• DW (Dreamweaver) regular expression function list


    Just used Teleport   Pro pulled a whole station to the local, and all hyperlinks were forced to add a tppabs = “…” newly installed system and Dreamweaver   8. Play the replacement function of DW. Search range: search the whole current local site: source code search: \ btppabs = “H [^”] * “replace: (empty) […]

  • Dreamweaver, Photoshop in the surface high-resolution toolbar font and button is too small solution


    Recently, I started the surface pro, which is easy to carry and work, and the standby time is still long. The main reason is that the ThinkPad is a little too thick. It’s normal to reinstall the system, but the font of DW, Photoshop and other software is too small. I solved it through the […]

  • The method of using Zen coding in Dreamweaver


    In my last article《Zen coding: a fast way to write HTML / CSS code》Later, some netizens said they didn’t know how to use the Zen coding plug-in on Dreamweaver. OK, today I will write a detailed tutorial about how to use Zen coding in DW. If you already know how to use it, you can […]

  • Dreamweaver regular replacement (return call value)


    Example 1:List-j/1100.aspx –> List.aspx?id=1100 List-j/(\d+).aspx –> List.aspx?id=$1 Example 2:List.aspx?id=1100 –> List-j/1100.aspx List.aspx\? JT = (< D +) > – list-j / $1.aspx (Note: “list. ASPX? Id = 1100” appears in “?” (need to escape)

  • Dreamweaver how to add pictures


    Adobe Dreamweaver, abbreviated as “DW”, Chinese name “dream weaver”, is a WYSIWYG web editor developed by Macromedia company of the United States, which integrates web page production and website management. DW is the first set of visual web development tools specially developed for professional web designers. With it, dynamic web pages can be easily created […]

  • What is the program of dreamweaver.exe what is the Dreamweaver process


    Process file: Dreamweaver or dreamweaver.exeProcess name: Macromedia DreamweaverProcess category: process with security risk English Description:dreamweaver.exe is a part of Macromedias web design studio, which allows you to create websites. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference Chinese reference:Dreamweaver.exe is a web design related program of Macromedia company, which […]