• VMware version 15.5 install centos7


    VMware version 15.5 install centos7 1、 Creating a new virtual machine in VMware 15.51. Open VMware and select create new virtual machine on the homepage.   2. New virtual machine wizard, select typical configuration.3. Choose to install the operating system later.4. Select the client operating system and version, CentOS 7 64 bit under Linux system, […]

  • Navicat tutorial PJ


    Navicat tutorial PJ Navicat Keygen PatchIt is a small, practical and powerful crack assistant tool specially designed for Navicat series software. It can activate and crack the whole series of Navicat, including Navicat for MySQL, Navicat for Oracle, Navicat for SQL server and other software. It is easy to operate, real and effective, and can […]

  • Package.json file


    Difference between caret ^ and tilde ~ in dependent version The tilde ~ matches the latest patch version number, which is the third number of the version number. For example ~ 1.2.3 will match all 1.2. X versions, but will stop on 1.3.0. The caret ^ is looser. It matches the latest minor version number, […]

  • Codebug audit code tool installation configuration


    1, explain Codebug is a tool to audit code, which is easy to install and deploy. Now there are a lot of code review tools on the Internet, a large number of open-source charging tools. The better one is Facebook’s phabricator, which has very powerful functions and is very conducive to development if used properly, […]

  • The landing and practice summary of SVN


    Nowadays, the most popular Git is to manage several mature branch management strategies. Svn does have some, but it has made some adjustments and changes in combination with the actual situation of the company. 1、 Branch naming rules All branches are named with lowercase letters + numbers + special symbols The project branch name is […]

  • How to install win10 20h1 quick preview 19013 manually?


    On October 30, Microsoft launched the latest 19013 system update for windows 10 20h1 quick preview. How can I install this version manually? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. System version before update: Windows 10 Insider Preview 19008.1 (vb_release) 1、 Update system preparation: 1. Download: After entering Windows settings – update and security, […]

  • Hexo + GitHub + win10 build personal blog


    Finally, I set up my first blog, and here I will record the process of building my site~~ First of all, we must take a look at hexo’s official website and see what happens to the official website’s document suggestions.Besides, I saw two at station B“in person”Tutorial, no matter how big or how small it […]

  • Learning records of mongodb master class (day 15)


    Fifteenth days Today, I learned 18 | design pattern collection, which mainly talked about four document design patterns and its application scenarios: column to row, version field, approximate calculation and pre aggregation. A lot of dry goods. Column switching Take the document storing movie information as an example. Because the premiere time of each country […]

  • Pits encountered in the development of electron by MAC


    1. The download of electron failed in MAC environment, and the following content was added to the. Npmrc file electron_mirror=https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/electron/ electron_custom_dir=5.0.13 Change the value of electronic “custom” dir to the corresponding version number when installing which version In addition, the node version of the corresponding version of electron should be based on the corresponding version […]

  • The development of Java language


    Preface   Since the world’s first computer, ENaC, came out on February 14, 1946, the first generation of computer language “machine language” has been born. It uses the most original punch card, the language used on this card can only be understood by experts, which is very different from human language. This kind of language is […]

  • Introduction to nodejs: installing nodejs under CentOS (Linux) system


    Preface Installing nodejs should be the first step of learning. Do you need to write another article about the basic things? There are too many reasons:Nodejs is so updated that a large number of online installation tutorials have various pits (not applicable to the latest version, the tutorial itself has pits, and the expert’s writing […]

  • Maven Foundation (1) | use Maven’s correct posture


    1、 What is Maven? MavenIs a project management tool, its essence is aProject object model (POM), which is common in configurationpom.xmlFile, and thispomThe document isMavenIt manages the entire project life cycle. It does two main things: Project construction: compile, package, test, deploy and upload the project to private server warehouse, etc Dependency management:MavenWhen it was […]