• Mixphp v2.1 Ecology: swote collaboration redis subscriber


    In the openmix family bucket, there is a mix redis subscribe project. This is a library that does not rely on the phpredis extension and directly parses the redis protocol. It is dedicated to subscription processing. Any swote framework can be used, and can be widely used in websocket development. This library is also included […]

  • Analysis of dynamic SQL statement in mybatis


    This article mainly introduces mybatis in the dynamic SQL statement parsing, the article through the example code introduction is very detailed, to everybody’s study or the work has the certain reference study value, needs the friend may refer to There are two ways to configure SQL in mybatis, one is to use XML to configure, […]

  • Based on react to achieve the moo music style of music website, support PWA


    GitHub address Project website – pika music Pika music API server refers to binaryfy’s Netease cloudmusic API Technical characteristics of the project PWA support. PWA enabled browsers can be installed on the desktop Implement react SSR framework Implementation of dynamic import with SSR Implement webpack package and support module / nomudule mode Realize the whole […]

  • Protocol routing plug-in based on vuecli


    Referring to the protocol routing of UMI, a simple Vue protocol routing plug-in is made Environmental Science Vue CLI 3.1.0 VueRouter 3.02 Function introduction hypothesispagesThe directory structure is as follows: + pages/ + $folder/ – page.vue – _layout.vue – index.vue Then, the plug-in will automatically generate the routing configuration as follows: function Index() { return […]

  • Interpretation of new features | MySQL 8.0 is easy to configure and friendly on the cloud


    Author: Chen Juncong background If the configuration can be modified dynamically, you can use theset globalSyntax, which cannot be modified dynamically, can only be modified/etc/my.cnfConfiguration file, and then restart to take effect. If you need to persist dynamically modified parameters, you can only modify them at the same time/etc/my.cnfConfiguration file. This is not friendly to […]

  • Mybatis learning path 3


    @Param() annotation Reference types do not need to be added If there is only one basic type, it can be ignored The reference in SQL is the field name set in the annotation Advanced result mapping public class Student { private int id; private String name; private Teacher teacherr; } public class Teacher { private […]

  • What does pod do, subproject as dynamic library, three steps


    What does pod do? Subproject is used as a dynamic library framework. It takes three steps The first step is to add a project reference: Step 2: run a project and use its product as a framework Step 3: drag the product framework into the dependency of the main project In the end, it works

  • [leetcode] 139


    subject Give oneNon emptycharacter stringsAnd an inclusionNon emptyA dictionary of word listswordDict, determinesWhether spaces can be split into one or more words that appear in the dictionary. explain: Words in the dictionary can be reused when splitting.You can assume that there are no duplicate words in the dictionary.Example 1: Input: S = “leetcode”, worddict = […]

  • “Postman tutorial” interface test-2


    The last article has briefly introduced the basic function modules of postman. This lecture mainly introduces the basic programming of the interface. Simple combination with environment variables. Simple example, request baidu.com 1. Fill in the URL column http://www.baidu.com , type select get type 2. Click the send button So you get it baidu.com Page, where […]

  • A troubleshooting of a bug caused by ognl in mybatis


    phenomenon A sister programmer of the project team asked for help. She said that mybatis had a bug. There was a value that clearly set a.prop1 = XXX, but when it was saved into the database, it would automatically become a.prop1 = true. After trying various adjustments, they couldn’t find the reason. They all went […]

  • A dynamic relu: adaptive parametric relu


    Continued:A dynamic relu: adaptive parameterized relu Adaptive parameterized relu is a kind of dynamic relu, which was submitted to IEEE Transactions on industrial electronics on May 3, 2019, and was employed on January 24, 2020 (the first day of the Lunar New Year),Published on IEEE website on February 13, 2020。 In this paper, adaptive parameterized […]

  • Server software inventory point!


    What exactly is a server? The hardware of the server is easy to understand. In fact, it is aperformance、stability、ExpansibilityAnd so on, it’s just a machine that is stronger than our ordinary personal PC. It also needs to be equipped with an operating system, such as a special oneWindows ServerOr whateverLinuxDistribution system. It’s just that many […]