• Playing with __ attributes__ (III)


    visibility __attribute__((visibility(“visibility_type”)))When we don’t want to expose a method, we usually use itstaticKeyword to decorate the function. In this way, the method will not be output to the symbol table at compile time. See this article for detailsBowen Llvm and GCC actually provide similar servicesattribute Use example: __attribute__((visibility(“default”))) void foo1(int x, int y); __attribute__((visibility(“hidden”))) int […]

  • [micro service technology topic] Netflix dynamic configuration service – micro service configuration component chameleon archaius


    Premise introduction If you want to design and develop a set of micro service infrastructure, parametric configuration is a very important point, and Netflix also open source a configuration center client called chameleon archaius, and archaius can be said to have more production-level features and more flexibility than other clients. In netflixoss microservice technology stack, […]

  • JQuery dynamically adds alt, keywords, description, title, and problems


    1. JQuery dynamically adds alt attribute to img $(document).ready(function(){ $(“body img”).each(function(){ $(this).attr(‘alt’,’11111′); }); }); 2. Dynamically add keywords and description keywords $(“meta[http-equiv=’X-UA-Compatible’]”).after( `<meta name=”keywords” content=”${keywords}”> <meta name=”description” content=”${description}”>` ); 3. Dynamically add page title document.title = ‘title’; 4. After dynamically adding the page title, the default title content will flash for a while, and then […]

  • C # high performance dynamic acquisition of object attribute values


    It is often encountered in the development process to dynamically obtain the performance value of objects. Here we discuss how to obtain the attribute value with high performance. For comparative testing, we define a classPeople public class People { public string Name { get; set; } }   Then it is retrieved by direct code […]

  • Dynamic type in C # (dynamic)


    1、 Introduction to dynamic types     Dynamic typing has been introduced in. Net 4. Dynamic object(dynamicObject)Enables you to work with structural content such as JSON documents, whose composition may not be known until runtime【The type is a static type, but the type isdynamicThe object of will skip the static type check. In most cases, […]

  • [treetop technology headline] Wednesday, April 20, 2022, there are too many sweets!


    Conflux community dynamics1. [network status] conflux network computing power ≈ 1.84t, token transfer TPS ≈ 1667, 318k transactions yesterday, 261.667k new accounts and 24 new contracts yesterday.2. [POS parameter] POS has 92m total positions, 136 nodes, 17.1% annual interest rate (theoretical calculation), and 1.58M cumulative interest.3. [airdrop candy] @ swappidex & @ conflux_ Network & […]

  • Talk about the common pseudo static setting rules for building websites with bird ECs


    After building a website with ECS, the website itself is a dynamic web page, for example php、. asp、. Aspx and other formats, such web pages also carry “?” Add parameters to read the database. After setting pseudo static, dynamic web pages can be converted into static web pages. Today, I encountered a problem when setting […]

  • Android App bundle (Google’s official dynamic framework)


    outline What is it (Introduction to Android App bundles) Why (four new functions and practicability of AAB) How to use (how to transform AAB) How to test (it can pass the Google market test, and this article mainly introduces the AAB local test tool bundletool) brief introduction Android App Bundles(hereinafter referred to as AAB) is […]

  • Stack of data structure: only one article for beginners


    catalog: What is a stack? What are the characteristics of stack? How to implement stack? (static stack, dynamic stack) Stack specific application? Text: What is a stack? Stack, also known as stack, is a linear table with limited operation. Limit linear tables to insert and delete only at the end of the table. This end […]

  • Understand dynamic programming


    preface Hello, I’m bigsai. I haven’t seen you for a long time. I miss you very much (every day)! A little friend was tortured by dynamic planning a long time ago. Indeed, many problems of dynamic planning are really too difficult to see, and even some problems take a long time to understand after reading […]

  • Vue realizes dynamic permission and menu


    I believe that many front-end workers have encountered the demand of routing dynamic permission, and some small partners don’t know how to start for a while This article will take you to realize the control of routing permissions according to role permissions Business requirements: Client roles are divided into super administrator, ordinary administrator, ordinary user […]

  • SQL injection in mybatis common annotations


    Mybatis3 provides a new annotation based configuration. Related annotations are defined in mapperannotationbuilder: public MapperAnnotationBuilder(Configuration configuration, Class<?> type) { … sqlAnnotationTypes.add(Select.class); sqlAnnotationTypes.add(Insert.class); sqlAnnotationTypes.add(Update.class); sqlAnnotationTypes.add(Delete.class); …… sqlProviderAnnotationTypes.add(SelectProvider.class); sqlProviderAnnotationTypes.add(InsertProvider.class); sqlProviderAnnotationTypes.add(UpdateProvider.class); sqlProviderAnnotationTypes.add(DeleteProvider.class); } Adding, deleting, modifying and querying occupy the vast majority of business operations. It is no longer necessary to configure complicated XML files through annotations. More […]