• The auto configure example of Dubbo spring boot cannot find a solution to the service


    This example is based on Dubbo spring boot project version 2.7.3, which may be out of date according to the release of the new version. Please pay attention when reading. There are many examples on the Internet about how to use Dubbo in spring boot, but because the time span is too long, many examples […]

  • Timeout of zookeeper request in Dubbo: configuration of mybatis + spring connection to mysql8.0.15


    I’m going to review Java in these two days, So write a shopping mall project with Dubbo to practice, but on the first test of the card, start the provider service and the consumer service, but the request interface always reports the timeout error of the zookeeper request (Dubbo + zookeeper server repeatedly calls three […]

  • Dubbo SPI mechanism of Dubbo source reading series


    Recently, I took the time to start reading the Dubbo source code. I hope that I can record and share my understanding of Dubbo by writing an article. If there are some mistakes in this article, I hope you will point out. Dubbo SPI introduction Java SPI Before reading this article, you may need to […]

  • How spring cloud uses Dubbo to develop RPC services and calls


    This article mainly introduces how spring cloud uses Dubbo to develop RPC services and calls. The example code is introduced in detail in this article, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. You can refer to the following for friends who need it The microservices developed in spring cloud based […]

  • No such application config! Please add dubbo:application


    The springboot run cannot find the application.properties configuration file An error is reported when running the springboot project: java.lang.illegalstateexception: no such application config! Please add < Dubbo: application name = “…” / > to your spring config. Literally, the attribute dubbo.application.name has not been found. Baidu has encountered this problem in many posts, but it […]

  • Spring boot 2.1.9 + Dubbo 2.7.3 + Nacos 1.1.4 build your microservice system


    Simple steps to build your microservice system with the latest version of Dubbo Nacos registry Download the latest version of Nacos from GitHub Upload to server and unzip Stand-alone start upsh startup.sh -m standalone Nacos console access addresshttp://, log in and access with the account Nacos / Nacos Project framework This case contains three components […]

  • Dubbo source code analysis (46) the process of sending the request by the consumer


    2.7 Disclosure – the process of the consumer sending the request Objective: from the source point of view to analyze how a service method call experience after the ordeal to reach the server. Preface The previous article talked about the process of reference service, which is nothing more than creating a proxy. Methods for consumers […]

  • More than a little improvement, a detailed interpretation of Dubbo 3.0 Preview


    Since October 27, 2011, Dubbo has been used by many non-Ali companies, including Dangdang Networks, NetEase Koala and other Internet companies, as well as China Life, Qingdao Haier and other large traditional enterprises. For more user information, visit [email protected], issue: Wanted: who’s using dubbo. Since December last year, Dubbo 3.0 has officially entered the development […]

  • Originating from Dubbo, talk about Spring XML Schema Extension Mechanism


    background In Dubbo, you can use XML to configure relevant information, or you can use it to import or export services. When the configuration is completed and the project is started, Spring reads the configuration file and generates injection-related beans. How does Dubbo implement custom XML read by Spring load? Spring XML Schema extension mechanism. […]

  • (3) Building Dubbo Distributed Platform-Maven Module Planning


    In the last article, we introduced “Building Dubbo Distributed Platform – Platform Function Map”. From today on, we will build every independent system in detail. By the way, we will record the whole process of building, so as to facilitate more developers. Reminder: Before building Dubbo distributed platform, we must master maven‘s related skills. The […]

  • Dubbo Source Resolution (47) Server Processing Request Procedure


    2.7 Disclosure – Server Processing Request Procedure Objective: To analyze a series of operations after the server receives the request from the source code point of view, and ultimately return the value needed by the client. Preface The last article talked about the process of sending requests from the consumer side, which is about the […]

  • Full Link Log Tracking Based on Spring Boot + Dubbo (II)


    I. Summary Next to the last article, after completing the analysis, we need to implement it concretely. service-aImplementing Dubbo services. service-bImplementing web services and callingservice-aImplemented services. II. Realization 2.1 Log Collection and Storage This example directly uses Aliyun Log Service to store and retrieve data.Aliyun Log Logback AppenderLog collection and upload. In fact, Ali implemented […]