• Position of CSS: fixed; not relative to web page positioning


    describe Position: fixed; the left (top) element is positioned relative to the page, and the height and width percentages are also relative to the page. Absolute positioning elements are not hidden because of the overflow: hidden; parent element. Nested absolute positioning is relative page positioning, there is no correlation between positioning each other. However, in […]

  • [PHP implementation data structure] stack


    We have mentioned that queue is a special linear table. Here we will introduce another special linear table stack What is a stack Stack is a kind of last in first out data structure, which can only be operated at one end of the list. The end of the stack that allows operations is called […]

  • Java: put odd numbers on the left and even numbers on the right in one-dimensional array


    Algorithm idea Compare the first number, if it is odd, judge the second number; if the second number is even, judge the penultimate number is even, then judge the penultimate number is odd, then complete the exchange, and reduce the value judged next time. The efficiency of the algorithm is n package com.itheima.kuihuabaodian; import java.util.Scanner; […]

  • Analysis of scan of redis command


    Grape Command syntax Command meaning: Incrementally iterates a collection element. Command format: SCAN cursor [MATCH pattern] [COUNT count] Command actual combat: Basic execution traversal redis> scan 0 1) “17” 2) 1) “key:12” 2) “key:8” 3) “key:4” 4) “key:14” 5) “key:16” 6) “key:17” 7) “key:15” 8) “key:10” 9) “key:3” 10) “key:7” 11) “key:1” redis> […]

  • Data structure and algorithm (2) linear table 1


    Linear table: Definition: a finite sequence of zero or more data elements. First of all, it is a sequence, that is to say, elements come first, then come If there are more than one element, the first element has no precursor, the last element has no successor, and other elements have and only one precursor […]

  • Those HTML elements that are discarded


    With the development of the Internet, many new technologies are emerging to replace the old ones. Why not use some HTML elements or discard some HTML elements? With the development of the Internet, many new technologies are emerging to replace the old ones, and we are also familiar with them. In the Internet technology, we […]

  • Rodert single row learning redis introduction [black iron]


    Introduction to redis [toc] preface Statement: reference source Internet, any dispute can leave a message. Standing on the shoulders of our predecessors, we can see further. This tutorial is hand-held, committed to the most practical tutorial, no reward, just hope to forward more support.Welcome to my official account, I hope I can get to know […]

  • CSS cascade context / cascade level


    What is “cascading context” Stacking context is a three-dimensional concept in HTML. In the css2.1 specification, the position of each box model is three-dimensional, which is the x-axis, Y-axis and z-axis on the plane canvas. In general, elements are tiled along the X-Y axis on the page, and we don’t notice their cascading relationship on […]

  • Bubble ordering of C ා


    Bubble sorting from small to large implemented by C ා public void BubbleSort(int[] array) { int length = array.Length; for (int i = 0; i < length – 1; i++) { for (int j = length – 1; j > i; j–) { //Exchange two elements if (array[j] < array[j – 1]) { int temp […]

  • New features from ES6 to ES10


    Author: Chen dayudou github: KRISACHAN introduce ECMAScript is a script language specification defined by ECMA International (formerly known as the European Computer Manufacturers Association) in the standard ecma-262. This language is widely used on the world wide web. It is often called JavaScript or JScript, but the latter two are the implementation and extension of […]

  • The width and height of canvas


    Introduction In my recent work, I met the demand for composite pictures. I first thought of canvas. I searched some materials on the Internet, and most of them also used canvas. Because I haven’t been exposed to this kind of thing for a long time, I feel excited. It is expected that there will be […]

  • Top 10 questions in python (list)


    List is one of the most frequently used data results in Python. How to operate the list efficiently is the key to improve the efficiency of code operation. This article lists 10 common list operations, hoping to help you. 1. How to access the list subscript index when iterating the list Regular Edition: items = […]