• [Objective-C] the dynamics of Objective-C


    The dynamic of Objective-C is mainly reflected in the following three aspects (1) dynamic type: determines the type of object at runtime. (2) dynamic binding: the method to determine the object at runtime. (3) dynamic load: load the required resources or code modules at runtime. I. dynamic type Dynamic type refers to the dynamic nature […]

  • ThinkPHP + layui stream loading implementation


    html JS, to introduce layui.js layui.use(‘flow’, function() { var $ = layui.jquery; var flow = layui.flow; flow.load({ Elem: ‘container’ // stream load container //The element where the scroll bar is located is generally not required to be filled in. This is just for demonstration purposes. , done: function (page, next) {// execute the callback on […]

  • How does JavaScript work?


    Abstract:Understand JS execution principle. Original: how does JavaScript work? Author: hengg Fundebug is reprinted by authorization, and the copyright belongs to the original author. What is JavaScript? Let’s confirm the definition of javascript: Javascript is an interpretive dynamic language. Interpretative languages exist relative to compiled languages. The source code is not directly compiled into the […]

  • Implementation of Vue dynamic subcomponent


    Let multiple components use the same mount point and switch dynamically, which is called dynamic component. By using reserved Element, which is dynamically bound to its is feature, can implement dynamic components. Mode 1: components required for local registration Toggle pages <span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #0000ff;”>var</span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”> home </span><span style=”background-color: #f5f5f5; color: #000000;”>=</span><span […]

  • Netdom join error: the specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted.


    Environmental Science: Domain controller: feiquan.com IP: Client \ \ win Quan IP: (dynamic) The domain controller can ping with the client, but when the client joins the domain, it will prompt that the specified domain does not exist or cannot be contacted.   Solution: After a whole afternoon, the prompt is that the […]

  • Broadcastreceiver: the four components of Android


    Preface Hi, hello and meet again. In the last issue, we talked about how to use activities. Many small partners must have created their own firstactivities. In this issue, we mainly introduce the second important component, broadcastreceiver. As the second of the four components of Android, there are many application scenarios. Next, I will introduce […]

  • MySQL connection error: can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘localhost’ (10055)


    Confirm that both the server and MySQL are running normally on the windows server, but the connection is not available. Search other people’s solutions, Refer to this https://blog.csdn.net/langren697/article/details/38422055. The problem lies in the number of dynamic connections. The solution is to customize the maximum number of connections in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\ParametersValue Name: MaxUserPortValue Type: DWORDValue […]

  • Jald


    There are many tutorials on the Internet on the issue that the debugger can’t see the process and can’t attach. Basically, you can modify ro.debugable = 1, ro.secure = 0 to let adbd have root access to attach to other processes. If you want to modify boot.img and swipe the package, you can find relevant […]

  • Ohmyuan


    Xmltype select extractvalue(value(x), ‘//utext’) value from table(XMLSEQUENCE(extract(v_xmlContent, ‘//utext’))) x; The SQL can extract xmltype type data, allThe value under the label.   SYS_REFCURSORUse of dynamic cursors Sys ﹣ refcursor is a dynamic cursor, which can dynamically decide to execute the query at runtime. REF cursors can be passed as parameters (both in and out). It […]

  • Vue dynamic binding height and the use of V-IF and v-else


    Dynamic binding height: :style=”{height: slideHeight+’rem’}” slideHeight: 2 v-if、v-elseExample:  

  • ORACLE listening comprehension


    7 Oracle Net Listener Parameters (listener.ora) referring to the official document Net Services Reference 1 The concept of surveillance Oracle listener is a server-side process that monitors requests from clients The listener can register instances on remote hosts without residing on the database host. Monitoring is oracle’s own software or components Local connections may not […]

  • Deep analysis of Java Dynamic Static proxy principle source code


    text With regard to dynamic proxy in Java, we need to understand a common design pattern – proxy pattern. For proxy, according to the time point of creating proxy class, it can be divided into static proxy and dynamic proxy. Static proxy 1. Static proxy Static proxy: Programmers create or specific tools automatically generate source […]