• Microsoft released a new version of open source tool set PowerToys, which was selected in GitHub trending daily list


    On December 3, Microsoft updated the open source software tool set PowerToys to version 0.14 in GitHub, and continued to improve and fix errors for fancyzones, a full window manager in the tool set, and powerrename, a batch rename file tool. PowerToys project has also been listed in GitHub trending daily list, with at least […]

  • A comfortable markdown Notes software — vNote


    Update:Supports Mac OS yunpan update:VNote half a year old Markdown markup language has always been a favorite of many programmers. At present, there are many excellent markdown editors and note taking software, but there are few note taking software that can support markdown and provide excellent editing experience. I used to take notes for knowledge, […]

  • Automatic format of ES6 specification under vscode configuration Vue


    Preface Recently, when writing Vue, I met the format problem of JS ES6. Because I usually use vscode to write PHP, I will install some format plug-ins, including HTML CSS JS plug-ins Resulting problems: due tovueSyntax specification problem, resulting in saving and automatically formatting the code format not used, code error and other exceptions When […]

  • The best JS code fragment in atom


    After using the atom editor for a while, I didn’t find a more convenient code snippet completion, so I decided to integrate a complete code snippet package by myself,The package in atom is named best JS snippets, which has the following characteristics: Integrated express code completion Code completion of FS module in nodejs Code completion […]

  • Atom writes markdown and downloads atom plug-ins locally


    If you’ve used sublime, you’ll love it ATtom 。 There are many similarities between the two operation skills and plug-ins, but they are written in different languages. Atom introduction In the field of web development, the update of editor is very fast. The last editor that makes the web development field a sensation is sublime […]

  • To package Vue project as app with hbuilderx


    (1) Move the Vue project into the hbaliderx editor(2) Execute NPM run build on the terminal(3) After execution, a new folder dist will be generated. PS: I didn’t know why the folder I generated was not named,It’s a newly generated folder anyway,It contains static file and index.html fileYou can run index.html in chrome first to […]

  • Markdown advanced syntax collation


    It’s very practical to see a friend’s markdown advanced grammar, so I’ll extract it here for future reference. I. form |status_code | message | desc | |——————|———–|——| | 404 | not fond | error | status_code message desc 404 not fond error Notice the colon of the table line—-:, which indicates whether it is centered. […]

  • The mditor is updated!


    Only ask for perfection [ M ] arkdown + E [ ditor ] = Mditor Mditor is a simple, easy to integrate, easy to expand, and comfortable editor for writing markdown, and that’s all Browser support: Chrome / Safari / Firefox / IE9+ Git Reop: https://github.com/Houfeng/md… Online experience Online demo Integrate mditor in browser Step […]

  • Vscode and its plug-ins


    1. Introduction to visual studio code Sharp tools make good work. Software developers not only need to improve their soft power, but also need to find the right tools. The protagonist to be introduced today is visual studio code, or vscode for short, from Microsoft. Vscode is a code editor, and the core user group […]

  • Common markdown editor


    Common markdown editor Typesetting of text is always an important and difficult problem to solve. Markdown can make text entry and typesetting more comfortable. It only needs a very simple syntax to solve the common typesetting problem. At present, all major mainstream blog network wars and some frameworks (such as WordPress) for building personal blogs […]

  • Vs code plug-in totem (1)


    Visual studio code (hereinafter referred to as vs Code) is a code editor developed by Microsoft that supports windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems at the same time and is open source and free to use. It is also one of the most popular code editors at present Vs code official website download address Article […]

  • Editor debate


    The editor is the most frequent of the tools that mcnon deals with every day. Here are a few editors I have used. vim In this world, there is a story about these two artifacts: Emacs is said to be the editor of God, and VIM is the God of editor. We can see the […]