• Summary of a series of problems in wampserver


    Sum up the problems of the previous installation of wampserver integration package.  windows sever 2008 R2 64,wampserver3.1.4_x64。 During the installation process, you can choose the default browser and editor. These installation steps are simple and step by step. It’s nice to imagine. I immediately encountered an error report of lack of DLL. OK, since you […]

  • Some used markdown editors


    Opening chapter After buying MacBook Pro for a while, in order to build a knowledge management system suitable for myself, I struggled with notebook software (aside, I also like to try new software, especially after contacting Mac OS, I found that many software are very beautiful). In fact, before I started Mac, I had tried […]

  • Operation methods of VI and VIM editor in Linux


    VI: text editor inside Linux; VIM: enhanced version of VI, with the ability of program editing. There are three common patterns of VI and VIM: (1) normal mode (general mode): This is the mode when VIM is opened. In this mode, you can use various shortcut keys, such as copy and paste, move the cursor, […]

  • React markdown editor plug-in for editor


    introduce Because of the needreactLowermarkdownEditor function, open source onlinereact markdownThere are not many editors. I didn’t find the right one. I just wrote one myself.markdownThe main function of the editor is preview,for-editorIt’s a paragraph.reactLowermarkdownEditor, with preview, quick add label, previous, next function, line number and other functions, and then gradually improve more functions. preview For […]

  • Efficient front end development – Visual Studio code


    This article is based on my speech in the company (August 2019) on the theme of efficient development PPT. Those interested in PPT can go to Baidu online to download: efficient development – vscode.pptx, extraction code:yfkb。 Visual Studio CodeVscode has been out for several years. Why write this? The reason is that I think this […]

  • Some small details of C programming


    1   typedef int ElemType  –>  typedef int ElemType; Here you need to add a line (;), to distinguish ා define a 20 here you don’t need to add a semicolon; ා define is a preprocessing instruction. Typedef is handled at compile time. 2 if the code is missing ‘}’ or ‘;’ VC editor is missing ‘;’ […]

  • A picture lets you learn VIM editor shortcut key


    Pictures from the network, here do collection and use! Because the picture is zoomed, you can download it to see! VIM using shortcut key combinations Vim keyboard map The above picture let you learn that the shortcut key of vim editor is all the content shared by the editor. I hope to give you a […]

  • Vs Code new file without mouse


    Basics stayVS CodeWe usectrl+shift+eCan quickly switch toExplorer。 Then directly type the file name (in English) to search automatically. For the matching file (folder), we can also use the Enter key to open it. It’s good, and you can press it if you make a mistakeEscKey to cancel the entry. What’s better is that with the […]

  • [series] using go modules package management tool (1)


    Catalog Summary Initialization Add dependency package Go mod command Summary Source address Summary I want to implement the wheel of an out of the box API framework, which is based on gin. Why is it out of the box? What functions will it integrate? The above function points are commonly used and may be added […]

  • Vs code remote development environment construction


    I believe most students have used itVisual Studio CodeThis editor, it providesRemote – SSHThe extension allows us to open remote folders on any remote computer, virtual machine or container running ssh server and make full use of themVS CodeFeature set for. When we connect to the server, we can interact with files and folders anywhere […]

  • One of the best editors: VIM go environment construction


    Published by librant If we say what editor is the best to use in Linux environment, if I say VIM, it is estimated that a large number of people will scoff at it, how can it be possible. VIM is probably the most difficult editor he has ever used. In our company, we use cloud […]

  • Wechat applet wxparse plug-in display video


    Modify the wxparse / html2json.js file in the html2json (HTML, bindname) method   var node = { node: ‘element’, tag: tag, }; Here, use node.tag to get the label type, such as img, embed, video Here my system background editor uses the ckedit to upload the video. The generated note is: Embed So add judgment: […]