing page can be separated from the content of the page […]

  • Menu resource management of Vue element front-end application development


    catalogue 1. Introduction to menu resources and management interface 2. Combined management of menu and route 1. Introduction to menu resources and management interface As mentioned earlier, permission management generally involves users, organizations, roles and permission functions. The basic content of ABP framework also involves these aspects. The relationship between them is basically a many […]

  • C language realizes the basic operation of circular (sequential) queue


    #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #define MaxSize 10 #define TRUE 1 #define ERROR 0 typedef int Status; typedef int ElemType; typedef struct { ElemType *base; // Array base address, dynamically allocate memory int front; // Head pointer int rear; // Tail pointer }Queue; Status InitQueue(Queue* Q); // initialization Status InsertQueue(Queue* Q, ElemType e);// Join the team Status DeleteQueue(Queue* […]