• Ubuntu20. 04 installing NVIDIA graphics card driver – super detailed


    catalogue Steps: be careful: Tips: the following article is to record the process of installing NVIDIA driver for Lenovo Savior r7000p 2021. Thank you for sharing, which is of great reference value Steps: 1. Check the GPU model (general command for viewing the graphics card model: lspci | grep – I VGA) lspci | grep […]

  • JSP connection database


    Now, many netizens who are beginning to learn jsp often ask how to connect the database and how to make mistakes all the time? So I concentrated on writing this article for your reference. In fact, putting all the database logic in JSP may not be a good practice, but it is conducive to beginners’ […]

  • Summary of several introduction knowledge of JSP


    Since September last year, I began to learn jsp. I used to have only a little awareness of the program. I explored it all the way. After many hardships, one day, I was like a dry duck learning to swim. I was very happy. After a few days and nights, I finally wrote this pure […]

  • Efficient R language programming 6 — efficient data Carpenter


    Organizing your data is a respectable and, in some cases, crucial skill, so the author uses the word data carpenter. This is the most important chapter of the book, which will cover the following contents: Using tidyr to organize data Processing data using dplyr Use database Use data Table data processing software configuration library(“tibble”) library(“tidyr”) […]

  • JavaScript (15) – Events


    Event profile Event: it refers to some specific interaction moments in the document or browser window. For web applications, there are the following representative events: clicking on an element, moving the mouse over an element, closing a pop-up window, and so on. JavaScript is based onEvent driven as the coreA language. The interaction between JavaScript […]

  • Apache plc4x author’s “shout”: will stop providing any free support | call on enterprise users to pay for open source


    Recently, christofer dutz, founder of Apache plc4x, announced on GitHub that he would stop maintaining plc4x and providing free community support to plc4x enterprise users due to the lack of any form of return. This is after faker After the JS author emptied the project repository code, another software author was disappointed that other companies […]

  • A record of building tensorflow on windows10 environment


    1. Build Python environment To make a long story short, directly use Anaconda to install the python environment and some commonly used software packagesThe official website is relatively slow. You can use the open source mirror station of Tsinghua University to download the appropriate version: https://mirrors.tuna.tsinghua… Anaconda3-2018.12-windows-x86 is used in this article_ 64 version The […]

  • Angular cli global ng CMD file content analysis


    The contents of the document are as follows: REM Jerry :: This is a comment @ECHO off SETLOCAL CALL :find_dp0 IF EXIST “%dp0%\node.exe” ( SET “_prog=%dp0%\node.exe” ) ELSE ( SET “_prog=node” SET PATHEXT=%PATHEXT:;.JS;=;% ) “%_prog%” “%dp0%\node_modules\@angular\cli\bin\ng” %* ENDLOCAL EXIT /b %errorlevel% :find_dp0 SET dp0=%~dp0 EXIT /b SETLOCAL: Start localization of environment changes in batch file. […]

  • Brief description of linux character device driver-1


    Linux device driver overview The operating system kernel controls the hardware devices through various drivers, which shields all kinds of devices for users. Device driver is the interface between operating system kernel and machine hardware, and system call is the interface between operating system kernel and application program. In the application view, the hardware device […]

  • Your first angularjs app


    Angularjs is an open source JavaScript MVC framework from Google. With angularjs, you can build front-end applications with clear structure and easy to test and maintain. Using angularjs, you can define many of your own HTML element attributes through directive. Angularjs seamlessly connects HTML (view) and JavaScript (model), so you don’t need to pay too […]

  • Spring certified China Education Management Center – spring data r2dbc framework tutorial I


    Original title: Spring certified China Education Management Center – spring data r2dbc framework tutorial I (spring China Education Management Center) R2dbc supportR2dbc includes a wide range of functions: Spring configuration supports Java based classes of @ configurationr2dbc driver instances.R2dbcentitytemplate, as the central class of entity binding operations, improves productivity when performing common r2dbc operations with […]