• What’s New in Dubbo-go v1.5


    What’s New in Dubbo-go v1.5 quotation The wave of computer technology has a technological subversion every 10 years, and the relevant knowledge system will be innovated every 5 years at the latest, which will depreciate by half every two years, as well as in the field of application service communication framework. A long-lived communication framework […]

  • JavaScript – Introduction


    1、 The origin of JavaScript   1、In 1994, Netscape released navigator 0.9 It is the first mature web browser in history, but this version of browser can only be used for browsing, and does not have the ability to interact with visitors 2. Netscape had two options at the time: Allow existing languages to be directly […]

  • Issue 1: sharing nine bugs on the front end


    The purpose of sharing bugs Bugs often accompany me in the development process. If I can’t fix or reproduce them, I will ignore these problems. So I plan that whenever I encounter nine valuable and thoughtful bugs, I will share them together, so as to think about the work itself in an extensible way and […]

  • New features of PHP 8


    New features of PHP 8   The new major PHP version, PHP 8, is expected to be released by the end of 2020. It’s in a very active development phase now, so things could change a lot in the next few months. In this article, I’ll keep updating my list of expected content: new features, […]

  • Open source project: self_ Upgrade: how to upgrade agent in C / S architecture (taking Falcon agent as an example)


    Project address Code address https://github.com/ning1875/falcon-plus/tree/master/modules/agent preface In our daily operation and maintenance / operation and maintenance development work, various systems are mainly divided into two schoolsThis paper mainly discusses the following points for attention C / S architecture of client and server advantage C / S architecture is much higher than SSH based concurrency and […]

  • Local cache problem of H5 WebView embedded in app


    AboveIt’s very common to embed H5 in apps, but the WebView provided by each app is not the same. In the development process, we encounter a very difficult caching problem. The H5 code of our mall project is loaded when the app starts, and then the index.html file is cached locally.Take notes Problem expressionAfter the […]

  • How does git compare the differences of different branches


    Two days ago, Liang Xu encountered a trouble when doing integration. The thing is, a colleague of Liangxu accidentally merges a wrong dev branch to the master branch, which leads to the compilation failure of Liangxu. Therefore, we need to return the version to the state before merge. It’s easy to deal with the following […]

  • Dapr environment installation guide


    Environment MAC + docker install Dapr client brew install dapr/tap/dapr-cli View installation dapr initialization 1. Install docker environment After installation dapr init View version dapr –version Check the operation of docker docker ps Redis, Zipkin and dapr are installed by default CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 9b5719e28e4a daprio/dapr “./placement” 7 minutes ago […]

  • Building MAC PHP + Xdebug + vscode development environment


    preface I don’t know PHP, but because I need to know PHP code, I learn to build an environment and record it System: MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6) comes with PHP 7.1 (use PHP – V to view the version) Company PHP version 5.6, other versions may also apply Install php5.6 brew install [email protected] Modify ~ […]

  • Packaging and automatic upgrade of electron applications


    The HelloWorld program of Vue + electron was successfully built last time. This time, the process of electronic application packaging and automatic upgrade is sorted out. 1. Application packaging useelectron builderPackaging only needs to be configured in vue.config.js. It should be noted that by defaultelectron builderThe packaged installation program can’t modify the installation directory, so […]

  • Upgrade php7 jenssegers / mongodb expected to be a reference


    There are two mongodb extensions on PECL, one is called Mongo, and the other is mongodb. The former has been officially abandoned and no longer provides stable updates. The latter is officially recommended, and the latter supports php7. Search for mongodb on PECL, or install mongodb through PECL install. Mongo and mongodb are totally different […]

  • NPM knowledge summary related to your project


    The first step is to clone someone’s codenpm installThe installation depends on the package. After successful installation, all packages will be placed in thenode_modulesFolder, will also be automatically generatedpackage-lock.jsonDocuments. Have you ever been curiousnode_modules What are all the documents under the table?package-lock.jsonWhat is the role of the document? This paper mainly solves the following problems […]