• electron code protection


    There are many ways to protect electron code. For example, the default electron will package the code into asar format. Although this is invisible to customers, it is transparent to people with a little programming foundation. Then we may think of uglify the simple code to reduce the readability of the code, but it only […]

  • Electron incremental update (3)


    Since I wrote the Electron series, many students have asked some questions, mainly for the incremental update of Electron. I wrote beforeIncremental update (2), but the Windows method requires an administrator privilege package, which is not elegant, and if you want to drag and drop, due to privilege issues, the software after privilege escalation will […]

  • Electron app starts to report an error after packaging: Cannot find module ‘reflect-metadata’


    foreword This is a series of pit-stepping journeys in the development process of Electron app. I hereby record them and share them with you. Each article is a pit and pit-filling solution! question Electron app starts to report an error after packaging: Cannot find module ‘reflect-metadata’ A JavaScript error occurred in the main process Uncaught […]

  • Electron process management tool development diary 3: process pool load balancing, intelligent start and stop


    >> Original text link Some of the tools and methods implemented in this article are in the early/testing stage and are still being optimized, for reference only… Develop/test on Ubuntu20.04, available for Electron project, test version:[email protected] / 9.3.5 Contents ├── Contents (you are here!) │ ├── I. Preface ├── II. Architecture Diagram │ ├── III. […]

  • Electron-based Rubick 2.4k star, update new features simultaneously!


    Why do Rubick actually doRubick 1.xThe original intention is to solve their own problems: in particular, a desktop application that supports custom plug-ins is needed to simplify the installation of huge desktop applications for users. And when it comes to data security issues, plug-ins can only contribute to the company’s intranet and cannot be made […]

  • Use VSCode to debug Electron main process code


    foreword When developing Electron applications, in order to improve work efficiency, we need to use debugging tools to find and solve problems in time. VSCode is currently the most popular code editor, and most of my code is developed on it, and Electron applications are no exception. Today, I will share how to debug the […]

  • Use electron-builder to package Electron programs


    foreword After the development of the Electron code is completed, if you want to put it into a production environment, you must go through a very critical step-packaging. Get it on MacOS todayelectron-builderMake a record of the process of packaging Electron applications. why pack My last article “Use VSCode to debug Electron main process code》Introduced […]

  • How Electron packs and generates exe installation package, pay attention to the installation package.


    We use electron to package and generate cross-platform software. There are two officially recommended packaging methods.The first is: electron-packagerThe second is: electron-builderWhat is the difference between these two?1. Electron-packager packaging will generateSuch a folder, there is exe software in it to open directly with(This is not an installation package but a folder) 2. Electron-builder packaging […]

  • [External article] How to Chineseize client development (Electron) without source code


    “This is the 11th day of my participation in the first update challenge in 2022. For details of the event, please check:2022 First Update Challenge」。 Dear, hello everyone, I am “Front-End Xiaoxin Classmate”. I have been engaged in front-end development and Android development for a long time. I am passionate about technology and go further […]

  • Client Development (Electron) Understanding Window 2


    Dear, hello everyone, I am “Front-End Xiaoxin Classmate”. I have been engaged in front-end development and Android development for a long time. I am passionate about technology and go further and further on the road of programming~ Electron is a framework for building desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Embedding Chromium and Node.js into […]

  • Modbus message format (plc)


    The modbus instructions on the Internet are difficult to understand vocabulary such as reading holding registers. Here is a note to simplify the explanation. Modbus detailed function codes and error codes refer to the link in [Others] PLC register classification: Switching channel, represented by x, y, the register number is counted in octal, x0-x7, x10-x15 […]

  • Crawling records about electron+vue installation and packaging


    This record is only for XiaobaiAt the beginning of the project construction, make a crawling record of electron+vue installation and packaginginstall and run$ npm install -g @vue/cli $ vue create your-program-name$ cd your-program-name$ vue add electron-builder$ yarn electrion:serve BaleDue to the particularity of the domestic network, direct builds often fail because resources cannot be pulled.There […]