• Write react with Babel and webpack ES6 syntax


    Note: This is the original translation Write react with Babel and webpack ES6 syntax Environmental Science react & react dom $ npm i –save-dev react react-dom webpack & webpack-dev-server Webpack: package JS into a bundleWeb pack dev server: developing web server $ npm i –save-dev webpack $ npm install webpack-dev-server -g babel npm install –save-dev […]

  • Git GitHub – noon


    Noon In the morning, we learned about the installation and configuration of GIT GitHub, the relationship between GIT and GitHub, and the fault tolerance function of GIT. Today, let’s focus on git’s branch management function. Create branch: $git branch < name > Switch branches: $git checkout < name > Create + switch branches: $git checkout […]

  • . net core developing Windows Forms program


    Introduction . net core 3.1 is a long-term 3-year supported version of Microsoft LTS, officially released on December 3, 2019, and supports winfrom and WPF desktop applications on the windows platform. This article introduces the development of Windows Forms desktop applications using vs 2019. Develop Windows Forms program First, open the vs 2019 ide tool […]

  • View update technology releases view UI component library (i.e. iView 4.0), more than 50 updates


    Written in front In October, iView 4.0 arrived as promised. But the amount of title information is a little large, so let’s read the title first. Aresn, author of iView, founded Beijing view Update Technology Co., Ltd. in 2019, and started to maintain iView and its related software freely and full-time.View UIIt is the original […]

  • Excel released version 2.0.2, the most popular excel basic library of go language


    Excel is a class library written in go language for operating Office Excel documents. It is based on ecma-376 office open XML standard. It can be used to read and write xlsx documents created by Microsoft Excel? 2007 and above. Compared with other open source libraries, excel supports writing documents with complex styles such as […]

  • Match engine development: MVP version


    Welcome to “Keegan small steel” public address for more articles. Matchmaking engine development: the beginning Match engine development: MVP version Match engine development: data structure design Match engine development: docking black box Match engine development: decryption black box process Match engine development: code implementation of process After the opening article, my matchmaking engine was positioned […]

  • Could not find iPhone 6 simulator


    Recently, there is something wrong with the old project that needs to be dealt with. After running the startup command, the following error is reported, indicating that the iPhone 6 simulator cannot be found. react-native run-ios Owaiss-Mac:pdm owaisahmed$ react-native run-ios Found Xcode project pdm.xcodeproj Could not find iPhone 6 simulator Error: Could not find iPhone […]

  • Alibaba cloud front end Weekly – issue 18


    Recommend 1. Deep to shallow understanding of react high-level components https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/… The high-order component is extended from the high-order function. The high-order component accepts the react component as the input and outputs a new react component. This paper introduces how to write and use the high-order component in the react project, as well as some […]

  • In depth interpretation of SQL Server 2019: outlook of Microsoft Data Platform


    This article is the author’s first original article in InfoQ. It is mainly written in succession by using weekend time, and it is also considered as a recent work. Now reprinted back to their own blog, please give us more advice. On November 4, Microsoft officially released its new generation of database product SQL Server […]

  • Linux Ubuntu installation initialization


    Static IP configuration #Static IP configuration cat /etc/network/interfaces auto enp0s3 iface enp0s3 inet static address netmask auto enp0s8 iface enp0s8 inet dhcp Virtual machine VBox installation enhancements #Mount VBox enhancements cd /root mkdir vbox mount /dev/cdrom /root/vbox/ sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 work /root/work/ sudo mount -t vboxsf -o uid=1000,gid=1000 go_pro /root/go_pro/ […]

  • Class loading problem caused by parallel flow in Tomcat application


    This article starts with vivo Internet technology WeChat public.Link: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/f-x3n9cvdyu5f5nyh6mhxqAuthor: Xiao Mingxuan, Wang daohuan With the popularity of Java 8, more and more developers use parallel to improve code execution efficiency. However, the author found that the use of parallel flow in Tomcat container would lead to the failure of dynamic loading of classes. By […]

  • Weex practice based on vue2.0 (front-end perspective)


    Premise: during this period, several weex pages written by we in the company were reconstructed with vue2.0, and the client’s weexsdk was also updated to0.10.0Edition. This article will write about some differences between the old and new versions in the front-end perspective. Practical articles of the old version of we weex-vue-render v 0.10.0 ios weexSDK […]