• Link multi stream join


    Multi stream join The semantics of the real-time computed join and the traditional batch join are consistent, both of which are used to link the two tables. The difference is that the real-time calculation links two dynamic tables, and the result of the connection is also dynamically updated to ensure that the final result is […]

  • Dynamic relu: Microsoft’s refreshing device may be the best relu improvement | ECCV 2020


    In this paper, a dynamic relu is proposed, which can dynamically adjust the corresponding segmented activation function according to the input. Compared with relu and its variants, only a small amount of extra calculation can bring about significant performance improvement, and can be embedded into the current mainstream model seamlessly  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes […]

  • Golang calls C / C + +, example tutorial


    Most people learn or use something, like to see the results of the operation intuitively, then they will have the interest to continue. preface: There are a lot of online tutorials about golang calling C / C + +. As far as I can see, my personal opinions are quite chaotic and there are many […]

  • IOS ——– principle of message forwarding mechanism


    The principle of message forwarding mechanism is that it has made three remedial opportunities internally The first is dynamic parsing, using runtime to dynamically add implementation code Resolveinstancemethod: and resolveclassmethod: The second is fast forwarding, that is, redirecting the recipient. It will find other classes to forward the message to the object that can respond […]

  • JS to achieve seamless connection of round robin chart (2) to achieve user-defined attributes, according to the number of banner images dynamically generate small dots


      HTML code —————————————————— <  ———————————————— JS code ———————————————————————- window.addEventListener(‘load’,function(){ //1. Get element var arrow-l = document.querySelector(‘.arrow-l’); var arrow-r = document.querySelector(‘.arrow-r’); var focus = document.querySelector(‘.focus’); var focuwidth = focus.offsetWidth; focus.addEventListener(‘mouseenter’,function(){   arrow-l.style.display = ‘block’;   arrow-r.style.display = ‘block’; }); focus.addEventListener(‘mouseleave’,function(){   arrow-l.style.display = ‘none’;   arrow-r.style.display =’none’; });   //2. Dynamic generation of small dots var ul = […]

  • WKWebView loadRequest Crash


    Recently, during project development, a problem of random collapse of application was encountered. A WKWebView was referenced in a ViewController, and then the instance method loadRequest of WKWebView was invoked. NSURLRequest *request = [NSURLRequest requestWithURL:[NSURL URLWithString:self.url]]; [self.webView loadRequest:request]; Then the code running to loadrequest crashes and reports an exception exc_ BAD_ Access. The last method […]

  • Why is nginx + Apache + Tomcat


    Recently, someone asked me that nginx has a dynamic separation mechanism. Static requests can be processed directly through nginx, and dynamic requests are forwarded to the background for Tomcat to process. What’s more, nginx is far superior to Apache in terms of load. Why do most Internet companies use nginx + Apache + Tomcat as […]

  • A little known high performance component registration and implementation of component sorting skills


    background On the way to Vue, you must know how to register and call a component We usually use three steps to implement the whole process of calling components adoptimportIntroducing components The component object in the parent componentcomponentsRegister imported subcomponents Use the component in the parent component <template> <div> <Child msg=”Hello World!”/> </div> </template> <script> […]

  • Implementation of Vue element admin tutorial


    Vue element admin is a background front-end solution, which can be used to quickly build the enterprise background. Today I want to talk about how to realize our background dynamic authority verification based on this framework. The back-end interface layer needs to complete the user’s final authentication. That is, when the client requests our API, […]

  • Exchange 2013 learning notes 10: managing distribution groups


    1、 New distribution group 1.1 on the exchange server DC1, click the windows start menu, find “exchange administrative center”, and then click. 1.2. Click “to”, select “group”, click “add” drop-down arrow, and select “distribution group”. 1.3. Enter the display name and alias respectively, and click Browse to select the organization unit. The owner defaults to […]

  • This article takes you to understand the world of C ා DLR


    This article takes you to understand the world of C ා DLR A long time ago, I wrote an articleDynamic and anonymous type anonymous object transfer parametersI thought the DLR was implemented by reflection. At that time, I took it for granted that only reflection could parse the member information of an object at runtime […]

  • Implementation of custom tree structure by Vue


    Implementation of custom tree structure by Vue It can be added and deleted dynamically It can be dragged as a whole If the content is also dynamic, replace the component content with input, select and other components data structure treeData: [{ name: ‘1’, child: [ { name: ‘2’, child: [{ name: ‘1’ }, { name: […]