• Bit shared code


    Think in Component Bit is a component driven architecture for modern application development based on components. In the world of bit, everything is a component. Components can be combined into other components to finally form an application app, that is, app is also a kind of component. This provides a new idea for our development: […]

  • Vue plug-in reference (element UI / SASS)


    element-ui Installation: NPM I element UI – S /* main.js */ import ElementUI from ‘element-ui’; import ‘element-ui/lib/theme-chalk/index.css’; Vue.use(ElementUI); sass Install the specified version: NPM install sass loader — save dev Install node sass (specified version): NPM I – D node- [email protected] Sass load uninstall: NPM uninstall sass load If an error is reported:gyp verb check […]

  • Vue cli packaging NPM component key point record


    First create the project Vue create project name(Vue init is an old version) Then sort the catalogue into the following examplesFor local testingpackagesIt stores the developed components Then organize the package json If you have an entry file on the NPM command line, you don’t have tovue.config.jsThe entry file is defined on enclosedvue.config.jsConfiguration scheme Vue […]

  • Install neovim v0.0 for Ubuntu 20.04 apt get six point one


    Ubuntu 20.04 can be used directly when installing neovimsudo apt-get install neovim, the older version will be installed, but the old version of neovim cannot be configured with Lua. Therefore, the newer version needs to be installed. reference resourceshttps://github.com/neovim/neo… If you want to install the stable version, run: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:neovim-ppa/stable If you want to […]

  • Early taste, Android 13 first beta release


    As the most popular mobile operating system in the world, Android 13 officially released its first beta after releasing two developer preview versions in a row. In terms of market usage of various versions, Android 11 is the most popular version, followed by Android 10. http://hyccaa.com/4008208820.phphttp://hyccaa.com/new-auto.php Market share of Android versionsLess than a month from […]

  • Practice of Druid SQL and security in meituan review


    Sharing guests: Gao Dayue @ meituan comments, Apache kylin PMC member, Druid commiter Edited by: Druid China user group 6th Meetup Production platform: datafuntalk — Reading Guide:Support for SQL and permissions has long been Druid’s weakness. Although the community added support for SQL and security as early as version 0.9 and 0.12, according to our […]

  • How to detect and upgrade node dependencies in a project


    In modern front-end development, a project often relies on many third-party packages, many of which are dozens or even hundreds, so how to detect and upgrade these dependencies has become a difficult problem. NPM dated and NPM updated Fortunately, NPM provides us withnpm outdatedandnpm updateThese two commands. Enter an older react project and execute itnpm […]

  • Win2000 + PHP + MySQL + Tomcat + JSP fully integrated installation manual


    1、 Preliminary preparation 1。 An installed Win2000 Server. Note: if IIS is pre installed, please stop or disable the IIS service first. 2。 Download Software Apache: Version: 1.3.22 – Apache_ 1.3.22-win32-x86. msi JDK: Version: 1.3 – j2sdk1_ 3_ 0-win. exe PHP: Version: 4.0.4 – PHP4 0.4pl1-win32. zip MySQL: Version: 3.23.32 — mysql-3.23.32-win zip  Tomcat: Version: […]

  • You must understand these principles of kubernetes


    Kubernetes has become the king in the field of container choreography. It is a container based cluster choreography engine. It has many characteristics and capabilities, such as cluster expansion, rolling upgrade and rollback, elastic scaling, automatic healing, service discovery and so on. This article will take you quickly to understand kubernetes and what we are […]

  • Publishing practice of monorepo multi package based on rush


    preface Shared in MayApplication level monorepo optimization scheme, it mainly expounds the problems and solutions of monorepo (Yan + lerna) before, but in this sharing, it does not involve the content related to Pacakge release (mainly application app development in that period). Occasionally, Pacakge development is also a scenario with relatively simple dependency (single package […]

  • Problems encountered in Ubuntu installing event


    Note: install the socket extension before installing event First, I use the command: sudo apt install update & & sudo apt install php7 4-eventThen I saw in the official documents,Follow the prompts to expand the PHP networkLet’s download the latest version of the compressed package, go to the extended home page, slide down and click […]

  • Build a swift project


    In the trend of mixing OC and swift, I used pure swift to write IOS applications for the first time, recording that I created a complete swift app for the first time. 1. Create a project Xcode: 12.2 Swift5, view the current swift version image.png staycmd+shift+nWhen creating a new project, the following message appears: image.png […]