• Android smartrefreshlayout + coordinatorlayout + appbarlayout can refresh / pull down and fold


    Integrate the effect of collapsingtoolbarlayout + smartrefreshlayout The address of GitHub is also provided:https://github.com/KennyChaos7/SmartRefreshLayout-CoordinatorLayout-AppBarLayout.git device-2021-06-08-104734.png device-2021-06-08-104753.png device-2021-06-08-104824.png device-2021-06-08-104941.png Of course, in accordance with international practice, the last renderings CoordinatorLayout AppBarLayout CollapsingToolbarLayout Toolbar The above four layouts are actually in addition toToolbarBesides, it may not be a common layout of the scene, so I will post […]

  • Improved hyperlink effect in web design and production


    Hyperlinks enable people to jump instantly from page to page, or site to site. Such power can create anxiety. Hyperlinks can make visitors jump from one page to another, or from one site to another. However, this frequent jump may cause anxiety. To help users browse with confidence, links should be absolutely clear and explicit. […]

  • What does HTTPS mean? What are the functions and functions of HTTPS?


    What is HTTPS? In the past, when we opened websites, such as developeppaer, the URL usually started with http:, but now careful friends will find that the URL of famous websites such as Baidu, Alipay, apple and Google has quietly changed to HTTPS. Many netizens can’t help asking: what is HTTPS? What is its function? […]

  • Skill cooling effect in unity


    target Common skill cooling effect in the game Simple UI layout Final effect step Open unity and create a new project. Here we can use the 2D project type. Set the game interface ratio to 16:9, which is the horizontal frame ratio when the mobile screen is more popular. Give our skills a container, select […]

  • Skillfully using blur to realize visual 3D effect


    This paper will introduce the skills of skillfully using blur to realize visual 3D effect. We all know that in normal visual effects, the closer we are, the clearer we usually see, while the farther away we are, the less clear we are~ We can useclearAndvagueTwo states are used to construct parallax effect. Like this: […]

  • Use the office integration class encapsulated by SAP ABAP to access local Excel files


    Let’s first look at the effect of this report: open local 1 Xlsx excel file: The excel content is as follows: useget_ranges_dataMethod to successfully read Excel data as follows: The complete code of this example is as follows: *&———————————————————————* *& Report Z_IMPORT *& *&———————————————————————* *& *& *&———————————————————————* REPORT Z_IMPORT. DATA: oref_container TYPE REF TO cl_gui_custom_container, […]

  • Add a contract grouping field to the list column of the contract settlement document in UFIDA U8 | [A / R management] A / R management


    Problem Description: Add a contract grouping field to the [contract settlement doc list] column in accounts receivable management Treatment method: (select max(cGroupName) as cGroupName from (select cGroupName,a.csysbarcode as djbm from CM_Balance a inner join CM_Contract_B b on a.GUID=b.GUID left join CM_Group c on b.strContractGrp=c.cGroupID) tmp where tmp.djbm=$ ) Add in column Click OK to finish […]

  • IOS methodology – efficient implementation


    I often encounter this problem: I don’t know how to achieve this effect. This problem can be abstracted into a technical research problem. The normal technical research process is like this1. Search for information to understand several schemes that can achieve this effect2. Go through each scheme and search the specific implementation method with the […]

  • Android cardview cannot change the shadow color and projection direction. What should I do?


    background In Android development, sometimes UI designers need to shadow something. Androli brings its own cardview, which can achieve the following effects. problem Cardview provides shadow effects, but there are two problems: 1. The shadow color cannot be modified 2. The projection direction cannot be modified (the projection of cardview is projected from top to […]

  • How do I write git commit message?


    effect Write formattedcommit messageIt can greatly improve the maintenance efficiency of code. For example: It can provide more historical information for quick browsing; Some can be filteredcommit(such as document changes) to facilitate quick search of information; Can be directly fromcommitgenerateChange log; What specifications are used? <type>(<scope>): <subject> //One blank line <body> //One blank line <footer> […]

  • [n32g457] intelligent character recognition system based on RT thread and [n32g457]


    This article was originally released by RT thread user @ Panshi and is used to participate in the n32g457 RT thread design competition jointly launched by RT thread and national technology. The original text:https://club.rt-thread.org/as… Application background: improve the efficiency of text information entryRealization function: take photos of the information to be entered and OCR the […]

  • Filter attribute of CSS


    1. Official documents Note: Internet Explorer does not support the filter attributehttps://www.runoob.com/cssref/css3-pr-filter.html 2 Properties 2.1blur Set Gaussian blur to the image. The value of “radius” sets the standard deviation of Gaussian function or the number of pixels on the screen, so the larger the value, the more blurred it will be; 2.2brightness Apply a linear […]