• Python visualization library pandas_ Alive, do the dynamic chart at will


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. The following article is a grade I farnast, written by F   preface Recently, a similar visualization library “Pandas” has been found […]

  • Research framework of Bi software for business intelligence


    The architecture of business intelligence research has been built around “value”. The value of business intelligence to the enterprise and the path and process of generating value are constantly applied in the field of practice, which has an important impact on the organization’s competitive advantage and organizational performance. So what is the research framework of […]

  • Elisp 11: dynamic module


    Last chapter:macro Emacs supports dynamic modules from version 25. The so-called dynamic module is a shared library written in C language1. The dynamic module of Emacs is the dynamic module of elisp. Therefore, if there is a performance bottleneck in some parts of the program written by elisp language, it can be alleviated by the […]

  • IView – dynamic forms and custom validation time periods overlap


    Add form items dynamically IView’s dynamic adding form is very simple. Just set the form item as an array and push a default value when adding a new item. The rest of iView will help you. <template lang=”html”> <div class=””> <Form ref=”formValidate” :model=”formValidate” :rules=”rulesValidate” :label-width=”100″ :label-colon=”true” > <FormItem v-for=”(item, index) in formValidate.showTimeDurations” :key=”index” :prop=”‘showTimeDurations[‘ + […]

  • Input attribute that should not be abused


    Two days ago, I received a request: mobile phone number, ID card and verification code need to be verified,Inspection rules include length and content。 I have a lot of ideas, but I don’t know if it will work well. Let’s sort it out today. Let’s talk about what we have in mind Tag properties of […]

  • Magic API: a good news for Java back end developers and a sharp tool for interface development


    Introduction to magic API Magic API is a rapid interface development framework based on Java. The interface is written through the UI interface provided by magic API and automatically mapped to HTTP interface. The common HTTP API interface development can be completed without defining Java objects such as controller, service, Dao, mapper, XML and VO […]

  • Angular2 built in instruction


    From NG2 book 1.NgIf <div *ngIf=”false”></div> <!– never displayed –> <div *ngIf=”a > b”></div> <!– displayed if a is more than b –> <div *ngIf=”str === ‘yes'”></div> <!– displayed if str holds the string “yes” –> <div *ngIf=”myFunc()”></div> <!– displayed if myFunc returns a true value –> 2.NgSwitch When ngif judgment condition is too complex, […]

  • Go deep into Java – Dynamic agent + Source code analysis proxy, invocationhandler


    Let’s start with conceptual theory Three elements of agency Abstract subject Specific theme role (realsubject) Proxy theme role ) Agency diagram Chestnut Subject: purchase demand Real subject: Xiaoming’s house purchase demand Proxy: Intermediary a (only for Xiao Ming) Intermediary can help or agent Xiaoming to do some things, such as screening houses, pre communication and […]

  • Implementation of aspects AOP


    It is said that the runtime of OC is very NB. Let’s take a look at the very famous one todayAspectsThe source code is here https://github.com/steipete/A… The contents are very simple. In fact, there are only two files,Aspect.handAspect.m, which usesCategorybyNSObjectTwo additional methods are provided. The API is as follows: /// Adds a block of code […]

  • [I have a sword to open the door of heaven] share a set of interview questions from Baidu. The suggestion here is to collect them!


    preface Let’s talk about the latest review of the novel “fierce sword in the snow”, so there is such a sand sculpture title (whisper BB). This book is really good-looking). This set of interview questions was summarized and sent to me by a fan. The original intention is to let me share them and help […]

  • Mybatis dynamic mapping, this time I finally got it


    Focus on “Java back end technology stack” Reply to “interview” for full interview information Dynamic SQL is one of the powerful features of mybatis. If you have used JDBC or other similar frameworks, you should be able to understand how painful it is to splice SQL statements according to different conditions. For example, when splicing, […]

  • Blazor webassembly ship new project download test, for reference only


    preface: Blazor webassembly 3.2 was officially released yesterday. It can be used directly after vs2019 is updated There are two new PWA projects, one is not used asp.net Core (static deployment), a asp.net Core (interaction between project template and server) Among them, the download volume mainly depends on whether the pre compression is used, which […]