• Introduction to angular template


    Template engine is a way to generate dynamic HTML in web applications. It is responsible for combining data model with HTML template (i.e. template rendering) to generate the final HTML. The syntax for writing HTML templates is called template syntax. The expressiveness and extensibility of template syntax determine the ease of use of template engine. […]

  • SPL data structure 1-bidirectional linked list, stack, queue


    In PHP, the SPL extension provides some common data structures for us to use. Only because there is a universal array in PHP, there will be less understanding of data structures and the use of related data structures. Some data structures and usage instructions provided in SPL are sorted out below, so that we can […]

  • Five simple steps to master tensorflow tensor


    Author | Orhan g. YAL ç ı nCompile VKSource: towards Data Science If you are reading this article, I believe we have similar interests and will engage in similar industries now / in the future. In this article, we will delve into the details of tensorflow tensor. We will cover all topics related to tensorflow’s […]

  • Delayed execution and immutability, the system explains javastream data processing


    Recently, when I was writing business in the company, I suddenly couldn’t rememberStreamHow should the accumulation in be written? But I can only program for Google. It took me three precious minutes to learn. It’s very simple. Since I used jdk8, stream is my most commonly used feature. It is used for various streaming operations. […]

  • What is a rotating array? Text + code analysis


    The original is from WeChat official account: Jing Yu.   The rotation array is divided into left rotation and right rotation. The force buckle 189 is entitled right rotation, and today’s share is left rotation. Given an array, rotate the elements in the array to the leftkLocations, wherekIs a nonnegative number. Figure 0-1 array arr […]

  • Use CSS preferences – * specification to improve the accessibility and robustness of the website


    The text will introduce several new features and functions in CSS media query: prefers-reduced-motion prefers-color-scheme prefers-contrast prefers-reduced-transparency prefers-reduced-data Making good use of them can improve the robustness and accessibility of our website! With the development of the Internet today, for our front-end, our focus should not only be whether the pages we produce can be […]

  • Leetcode15. Python implementation of sum of three


    Title Requirements: thinking Define a res [] to save the result set First arrange the array in order, so that if you encounter duplicate numbers, you can directly go to the next one Traversing the array, only traversing the position of the array subscript from 0 to the position of the array length – 2 […]

  • JQuery selector (I)


    1 Basic selector 1.1 basic selector Basic selector in developmentThe frequency of use is the highest, mainly including the following four types: element selector : syntax is$(“element name”) $(“p”).css(“color”,”red”); id selector : syntax is$(“#id name”), don’t forget to write# $(“#submit”).css(“color”,”red”); Class selector: syntax is$(“. Class name”), don’t forget to write. $(“.btn”).css(“color”,”red”); Group selector: that is, […]

  • CSS selector and three features (2)


    compound selector Why use composite selectors? It can quickly and efficiently select the target element label Composite selectors are composed of one or more basic selectors through different combinations Descendant Selectors Parent child {attribute 1: attribute value 1; Attribute 2: attribute value 2;} matters needing attention Descendant selectors, also known as include selectors, can select […]

  • Web front end lesson 69 – viewport and REM units


    1. Viewport Viewport is short for view window. The size of the viewport is the actual size of the HTML element. However, if you want to display the actual page size on the mobile terminal, you must adapt the viewport, Otherwise, when the mobile end loads a page, the default viewport width 980px or a […]

  • [activities that babies can understand] [30 day leetcoding challenge] day 10


    Minimum stack Hi, everyone, I’m Zhang Xiaozhu. Welcome to the special article of the “baby can understand” series – the official activity “30 day leetcoding challenge”. Here is the question on April 10, and it is also the 155th question in the list – “minimum stack” Title Description Design a supportpush,pop,topOperation, and can retrieve the […]

  • Use of goquery selector


    JQuery’s selector is extremely powerful. Here is a brief summary of common element search methods $(“#myelement”) select the element whose ID value is equal to myelement. The ID value cannot be repeated. Only one ID value in the document is myelement, so the only element is obtained$(“div”) selects all div tag elements and returns an […]