• Eclipse cannot find the main type error message when creating a Run configuration for a Java application


    I select a .java file under the com folder in Eclipse, and this Java file implementspublic static void main(String[] args)method, I want to run it directly as a Java application. chooseRun As -> Java Application: Encountered the error message: Selection does not contain a main type: I choose Run Configurations: New Launch configuration: Create a […]

  • Eclipse setting optimization to cancel the automatic console pop-up (focus)


    First open window -> preferences as follows: Search console-> then click console Then remove the two tick options in the options on the right, and the code writing will not be affected in the pop-up console.

  • SSH integration error: BeanCreationException: Error creating bean


    Encountered an error while working on the project, record it. mistake:org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name ‘sessionFactory’ defined in class path resource [spring/applicationContext-hibernate.xml]: Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.io.FileNotFoundException: class path resource [com/zking/ssh/book/entity/Dict.hbm.xml] cannot be opened because it does not exist This error is because there is a problem with the xml, […]

  • What? Can’t run the Eclipse project imported into the idea? Then you may be missing something!


    1. What happened Since I used Idea, Eclipse has become a thing of the past for me, and I haven’t used Eclipse for at least three years. This time, after getting the Eclipse project, something went wrong when it was imported into Idea.At the beginning, it was taken directly from svn and imported directly into […]

  • Baidu brush drop-down box | Baidu brush drop-down tool | Baidu brush drop-down download


    <blockquote>The official name of Baidu drop-down is drop-down association word, also known as Baidu association word or Baidu drop-down box. The purpose is to facilitate the search of netizens and improve search efficiency. This article briefly introduces the use of the TGEE Baidu brush drop-down box tool.</blockquote> I. Overview 1.1 Introduction Principle: Baidu regularly analyzes […]

  • Day 0 | 12 days to get Python, preface


    I vaguely remember that one day in 2014, a good friend who has operated an e-commerce platform for many years asked me for help: within one month, I realized capturing all product information of competitors on an e-commerce platform and counting the sales of each product. click through rate. I am a little embarrassed to […]

  • Eclipse installation, configuration, localization


    1. Baidu search eclipse Generally, it is the first to find this URL of the official website, and there is a portal for the URL below.eclipse official websiteClick on the location shown in the pictureFind this location, click 2020-06;The latest version of eclipse seems to only support JDK11. The specific reason is unknown. If only […]

  • STS installation


    STS installation Integration Suite of STS and Eclipse Eclipse plug-in installation STS

  • Eclipse User Guide


    1. MyEclipse User Guide 1. It is recommended to use Package Explorer to open the web, do not use Project Explorer; Opening method: Search Package Explorer–open in Windows–Show View–Other, it will be displayed at the bottom by default, just drag it to the upper left corner 2. Eclipse uses the built-in browser to access Servlet […]

  • Back-end practice 1: Java development environment configuration processing


    The back-end development is implemented in Java, and the development environment needs to be configured to facilitate the execution of development work.The article summarizes the process and problems of configuring the environment for individuals during internships. 1. Download Java SE address:https://www.oracle.com/java/t…Select the appropriate version to download the JDK, and the Java SE 8 version was […]

  • A comprehensive comparison between Intellij IDEA and Eclipse


    My most commonly used shortcuts between the two IDEs: editor Many times when we are editing a file, we also need to edit other files. If the FF class is a class that is often edited, and other classes in the same package need to be edited at the same time – through the function […]

  • The first stage notes Java basics_day01


    The Master said: Learning and practicing it from time to time is not the same as talking about it. day 01 JDK 1. Computer basics 1. computer A computer is a modern intelligent electronic device that can run according to a program and process data automatically and at high speed. Composed of hardware and software, […]