• Recommend a powerful Tomcat management monitoring tool to replace Tomcat Manager


    After we start the Tomcat server locally, we use localhost:<Default Port> to access: Then click Manager App to enter Tomcat’s own Manager application, where each application can be deployed/uninstalled separately. You can see that the functions provided in the Manager application are very limited. Recently, I found a powerful Tomcat management monitoring tool on GitHub […]

  • Eclipse mqttclient performance & MQTT (32202): Too many messages are being published


    Mqttclient performance & MQTT (32202): Too many messages are being published org.eclipse.paho.client.mqttv3 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 MAC system Publish performance, note that use mqttclinet with a single thread Ten thousand 341 milliseconds40,000 1163 milliseconds50,450 milliseconds100,000 2,700 milliseconds Multithread mqttclinet MQTT (32202): Over-publishing of messages Abnormal information [15:07:21]: publish failed, message: aaaa Too many releases […]

  • Eclipse commonly used development shortcuts


    15 Eclipse Commonly Used Skills for Developing Shortcut Keys 1. alt+? Or alt+/: AutoComplete Code or Tip Code2. Ctrl + o: Fast outline view3. Ctrl + Shift + r: Open the resource list4. Ctrl + Shift + f: formatting code5. Ctrl + e: Quick Conversion Editor6. Ctrl + page down or Ctrl + page up: […]

  • Nong Yi sweep / Nong Xin E purchase, WeChat, Alipay, real-time collection of two-dimensional code, order monitoring, visa free payment, payment system, personal receipts, payment two-dimensional code.


    Nong Yi sweep / Nong Xin E purchase, WeChat, Alipay, real-time collection of two-dimensional code, order monitoring, visa free payment, payment system, personal receipts, payment two-dimensional code. WeChat and Alipay pay for 2D code generation and monitoring individually. JAVA interface callback, personal cash collection good assistant! Achieve payment instantly to personal WeChat or Alipay account! […]

  • Eclipse, Tomcat, Filter, Servlet, Listener Notes


    Filter The filter can be configured in two ways: The following illustration is based on the premise of putting the filter project into Tomcat’s lib after exporting the. jar package. Put it in Tomcat directoryconf/web.xmlInside. In this method, <servlet-name> is used to specify the servlet that needs to be affected, and <url-pattern> is used to […]

  • Eclipse blurred when laptop connected to external display


    In order not to aggravate spondylosis, I recently bought an LG.27Inch display and song display bracket, then connect to laptopMillet Win10The resolution is1920x1080Open eclipse with excitement. I believe you will use external monitors in general.Expanding these displaysThis is equivalent to a computer with two screens and no interference with each other. One can write code, […]

  • Build path entry is missing: org. eclipse. jdt. launching?


    Sometimes, after reinstalling the Windows environment, including JDK, you open the original project of eclipse and find that, There is a small red exclamation mark on the edge of the project, and when you open the project properties, you find that there is a yellow exclamation mark on the head.(Build path entry is missing: org. […]

  • How to Solve the Problem of Chinese Scrambling in Importing Android Studio into eclipse Project


    What if Android studio opens the eclipse project with all the Chinese code scrambled? Android Studio is an Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA. Similar to Eclipse ADT. Android Studio provides an integrated Android development tool for development and debugging. Now there is Google to provide technical support, now more and more easy to […]

  • 20 + Wonderful Java Developer Blog


    ProgramCreek recommends 29 blogs for Java developers. The criteria for selection are as follows: Highly readable original articles. Creative content with personal understanding. Don’t advertise too much. Henrik Warne’s Thoughts on Programming Billy Yarosh Programming Prescription Vogella Android and Eclipse Peter Verhas Martin Fowler, Author and Lecturer Bozhidar Bozhanov Anonymous function of Richard Warburton Java […]

  • Some Eclipse settings


    Remove mouse hover hints Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Hovers -> Combined HoverGet rid of the tick. Grammar Autoprompt Under Window – > Preferences – > Java – > Editor – > Content assist – > Auto-Activation, put Auto activation triggers for Java.Change to.abc; File -> Export -> General -> PreferencesExport configuration […]

  • Developing MapReduce with eclipse


    1. Add plug-insPlace the plug-in hadoop-eclipse-plugin-1.0.4.jar in the / usr/lib/eclipse/plugins directory(Restart eclipse after completion) [Plug-in storage path depends on eclipse storage location]2. Configure the installation path of HadoopIn eclipseWindow – preferences, find Hadoop Map / Reduce in the left column, and set the directory of Hadoop to the installation directory of Hadoop3. Building MapRedece ProjectCreate […]

  • Day 17: Building and deploying JAVA EE 6 applications using JBoss Forge and OpenShift


    Editor’s Note: We found an interesting series of articles, “30 days to learn 30 new technologies”, which are being translated, updated one day, year-end gift packs. The following is the content of day 17. Today’s “30 days to learn 30 new technologies” challenge, I decided to learn about JBoss Forge. JBoss Forge is a development […]