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  • Basic DOS command


    1、 Open CMD mode Click start, find the windows system, expand and select the command prompt Win key + R key, enter CMD in the open pop-up box, and click OK Select the folder, hold down the shift key, right-click and select here to open the shell window Enter CMD in the address bar of […]

  • [windows] bat script, batch file


    : current drive letter @echo current pan : %~d0 :: current path @echo current path : %cd%\ :: current bat file path @echo the bat’s path : %~dp0 :: / A is an expression 1m 1024byte * 1024 = 1MB set /a onem=1024*1024 for /l %%i in (1,1,100) do fsutil file createnew %~dp001_num_%%i_1MB_file.txt %onem%:: starts […]

  • [tip] in windows, use sshfs win to mount SFTP disk to the local, and conveniently manage the files in Linux


    In the maintenance of Linux server, file management has always been a thorny problem: FTP / SMB / WebDAV installation steps are cumbersome, and the configuration of user rights is also more complex. The most important thing is that the above-mentioned transport protocols are not encrypted by default, and configuration encryption and other operations need […]

  • Installing docker in Windows 10 wsl1


    A recent attempt was made to install Ubuntu using a virtual machine, and then install the docker deployment service in Ubuntu. Looking at the official installation document of docker, we found that we can use wsl2 to install docker on Windows 10. Start to try to install the configuration, the results found that wsl2 can […]