• How does eclipse customize the Maven path?


    The path of a good Maven installed in ecplise is not a very important path, so you need to modify the path of Maven in ecplise by yourself, so that only the jar package files under the custom installed Maven directory are used in the construction. Eclipse 4.3.2 Sr2 official Chinese latest version 32-bit Type:Programming […]

  • How does eclipse break point debugger? The method of debugging program with eclipse break point


    Eclipse is a classic development environment. Today, I will introduce how to break point debugging programs in eclipse for beginners. Power failure, as the name suggests, means that the program will stop running here. You can adjust backward step by step to see the detailed variable information of each step. Method / step 1. First, […]

  • How does eclipse set the eye protection background color and font color and export them?


    Eclipse is an integrated development platform loved by coders, but its default theme and pale background color are really eye-catching. Next, I will give youIntroduce in detail how to set the eye care themeWe also hope that more topics will appear in the eclipse family. Then, this article will introduce how to set theTheme exportSave, […]

  • How can eclipse auto typesetting be set not to truncate long lines of code?


    When programming with eclipse, sometimes there are long lines of code. When using the automatic typesetting function ctrl+shift+f, long lines of code will be truncated into fragmented lines. What if we want the lines of code not to be truncated, but to remain on the same line? This article describes how to solve this problem […]

  • How does eclipse batch replace a word in a java file?


    Replace a word in the java file in eclipse with another word (to facilitate the quick modification of the file). Eclipse 4.3.2 Sr2 official Chinese latest version 32-bit Type:Programming tools size:200MB Language:Simplified Chinese Time:2014-03-12 View details 1. For example, put the following redThe underlined system is changed to system, 2. PressCtrl+f, the following box will […]

  • Which is better, Android studio or eclipse ADT?


    Android studio and eclipse ADT, two development tools, are essential tools for Android engineers. An open source based eclipse with a large number of users; The other is mainly promoted by Google, which is strongly recommended by the official; So, which will be easy to use, which will run faster, which will be more convenient […]

  • How does eclipse configure the sublime text editor?


    Sublime text is a powerful code editing tool. It is especially convenient to use it to write front-end languages. If we use eclipse for java web related development, we can use eclipse to write java code, and front-end codes such as HTML, CSS and JS can be completed with sublime text. In addition, we can […]

  • How to set the highlight color of selected variables and functions in eclipse


    In the Java code in eclipse, when we move the mouse cursor to a variable or function, if all references of the variable or function are highlighted in a certain color, it is very good for the readability of the code, and the highlighted color can be customized. Let me introduce you how to set […]

  • Java eclipse method for importing existing projects


    When we learn Java, we often use project files. Sometimes, it is packaged into project files. This is relatively simple. Sometimes, it is necessary to import project files. Then, how do we import project files? Let’s take a look at the specific operation with Xiaobian! Method: 1. First of all, I have only one project […]

  • JavaWeb. Use of El and JSTL


    Foreword: in the last article, we talked about El expressions and JSTL tags. In this article, we use el and JSTL to translate <% = XX in the previous shopping cart code XX% > code substitution. First, you need to guide the package, which I don’t need to talk about, and then you need to […]

  • [zero basic Java] – overview and basic use of ArrayList set (14)


    [zero basic Java] – overview and basic use of ArrayList set (14) 1、 What is the ArrayList class and precautions java.util.ArrayListIt is the implementation of an array with variable size. The data stored in it is called elements. This class provides some methods to operate internal elements,ArrayListElements can be added continuously, and their size increases […]

  • Data maintenance of news items (addition and deletion)


    First, take a look at the login page of the news project: The second is the code of the login page: <%@ page language=”java” contentType=”text/html; charset=UTF-8″     pageEncoding=”UTF-8″%> <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> < title > user login < / Title > <link href=”images/login.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” /> <script type=”text/javascript”>     var str = […]