• How does eclipse realize java linked Oracle database?


    How does Java connect and operate Oracle database in eclipse? Today we will introduce this problem in detail. Please see the introduction below for details. Software name: Official free version of eclipse 4.8 localization package (with installation and use tutorial) Software size: 1.64MB Updated: 2018-06-29 I. eclipse imports Oracle database driver jar package 1. After […]

  • Easy to solve small program development problems


    Easy to solve small program development problems Although the WeChat applet can now be opened directly through the public number, such a small program can only achieve the basic functions. Since the launch of small programs, the threshold has dropped again and again. From the beginning, it was only limited to enterprises to now, individuals […]

  • Teach you to easily build a chain store app


    Teach you to easily build a chain store app At the early stage of launching wechat applets, it was predicted that the catering industry would become the point where applets would break out. Now, the chain store applet has become another big hit. Especially after the function of “nearby app” is opened, a main account […]

  • Zurmo – upgrade Guide


    Upgrade guide for zurmo: PreviouslyZurmoThe command-line tool of, but did not introduce the update command in detail. In fact, the command of the update version is also very important. All I’m going to say here is to update to the new version (this function is to be tested) According to the official method, it is […]

  • Eclipse relevance multi project import to Android studio, the real right way to open


    Preface: android studioThe trend is quite obvious. Last night, I personally followed the online tutorial fromEclipseExport project toandroid studioNima’s various pits, so I think it’s still necessary to write down the experience and lessons I tossed last night, so that my friends can handle this operation more simply, let’s start. (what I’m talking about here […]

  • Steps of building java + eclipse + selenium environment


    First select the version of selenium you want to learn and then install it. Avoid detours,,,, ===================================Environment required========================== 1. Install Java (my version is jdk-8u191-windows-x64) Official website: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html The Java environment is divided into JDK and JRE. JDK is the java development kit. JDK is an SDK for developers. It provides java development environment and […]

  • Implementation of distributed service based on Dubbo + zookeeper


    What is Dubbo A distributed service framework High performance and transparent RPC remote service call scheme. Here is a brief introduction to RPC. RPC is called remote procedure call, which is called romate procedure protocol call. As the name implies, it is actually a protocol. RPC is a protocol that requests services from remote computer […]

  • Eclipse install SVN plug-in and check out code


    Click Install New Software Add plug-in address:http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.8.x Check both, and then continue to the next step until the installation is successful. After the installation is completed, you will be prompted to restart eclipse Display the SVN plug-in and select other Select SVN repository Click Add warehouse address Now we can see our warehouse content in […]

  • Zurmo — a guide for beginners


    Beginner’s Guide – creating modules Customizing Zurmo—-CustomZurmo For example, the official Zoo: link: http://zurmo.org/wiki/customi New module All extension classes will be defined in their own modules; in this case, modules will be referred to asanimals。 The file directory structure is as follows: staymodulesCreate a new folder namedanimalsNew folder for. PS: it doesn’t matter if the […]

  • Eclipse SVN error resolution


    The caretaker who came in used win7?! 64 bit, right!? Install eclipse‘s subclipse plug-in! The following dialog box will pop up every time you use the SVN plug-in. Although it doesn’t affect the use, it’s very uncomfortable, isn’t it? LZ is also a little bit obsessive-compulsive. I want to kill this pop-up! resolvent:Window preferences team […]

  • Zurmo — internationalization (translation)


    Zurmo–Internationalization (translation) 1:ZurmoThe translation mechanism of is: first store the corresponding translation in the database, save it in the blog field, then read it in the code and present it on the page. The official has files in many languages, and you can manually set what language you want to translate. The default language of […]

  • Zurmo — trademark and modification


    1: Introduction As for the trademark and logo of zurmo, the official source code says: inZurmo / APP / protected / modules / zurmo / views / footerview.php 48 lines Do not remove the Zurmo logo or Zurmo Copyright notice.The interactive user interfaces in original and modified versions of this program must display Appropriate Legal […]