• 7 days after rolling up KTV song ordering system, including background management system (full version)


    Recently, I have been thinking about what to do. I still want to write a KTV song ordering system to simulate the idea of KTV account opening. I’m exhausted in 7 days, but I have a lot of technical points. I hope you can finish reading (~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Use node (express) to teach you to write […]

  • How to use the element table check box and how to select it by default


    1. Realize multiple choices:Step 1: Add a column to the table Step 2:Defined in data and used in arrays to store selected elements. For example: multipleselection: [] Selection change method user listens for selected elements in real time The effect is as follows: 2. Implement default selection When getting the table data, add the following […]

  • A code snippet of element-ui on sublime text is made.


    It was hoped that with Emmet, element-ui could be automatically completed, but on the sublime text of MacOS, inputel-inputAnd then tap tab, and it doesn’t automatically change to<el-input></el-input>。 You need to press Ctrl + E. Because it’s awkward to press Ctrl + e, it’s much more troublesome to use. Then, on a whim, just make […]

  • Dynamic addition of select box (elementUI framework)


    <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <title> Demonstration dynamic addition of select box (elementUI framework)</title> <script></script> <script></script> <style type=”text/css”> @import url(“//unpkg.com/[email protected]/lib/theme-chalk/index.css”); </style> </head> <body> <div id=”app”> <! – Select with multiple choices <el-select v-model= “value5” multiple placeholder= “please choose”> <el-option v-for=”item in options” :key=”item.value” :label=”item.label” :value=”item.value”> </el-option> </el-select> <! – Select with Clearance <el-select v-model= […]

  • Detailed element-ui settings drop-down selection switch mandatory and non-mandatory


    Demand Default is mandatory Drop down when choosing Select mandatory, activity name is mandatory, need to be checked and displayed* Selection is not required, activity name is not checked, hidden* Initial Check Rules After testing, other ways on the Internet have not met the requirements, dynamic switchingrulesMediumrequiredwithout effect Because in the following way,element-uiAfter the component […]

  • Element table folds to show and hide by folding items


    If you encounter problems in development, you want to put some content in the folder, as follows: However, there is no content in the folding item that you want to hide, so that you can know which content is in it. The method is as follows:Add it to the table :row-class-name=”getRowClass” The getRowClass method is […]

  • Element-ui table tables large data display solution payment 10000 data display


    Solve the problem of front-end large data display when using element-ui table Solution: Virtual Scroll Online demo display: https://ckang1229.github.io/e… Github address: https://github.com/ckang1229/…

  • On the Hidden Component el-scrollbar of Element-ui


    Although this component is not given in the official document, it is available in the source code. So we can use it directly: <el-scrollbar></el-scrollbar> But we need to fine-tune the style. The demo code for both cases is as follows: Known Content Height <div style=’height:800px’> <el-scrollbar class=’page-component__scroll’></el-scrollbar> <div> <style> .page-component__scroll{ height: 100%; } .page-component__scroll .el-scrollbar__wrap […]

  • Bullet Window Realization (Self-Made)


    Self-made handwritten bullet window In practical development, we inevitably need to use pop-up windows, but we often use third-party modal boxes directly, which leads to our own understanding of pop-up windows is not deep; if sometimes we need to hand-write a simple pop-up window, you may not be able to write (don’t laugh, most of […]

  • XX front-end development specification


    Purpose of developing specifications Improving team development efficiency Favorable for the later maintenance of the project Make development more standardized Make development more streamlined Technology stack for front-end use vue(2.0+) vue-router vueX axios es6 webpack(4.0+) less ElementUI (load on demand) vue-cli(2.0+) Before specification, first refer to Vue style guide link descriptionES6 Reference to Ruan Yifeng […]

  • Vue family bucket + Echarts + Baidu map, build data visualization system


    This article is a bit long and contains a bit more content.Big Brothers can be selectively consulted according to the catalogueNewcomers can read step by step 1 Preface 1.1 Business Scenario Suddenly received a product to do a data monitoring system. Cable maps, histograms and maps are similar to data visualization. I’ve never been in […]

  • Cascader (Cascade List) in Element dynamically loads provincial/municipal/district data


    The cascader in element actually has a way of dynamically loading secondary options.The principle of this method is to use address (reference) to transfer and modify dynamically.:options。 var c={name: ‘bob’} var d=c d.name = ‘tom’ console.log(c) // {name: “tom”} http://element-cn.eleme.io/#/… Finding which layer you need to add data to becomes a very troublesome problem.How did […]