• Elasticsearch – core configuration of production environment cluster


    I. elasticsearch related configuration Path.data and path.log The two configured directories are used to storeIndex dataandJournal, their default path is at$_ES_HOMEIn the subfolder of. This is a big risk, especially when upgrading the elastic search version, these data are likely to be deleted. Please refer to the following configuration in the production environment path: logs: […]

  • Starting elastic search, kibana, cerebro with docker


    Starting elastic search, kibana, cerebro with docker Uninstall the old version of docker Older versions of docker are known as docker or docker engine. If these are already installed, uninstall them and their associated dependencies. sudo yum remove docker \ docker-client \ docker-client-latest \ docker-common \ docker-latest \ docker-latest-logrotate \ docker-logrotate \ docker-engine Keep the […]

  • How to run elastic search on rancher


    Elasticsearch is one of the most popular big data set analysis platforms. It is a very useful tool for log aggregation, business intelligence, machine learning and other use cases. Elastic search is based on the simple API of rest, which makes it very easy to create indexes, add data and make complex queries, which is […]

  • Install elasticsearch and kibana under docker


    1. Preface Nowadays, elastic search is popular, many companies are using it, so if you don’t know yet, es may be despised. So here I’m determined to learn es. I love docker, so I use docker to install es. Here, I’ll introduce the details of the installation and what I need to pay attention to. […]

  • Incremental synchronization of MySQL data to elasticsearch can adapter (binlog) implementation (from zero to one super detailed and comprehensive)


    The following is my implementation of incremental synchronization of MySQL data from zero to one on a single machine to the implementation of the elastic search canal adapter mode (binlog) Implementation steps (1) install MySQL(2) turn on MySQL binlog row mode and start mysql(3) install JDK(4) install elasticsearch and start it (my installation is 6.4.0, […]

  • An attempt to build a note checking system in Emacs


    It’s painful and happy to write plug-ins for Emacs. Although this creative process is interesting, elisp always has a strange feeling in writing. On the one hand, I think it’s Common Lisp, and I didn’t think “this usage may have problems” when I wrote it; on the other hand, it’s not common to write LISP […]

  • Installation tutorial of elastic search under docker and CentOS


    Preface The new version of elasticsearch cannot be run as root. Therefore, docker is recommended for Mac installation. Images of domestic versions: click here Centos7.4 64 bit Step 1 download.tar.gzInstallation package Do not download it in the root directory. The reason will be explained later. mkdir /elsearch && cd /elsearch wget https://elasticsearch.thans.cn/downloads/elasticsearch/elasticsearch-7.3.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz <!–more–> Step 2 […]

  • Elastic search opening – environment building


    Explain Suggestions will be read after the entire article to operate, the end of the article I encountered pits and solutions, you can see! Be sure to do it in a java-installed environment I. Preparations: Ubuntu 16.04.2 x86_64 Elastic search 5.1.2 Download address: https://artifacts.elastic.co/… Kibana 5.1.2 Download Address: https://artifacts.elastic.co/… Because Oracal downloads Java too slowly, […]

  • SpringBoot 2.0 integrates Elastic Search framework to achieve high performance search engine


    Source of this article Git Hub: Know a smile https://github.com/cicadasmile/spring-boot-base I. Installation and Introduction Elastic Search is a Lucene-based search server. It provides a full-text search engine with distributed multi-user capabilities, based on RESTful web interface. Elastic search is a popular enterprise search engine developed in Java and released as open source under Apache license. […]

  • Rapid deployment of Elastic search cluster using Docker


    This article will useDockerContainers (usingdocker-composeArrangement) Rapid DeploymentElastic search clusterIt can be used for development environment (single machine, multiple instances) or production environment deployment. Be careful,6.xVersion no longer passes-Epath.configParameters to specify the loading location of the configuration file. Document description: For the archive distributions, the config directory location defaults to $ES_HOME/config. The location of the >config […]

  • Elastic search installation tutorial (centos)


    Elastic serach [email protected] (ELK Logging System) First, install Supervisor Supervisor is a daemon used by Linux to manage background programs and facilitate cluster managementSupervisor website http://supervisord.org/introd… II. Installation of ES Download the latest version of ES official addressPrepare two servers (able to Ping each other) of ES configuration files # ======================== Elasticsearch Configuration ========================= # […]

  • Laravel implements Elastic search (1) – Preparations based on cout configuration


    Introducer Full-text search is an important function, and there are many ways to achieve it. The following is implemented by Laravel Scout and Elastic search. Let’s take a look at our respective introductions. Laravel Scout provides a simple, driver-based solution for Eloquent model full-text search implementation. By using model observers, Scout automatically updates the index […]