• Chainlink’s network effect creates a safer and lower cost Oracle for everyone


    Chainlink’s network effect creates a safer and lower cost Oracle for everyone Original title: chainlink’s network effect creates more secure and lower cost oracles for everyone Original author: smartcontent Original link: https://smartcontentpublication.medium.com/chainlinks-network-effect-creates-more-secure-and-lower-cost-oracles-for-everyone-1fe48ac985c2 ​ Chainlink network is a framework for building and running decentralized Oracle network. Its adoption rate has accelerated in the past few years, […]

  • [share] IOS development – how to empty the array correctly


    In Object-C, two kinds of arrays are often used, nsarray and nsmutablearrayIn daily development, we often encounter the need to empty the array. Many novices subconsciously think of nil, which is not advocated here. Because if array = = nil is used; In this way, not only the array is cleared, but also the memory […]

  • Fancy CSS text animation


    There have been two previous articles on fonts about how to define fonts: Font family you should know Further exploration of Web font family This article will be combined with this article–CSS fantasy border animationSimilar, say somethingText effect, use different attribute Collocations to realize various text dynamic effects. Google Font When writing various demo, sometimes […]

  • [share] IOS development – realize the automatic scrolling effect when the content of uilabel exceeds its scope


    This article mainly introduces the effect of interactive display when the content of uilabel exceeds its own width. Let’s take a look at the effect diagram of Demo: The actual implementation is not very complicated. Here, in order to improve the development efficiency, we use an encapsulated uilabel control class cbautoscrolllabel:Click here to downloadorDownload here […]

  • Android animation


    summary The essence of animation is to smooth the transition between the two states of the content, rather than switching directly.Example: /** *By constantly translating *To achieve animation effects */ float newTranslationX = 0; public void translationX(View view){ Runnable runnable = new Runnable() { @Override public void run() { //Every time you move 5 pixels […]

  • QT button add menu


    1、 Foreword There are many ways to add a menu to a button in QT. You can left-click the pop-up menu or bind customcontextmenurequested(Const qpoint &) signal, right-click the customcontextmenu mode to pop up the menu; When I use the left button to pop up the menu, I found that there will be drop-down triangles, […]

  • How to realize the style / effect of dynamic ceiling in CSS?


    Solution: use position: sticky to make a dynamic ceiling effect: Examples are as follows: 1 before scrolling the page up: 2 after scrolling up the page:In this way, the elements in the “this is tab main” section can always be maintained at the top of the page window. 3 specific code: the code used is […]

  • React for 50 days JS rewrite 50 web projects, what have I learned?


    1.Expanding Cards The effect is shown in the figure: Source code Online example What did you learn? We usually use the function component of react to establish data communicationuseStatemethod. It is used in the way of array deconstruction, as follows: const [state,setState] = React. useState(false);// The parameters of the usestate method can be any JavaScript […]

  • The original CSS background can also be played like this


    As a front-end developer, the background is a frequent visitor in development. As big as the theme background of the whole website and as small as the background of a button. CSSbackgroundAttributes are basically encountered every day in development. In most cases, we only use solid color background or picture background. If you want to […]

  • Two ways of horizontal layout of uicollectionview


    Use uicollectionview to achieve the following effects Pathway 1, Simple and direct, custom uicollection view layout, Horizontal code Pathway 2, Uicollectionviewflowlayout + width control of uicollection view In this layout, func doLayout(){ collect.snp.makeConstraints { (m) in m.top.equalToSuperview().offset(95) m.leading.equalTo(title) m.height.equalTo(40) // item width * 3 + spacing * 2 m.width.equalTo(80 * 3 + 33) } }

  • IOS Packaging Optimization


    Background: some time ago, the test colleagues reported that the packaging machine was too slow, almost an hour. This time can be said to be a disaster for the test colleagues. Imagine that if a R & D changes a small bug and pushes it up, the test has to be packaged again and again […]

  • Power Bi dataflow data flow (1)


    About data flow What is it?: similar to online cloud power query, data is stored in azure data Lake Gen2(https://cloud.tencent.com/developer/news/341871Zorro’s introduction) 2. Benefits: 1) Reusable, using the same PQ table in multiple PBI reports 2) Prevent users from accessing the basic data source and reduce the load on the underlying system 3) Users create reports […]