• iPhone Shortcuts usage and scenarios


    iPhone Shortcuts, Chinese name: shortcut. It was called Workflow before being acquired by Apple.Through Shortcuts, simple operations can be implemented to complete a series of actions. There are many articles introducing Shortcuts on the Internet. Here are some scenarios I use.The specific setting method is not introduced here, and the focus is on the usage […]

  • How to efficiently add prefixes and suffixes to multi-line text


    preamble In theory, developers are not allowed to operate the production environment, let alone important business data such as commodities and orders. However, for small companies, the background system is often not perfect, and there are always some requirements that colleagues in the operation or customer service departments are unable to operate, so they have […]

  • avy plugin for Emacs


    When using Emacs, I used to divide it into “four parts” How did you do it? Usually press firstC-x 3Separate the left and right windows, and then use them in each windowC-x 2Separate the upper and lower windows—this is not my typo. In Emacs terms, the area used to display a buffer is called awindow. […]

  • Mac and Windows share a mouse and keyboard


    question Both Windows and Mac have been used for a long time at the same time. The biggest problem is how to use the same keyboard and mouse to control Windows and Mac. In fact, there are two problems here, one is the mouse and the other is the keyboard. For the mouse, a better […]

  • win+r efficiently starts software, files, folders


    Window three steps to quickly open the specified software, folder win+r to open the run window Enter a custom program name, such as: q // open qq wx // Open WeChat d //Open the download download directory Enter Setting method win+PAUSE Break open the system panel Set the shortcut folder as a user variable Put […]