• CSS3 linear gradient


    CSS3 linear gradient Definition and usage The linear gradient() function creates an “image” of a linear gradient. To create a linear gradient, you need to set a starting point and a direction (specified as an angle). You also define the termination color. The stop color is the transition you want gecko to smooth, and you […]

  • The method of making subtitle deformation effect by Vegas — win10 Professional Edition


    When Vegas processes the video, do you find that sometimes the plain subtitles feel boring after watching them for a long time? If you want to do some effect processing on the subtitles, so that the subtitles are no longer single and look tall, you can use Vegas to make deformation effects for your subtitles. […]

  • [JS plug-in] very powerful typewriter effect: easy type JS


    easy-typer-js Very powerful typewriter plug-in, compatible with native JS and MVVM class frameworks (Vue, react, angular), and output whatever you want. Features (advantages) What are our advantages over other similar typewriter plug-ins? 1. Our typewriters don’t operate dom. We talk about important things three times and don’t operate DOM! Do not operate DOM! Do not […]

  • It took more than 4 months to learn these 66 CSS effects


    Like it and see it again, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this person who has no big factory background, but has an upward positive attitude. this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…It has been included in the, the articles have been classified, and a lot of my documents and tutorial materials have been sorted out. Everyone said […]

  • One click City 2.0 and builder Pro are both heavily updated. You have all the functions you want this time!


    It’s said that thingjs’s two 3D map scene tools are about to receive a heavy update? One click City 2.0 (thingmap) is an online 3D city model scene rapid generation system launched by thingjs platform. The generated 3D city model scene can be used to quickly build a web version of 3D city type management […]

  • VIM editor common commands


    Turn pages command effect Ctrl + f The screen moves down one page Ctrl + b Move up one page Ctrl + d Move half page down Ctrl + u Move half page up G Move to last page of document gg Move to the first line of the document Insert and replace command effect […]

  • Learn how to use the fun gmagick image operation extension in PHP


    In the field of PHP image processing, the most famous GD library is good because it does not need any other image processing tools to be installed, and it is released with the PHP source code. You only need to add compilation parameters when installing PHP. Although the GD library can help us deal with […]

  • Rain animation by canvas


    brief introduction It’s interesting to see a rain effect animation made by canvas on codepen. After studying it, let’s share the implementation skills. See the link below for the effect. Neon rain:http://codepen.io/natewiley/full/NNgqVJ/ Effect screenshot: Fundamentals of canvas animation As we all know, canvas is just a drawing board. We can use the canvas API to […]

  • [go] go language practice – go-fly online customer service Cobra library command line parameter analysis


    The first way to parse command line parameters is to use the flag package in the standard library. Later, it is more complex and difficult to add new parameters, so it is easier to use Cobra For example, executing go fly server port 8081 is a running project Execute go fly install to import the […]

  • R language linear mixed effect model combat case


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=3015 introduce First, notice that the terminology around the multi-level model is very inconsistent. For example, a multi-level model itself may be called a hierarchical linear model, a random effect model, a multi-level model, a random intercept model, a random slope model, or a set model. According to different disciplines, software used and academic […]

  • [actual combat] animation core


    Lao Meng: animation system is the core function of any UI framework. It is also the top priority for developers to learn a UI framework. At the same time, it is also a difficult part to master. Next, we will unveil the veil of fluent animation layer by layer. The animation principle of any program […]

  • Collection! 40 CSS layout skills


    Introduction:CSS is an indispensable part of web development. With the continuous innovation of web technology, CSS has become more powerful. How many properties of CSS do you know? What attributes are most appropriate for specific development? Some CSS properties today can save us more time. For example, in web layout, modern CSS features can better […]