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  • (MAC) PHP extension installation


    A series of articles: (MAC) PHP installation and configuration Configuration parameter of PHP compilation and installation (MAC) PHP extension installation Configuration of php-fpm and nginx Default configuration of php-fpm preface Everyone’s installation environment is different, the specific installation depends on the individual! 1. Check before installingphp.iniAnd then write the extension to the configuration file. php […]

  • The definition of lucax constant under luco2da


    It’s all basicCocos2dConstants.luaIn the file, I feel that it is more convenient and intuitive to use than the C + + version frameworks/cocos2d-x/cocos/scripting/lua-bindings/script/Cocos2dConstants.lua cc.PLATFORM_OS_WINDOWS = 0 cc.PLATFORM_OS_LINUX = 1 cc.PLATFORM_OS_MAC = 2 cc.PLATFORM_OS_ANDROID = 3 cc.PLATFORM_OS_IPHONE = 4 cc.PLATFORM_OS_IPAD = 5 cc.PLATFORM_OS_BLACKBERRY = 6 cc.PLATFORM_OS_NACL = 7 cc.PLATFORM_OS_EMSCRIPTEN = 8 cc.PLATFORM_OS_TIZEN = 9 cc.LANGUAGE_ENGLISH = […]

  • Using subinacl to manage the rights of windows service


    Background: the company’s computer does not have administrator’s rights. When Windows service is installed, its functions such as “start” and “stop” are all in gray state; Methods: using subinacl tool to enhance the windows service authority of ordinary account; Concept: subinacl Subinacl isMicrosoftIt is used to manage the rights of files, registry, services and other […]

  • Basic use of Axios


    Axios basic usage Axios is a promise based HTTP library that can be used in browsers and node.js Medium. It is recommended to use Axios to implement Ajax in Vue. A simple get example new Vue({ el: ‘#app’, data () { return { info: null } }, mounted () { axios .get(‘https://www.runoob.com/try/ajax/json_demo.json’) .then(response => (this.info […]

  • Tencent AI SDK in golang


    Tencent AI SDK Tencent AI Development Platform SDK Open source address: https://github.com/shiguanghu Tencent AI interface call is relatively simple, the call process can be simplified through this library, and the return value is the structure for easy use.Developers can call interfaces like local functions without considering signature and data request Example package main import ( […]

  • C ා learning — encapsulation of basic Oracle database operations (connection, addition, deletion, modification, query)


    Write before: C ා package of sqlserver: https://www.cnblogs.com/mexihq/p/11636785.html Similar to the c-encapsulation of sqlserver in the previous article, the small edition encapsulates the Oracle database, which is convenient for later development and use, mainly including connection, addition, deletion, modification and query of Oracle database. If there is any problem, please give advice. In the future, […]