• CSS elastic box


    Elastic box in CSS display:flex; The real elastic box is realized; Flex direction: the arrangement of elastic boxes; Row: from left to right; Row reverse: from right to left; Column: from top to bottom; Column reverse: from bottom to top; Flex warp: set the line feed method of the project; Warp: automatically wrap more than […]

  • Yuntu says that Huawei cloud self-developed cloud database gaussdb NoSQL is compatible with a variety of database services with NoSQL interfaces


    Abstract:Cloud database gaussdb NoSQL is a distributed multi-mode NoSQL database service based on computing and storage separation architecture. It is compatible with multiple NoSQL interfaces and achieves the ultimate in flexibility and rapid expansion. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Yuntu says that Huawei cloud self-developed cloud database gaussdb NoSQL is compatible with a […]

  • Invisible wings of data elasticity


    Introduction:Elastic scaling is one of the core capabilities of kubernetes, but it is always around the stateless application load. Fluid provides the elastic scalability of distributed cache, which can flexibly expand and shrink data cache. Based on runtime, it provides performance indicators such as cache space and existing cache proportion, and combines with its own […]

  • Display: personal understanding of flex


    preface When CSS2 is popular, the most common way of page layout is div + CSSfloatandposition:relative、position:absoluteIt became a common way of layout in that era. But the disadvantages are also obvious, such asfloatThe elimination of the floating is to bury the pit,positionAlthough easy to use, but for adaptive PC, mobile phone, it seems powerless. Always […]

  • Hands on how to create and start AWS instances


    What is AWS? Amazon Web services (AWS) is the most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform in the world provided by Amazon. The concept of cloud was first heard from Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud in China. Later, with more contact with servers, we gradually learned about some foreign clouds, such as Amazon cloud and […]

  • How to make good use of cloud elasticity


    Introduction: how to make good use of cloud elasticity 1、 Why is elasticity so important Do a good job in flexibility, so that it ability can easily keep up with the business development of users, so as to achieve more, faster, better and less. More: more choices, more global stations, more models and more supporting […]

  • [flutter component] adds elastic effect and linkage closing for left sliding action component


    assembly This is a flutter left slide menu plug-in imitating IOS (wechat) effect. In the latest version, I added the elastic effect of stretching.Pub address: left_ scroll_ actionsGitHub address: left_ scroll_ actions characteristic Elasticity (1.5.0) set upCupertinoLeftScrollOfbounceThe parameter istrueTo get the elastic effect adoptCupertinoLeftScrollOfbounceStyleElastic effect of parameter control The inertia effect of IOS has not […]

  • On CSS3 elastic expansion box


    purpose Elastic box plays an important role in front-end web page layout, so does mobile terminal. Mastering the usage of elastic box is very important for writing adaptive pages. It is a necessary skill to master this layout rule. Description of elastic expansion box model Main axisIt is an axis extending along the direction where […]

  • Scramjet! Alipay technology double 11 documentary “one heart and one battle” global exclusive debut


    As in the past 10 years, tmall double 11 in 2019 has set a new record. Behind this figure, leave no stone unturned for several generations of Alipay engineers. Before the double 11 of this year, the editor invited 11 technical students who had experienced double 11 to give oral records, and specially prepared the […]

  • Hide and show ellipsis beyond text


    //Single line overflow:hidden; //Text hidden beyond text- overflow:ellipsis; //Overflow is shown with an ellipsis white- space:nowrap; //Overflow does not wrap` //Multi line overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; display:-webkit-box; //As an elastic expansion box model. -webkit-box- orient:vertical; //Set the child element arrangement of the telescopic box — vertically from top to bottom -webkit-line- clamp:2; //Rows displayed

  • Best practice of spring cloud application on kubernetes — high availability (elastic scaling)


    The author preface Elastic scaling is an important application management strategy to meet business requirements, ensure service quality and balance service cost. Elastic scaling enables the deployment scale of the application to be dynamically adjusted according to the real-time business volume, expanding the deployment scale in the business peak period to ensure that the service […]

  • Who is the final destination of the container in the cloud original era?


    preface “Cloud native technology is beneficial for organizations to build and run scalable applications in new dynamic environments such as public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Cloud native representative technologies include container, service grid, microservice, immutable infrastructure and declarative API. These technologies can build a loosely coupled system with good fault tolerance, easy management […]