• React class component optimization


    Two problems of component As long as setstate() is executed, even if the state data is not changed, the component will re render() = = > which is inefficient Re render () only the current component will automatically re render the child components, even if the child components do not use any data of the […]

  • Dynamic SQL and caching mechanism


    Series articles: Introduction to mybatis Getting started with mybatis Simple crud operation for mybatis Mybatis configuration resolution Mybatis solves the problem of inconsistent field names Log, paging Annotation development Many to one processing and one to many processing Dynamic SQL and caching mechanism Dynamic SQL The so-called dynamic SQL is that you can customize, modify […]

  • In depth front-end R & D efficiency Governance: data operation idea and Practice


    Introduction: the front-end R & D of the data center makes people feel that “the only constant is change”. Take the group’s data asset service platform for example. After two years of development, the business has developed from a single data management and use platform to a global data element exchange with a certain scale […]

  • Angularjs experience


    1、 Dom and jQuery programming As we all know, front-end development is inseparable from three things: HTML JavaScript CSS These three things complete the structure, behavior and style of the front-end page respectively. The so-called front-end development, understood from a technical point of view, is nothing more than crud of structure, behavior and style. If […]

  • Research on front-end picture merging scheme


    introduce Through the analysis of product line data, it is found that about 70% of the pictures are less than 300K and about 50% are less than 100k. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate whether the front-end picture merging scheme is conducive to improving the batch upload speed of pictures. I’ve done it beforeFront end […]

  • Necessary skills for front-end, back-end, test and R & D managers – apipost interface management tool


    Why apipost? Apipost = interface debugging + rapid generation of interface documents + standardized management of interface documents + mock API + interface process test. The original intention of apipost is to improve the efficiency of various roles of the R & D team! The audience of the product is the entire R & D […]

  • How efficient is HTML5 canvas drawing?


    JS operating efficiency is improving The efficiency of programming language is the premise. JS is naturally not as efficient as native C language, so canvas is undoubtedly not as efficient as native 2D graphics rendering, but the improvement of JS efficiency is obvious to all. Taking JS and as as as examples, the basic operations […]

  • Coding — the leader of R & D tools in the cloud native Era


    This article isZhang Hailong, founder and CEO of codingSharing at Tencent cloud CIF engineering efficiency summit. At the end of the article, you can go to the official website of the summit to watch the replay and download the PPT. Good morning, everyone. I’m glad to have the opportunity to share some recent coding moves […]

  • Hot update for webpack performance optimization


    The most effective way to improve the efficiency of webpack in local development is hot update. The hot update module is configured in the devserver configuration in webpack. The relevant code is as follows devServer: { contentBase: ‘../../dist’, open: true, port: 8080, hot: true, hotOnly: true, historyApiFallback: true, publicPath: ‘/’ } Key configuration: hot: true, […]

  • Enabling Babel cache for webpack performance optimization


    When Babel loader is executed, it may generate some duplicate public files during operation, resulting in large code volume redundancy and slow down the compilation efficiency You can add the cachedirectory parameter use: { loader: ‘babel-loader’, options: { cacheDirectory: true } } Or usebabel-plugin-transform-runtime { // “presets”: [[“@babel/preset-react”, {“modules”: false }]], “presets”: [“@babel/preset-env”, “@babel/preset-react”], “plugins”: […]

  • Data structure — quick sort


    Quick sort is a sort algorithm with high efficiency. Its idea is mainly recursion package main import “fmt” func QuickSort(left int, right int, arr *[6]int) { l := left r := right pivot := arr[(left + right) / 2] for ; l < r; { for ; arr[l] < pivot; { l++ } for ; […]

  • Redis tutorial 3 – client


    php 1:php-redis C language development, high efficiency. The phpredis extension needs to be installed before use. The disadvantage is that some of the underlying code needs to view the corresponding C code. Some frameworks (such as ThinkPHP) give priority to PHP redis when operating redis. Generally recommended reference resourceshttps://github.com/phpredis/p… 2:predis/predis Redis client developed using PHP. […]