• How to use JavaScript UI control to build electron application


    Summary What is Electron?Electron is a framework for building cross platform desktop applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. You can use electron with pure JavaScript or a JavaScript framework of your choice: React Angular Vue Building a simple electron application To create a basic electron application, follow these steps: git clone https://github.com/electron/electron-quick-start cd electron-quick-start npm […]

  • Electronic UI quickly and conveniently creates cool desktop applications


    What is electronic UI Electronic UI is a set of basic application framework based on electronic and electronic Vue. The purpose is to build cool desktop applications quickly. In fact, it is not a framework but a solution. Let the later developers of electronic build relatively beautiful and fast applications with less mining pits Why […]

  • Hola-a chat software based on electron


    Hola Preface The purpose of this project is toFrom zero to oneMake a chat software with beautiful interface. GitHub address Since we have worked, we may not have much time to follow up this project. The optimization points of the project are listed below. Welcome to fork or star. PS: a logo. Because I am […]

  • Electronic program protection measures (crash monitoring, start-up, pallet closing)


    In some cases, we may want our client programs to run in our system as continuously as possible and keep stable. There are several ways to help us do this: 1. Crash monitoring Electronic provides us with the event of listener crash: Event: ‘crashed’ Return: event Event killed Boolean Triggered when the rendering process crashes […]

  • Imitating QQ homepage with electron


    The pop-up window and weather effect of QQ homepage are very good. Recently, I thought about using electronic to imitate such effect, mainly the pop-up control, and also considered the reuse of windows. Now I will show the effect after completion. Note: the style is just adjusted casually, but I don’t have so much time […]

  • Construction of scaffold works by electron + react + react router + mobx + webback


    Project address: https://github.com/conardli/electronic-react electron-react Scaffold engineering built by electron + react + react router + mobx + webback Develop electron like a real Web project Project path and naming Main // main process Menu // menu Render // rendering process Component // component Config // configuration Public // static resources Routes // routes Service // […]

  • Making chat interface by electron (imitating QQ)


    Design sketch: Styles using SCSS and flex layout This is also the last interface of IM system!QQ and Qianniu were referred to before the production Points for attention QQ beautifies the scroll bar and does not display it without operation Scroll bar beautification :: – WebKit scrollbar {/ * scrollbar overall style*/ Width: 5px; / […]

  • Making a quick search application with electron


    What is electron Electron is an open source library developed by GitHub to build cross platform desktop applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Electron does this by merging chromium and node. JS into the same runtime environment and packaging them as applications under Mac, windows and Linux systems. Because we often switch different websites to […]

  • Making full screen effects with electron


    The image is compressed and looks ugly Main process code import {BrowserWindow, app, ipcMain} from ‘electron’ createWindow(); ipcMain.on(‘quitApp’, () => { app.quit(); }); function createWindow() { const loginURL = process.env.NODE_ENV === ‘development’ ? `http://localhost:9080` : `file://${__dirname}/index.html`; const win = new BrowserWindow({ alwaysOnTop: true, modal: true, width: 1200, height: 6500, frame: false, show: false, darkTheme: true, […]

  • When there is no network connection, vscode and other electron applications cannot be started


    Description: When there is no network connection, vscode and other electron applications cannot be started Related information: System: Windows 10 x64 Electron application: VSCode 1.29.1 x64 Typora 0.9.50(beta) Tried but failed method: Run CMD as administrator, enternetsh winsock resetAnd restart. Upgrade node.js. Solution: Link to any WiFi (whether the WiFi can access the Internet or […]

  • Electronic builder package build configuration


    There are a lot of introduction articles about electronic builder packaging on the market, not too much here. If you need to see Uncle Sunan’s blog, here is just a summary of packaging configuration.In order not to waste your time, if you have the following questions, you can try to read my document: After packaging, […]

  • Construction of electron + antd + mobx environment


    A new version of desktop management software will be rebuilt recently. The business requirements are basically the same as the web version, but local functions such as breakpoint renewal are needed. The most economical way, of course, is to migrate to the electron environment. The previous application framework mainly uses the following react packages: React […]