• Set email reminder for SSH login


    This article describes how to set up email alerts for SSH login on Linux systems. To receive alerts about unauthorized or illegal login access to the root user.What does the. Bashrc file do?The. Bashrc file is a script that is executed whenever a new terminal session is interactively started. 1) How to enable email alerts […]

  • Online yaml to HTML tool


    Online yaml to HTML tool Online yaml to HTML tool Yaml is a highly readable format used to express data serialization. Yaml refers to many other languages, including C, Python and Perl, and is inspired by the data format of XML and e-mail (RFC 2822). Yaml is a highly readable format used to express data […]

  • Online ASCII flowchart editor tool


    Online ASCII flowchart editor tool Online ASCII flowchart editor tool ASCII chart and chart editor, allowing the creation of text charts for e-mail, readme files, text specifications, etc ASCII chart and chart editor, allowing the creation of text charts for e-mail, readme files, text specifications, etc https://tooltt.com/ascii-draw/

  • Find duplicate e-mail addresses in the force buckle database


    Find duplicate e-mail addresses in the force buckle database subject Write an SQL query to find all duplicate e-mail addresses in the person table. Example: +—-+———+ | Id | Email | +—-+———+ | 1 | [email protected] | | 2 | [email protected] | | 3 | [email protected] | +—-+———+ Based on the above input, your query […]

  • Hackers can gain administrator privileges by invading Microsoft mail server and windows Zero Day vulnerability | global network security hotspot on November 23


    Safety information report Economic Daily: build a strong data security protection network The regulations on the administration of network data security (Draft for comments) drafted by the state Internet Information Office in conjunction with relevant departments was published. This is another important measure for the country to strengthen the rule of law of network data. […]

  • Best common data set for machine learning and data science


    By towards AI teamCompile FlinSource | medium This resource is constantly updated. If you know of any other suitable and open data sets, please inform us by email:[email protected] comment below. Dataset finder Google Dataset Search: similar to the way Google Scholar works, dataset search allows you to find data sets anywhere hosted, whether it’s a […]

  • Classification of machine learning: accuracy and recall


    Accuracy rate Accuracy rateThe indicator tries to answer the following questions:What is the proportion of samples identified as positive categories?Accuracy is defined as follows: Precision = \dfrac{TP}{TP + FP} Note: if there are no false positive examples in the prediction results of the model, the accuracy rate of the model is 1.0.Let’s calculatePrevious partAccuracy of […]

  • Sending mail using Google


    [TOC] Sending mail using Google Let’s review what we said last timeGo verification code case Sort of verification code Installation of verification code library Verification code library source code introduction Practice, coding Verification code effect display If you want to see how go makes the verification code, please check the articleGo verification code case In […]

  • NLog: send logs to mail


    background NLog can output logs to different media. E-mail is one of them. Through e-mail, we can receive information at the first time. Use the SMTP protocol to send log messages by e-mail. It is well combined with fallbackgroup target to create a fallback with multiple SMTP hosts. Configuration syntax parameter general option Name – […]

  • Questions on leetcode database


    1. Find duplicate email Own idea (wrong) SELECT a.Email FROM Person a,Person b WHERE a.Email = b.Email Results: all of them appeared in the tableSolution: calculate the number of times each email exists SELECT Email FROM Person GROUP BY Email HAVING COUNT(Email)>1 Solution 2: create a temporary table SELECT Email FROM( SELECT Email,COUNT(Email) as num FROM Person […]

  • On the practical application of HTML mailto


    As we all know, mailto is a very practical HTML tag in web design and production. Many friends who have personal web pages like to write their e-mail address in the eye-catching position of the website, so that once the web browser clicks the hyperlink composed of mailto with the mouse, it can automatically open […]

  • Perfect email verification regular expression


    The format of international domain name is as follows:The domain name is composed of any combination of the specific character set, English letters, numbers and “-” (i.e. hyphen or minus sign), but the beginning and end of the domain name can not contain “‘”, and “-” cannot appear continuously. Letters in domain names are not […]