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  • Installation and use of NRM


    1、installnodejs, download address,http://nodejs.cn/download/,Click Next directly during installation After installationcmdinputnpm -v View currently installednpmVersion of,As shown in the following figure, the installation is successful.   2、View currentnpmConfiguration of CMD enter NPM config list or NPM config LS   metrics-registry = “https://registry.npm.taobao.org/” Represents the currentnpmMirror source forurl 3、nrmintroduce nrmThe function of is to facilitate user switchingnpmThe source address […]

  • Django | requestcontext and context


    edition django 1.8.3 sketch Usually we are practicingdjangoWhen rendering, you need to usecontextTo parse the rendering template.Usually,contextyesdjango.template.ContextAn instance of, but incontextThere is also a special subclass in,django.template.RequestContext, this andcontextA little different.RequestContextBy default, in the templatecontextAdd some variables to the Use context from django.template import Context c = Context({ ‘foo’: ‘bar’, }) Using requestcontext RequestContextuseHttpRequestAs the […]

  • Alibaba cloud SMS sending SDK


    Code encapsulation sms.proto syntax = “proto3”; package sms; //Send SMS parameters message SmsRequest { string mobile = 1; // cell-phone number string template = 2; // Template number string payload = 3; // Additional parameters } SDK initialization parametersoptions.go /** * Author: [email protected] * Date: 2020/1/16 * Time: 15:42 * Software: GoLand */ package sms […]

  • Microsoft open source rust / winrt, easy to use rust to build Windows Applications


    A series of articles: awesome rust Mongodb officially released mongodb rust driver Rust organization on GitHub Learn rust through examples Rust implementation of common algorithms Lightweight Windows GUI tool library based on Rust Chinese English comparison of rust language terms Official weekly diary of rust Small and fast rust asynchronous runtime SMOL Microsoft open source […]

  • Turning STM32 bluepilot into a debugger (daplink)


    In order to tune an arm M0 kernel board, the official demo board is used. The daplink debugger is integrated on the board. In order to make it easy to use, I cut off the target board from the daplink, and then connected the daplink with the target board with DuPont cable. However, Keil could […]

  • Co source code interpretation


    /** *Extracting slice() function is convenient to use */ var slice = Array.prototype.slice; /** *Exposure ` co ‘ */ module.exports = co[‘default’] = co.co = co; /** *Wrap the generator function ‘FN’ and return promise * This is a separate function so that * every `co()` call doesn’t create a new, * unnecessary closure. * […]

  • Django — Web Framework (based on wsgiref)


    1Web Framework Web framework is based on more than ten lines of code, there are many simple and convenient methods, greatly improve the efficiency of development 2Write a web framework based on wsgiref      models.py ”’ Linked database return dictionary format: cursor=pymysql.cursors.DictCursor ”’ import pymysql #Connect to database conn = pymysql.connect (host =’ ‘, […]

  • (MAC) PHP extension installation


    A series of articles: (MAC) PHP installation and configuration Configuration parameter of PHP compilation and installation (MAC) PHP extension installation Configuration of php-fpm and nginx Default configuration of php-fpm preface Everyone’s installation environment is different, the specific installation depends on the individual! 1. Check before installingphp.iniAnd then write the extension to the configuration file. php […]

  • The definition of lucax constant under luco2da


    It’s all basicCocos2dConstants.luaIn the file, I feel that it is more convenient and intuitive to use than the C + + version frameworks/cocos2d-x/cocos/scripting/lua-bindings/script/Cocos2dConstants.lua cc.PLATFORM_OS_WINDOWS = 0 cc.PLATFORM_OS_LINUX = 1 cc.PLATFORM_OS_MAC = 2 cc.PLATFORM_OS_ANDROID = 3 cc.PLATFORM_OS_IPHONE = 4 cc.PLATFORM_OS_IPAD = 5 cc.PLATFORM_OS_BLACKBERRY = 6 cc.PLATFORM_OS_NACL = 7 cc.PLATFORM_OS_EMSCRIPTEN = 8 cc.PLATFORM_OS_TIZEN = 9 cc.LANGUAGE_ENGLISH = […]

  • Using subinacl to manage the rights of windows service


    Background: the company’s computer does not have administrator’s rights. When Windows service is installed, its functions such as “start” and “stop” are all in gray state; Methods: using subinacl tool to enhance the windows service authority of ordinary account; Concept: subinacl Subinacl isMicrosoftIt is used to manage the rights of files, registry, services and other […]

  • Basic use of Axios


    Axios basic usage Axios is a promise based HTTP library that can be used in browsers and node.js Medium. It is recommended to use Axios to implement Ajax in Vue. A simple get example new Vue({ el: ‘#app’, data () { return { info: null } }, mounted () { axios .get(‘https://www.runoob.com/try/ajax/json_demo.json’) .then(response => (this.info […]

  • Tencent AI SDK in golang


    Tencent AI SDK Tencent AI Development Platform SDK Open source address: https://github.com/shiguanghu Tencent AI interface call is relatively simple, the call process can be simplified through this library, and the return value is the structure for easy use.Developers can call interfaces like local functions without considering signature and data request Example package main import ( […]