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  • Bitcoin Trading (1)


    In the bitcoin white paper, there are three key words that explain what transactions are. Although digital signatures partly solve the problem of e-cash system, it still needs the support of the third party to prevent double payment, then the system will lose its value of existence. An electronic currency is defined as a chain […]

  • Bitcoin Trading (2)


    In the last article, we focus on digital signature. In this article, we explore the source code of bitcoin transactions and answer the following questions: How to give e-money a unit. How to divide an electronic currency into several electronic currencies. How to integrate multiple e-money into one e-money. How to represent an unused electronic […]

  • Complex blockchain


    E-money is a success Blockchain is successful in the application of issuing electronic cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been running for many years without central organization management, and there are no major problems. This is the result of a series of traditional information technologies, such as blockchain storage technology, mining based consensus mechanism, encryption technology, P2P technology […]