• Halloween animation – canvas pixels


    Halloween to write a small example to understand the canvas drawing method, canvas can achieve some interesting effects, animation. To achieve a simple page to understand the basic drawing method.Original link Canvas can achieve some interesting effects, animation. To achieve a simple page to understand the basic drawing method. effect Happy Halloween^_^ Preparatory knowledge let […]

  • The method of cutting and adjusting the size of the picture in the drawing of computer screenshot


    Sometimes only a part of the picture is needed for computer screenshots. It is necessary to cut the pictures and adjust the size if they are not suitable. The operation method in drawing is as follows. Method / step When you want to take a screenshot, press the “PRT SC sysrq” key on the keyboard […]

  • Notes on. Net core dependency injection framework diagram


    Recently, I was looking at Mr. Jiang Jinnan《 ASP.NET The core 3 framework reveals the secrets, drawing a summary of the contents of Chapter 3 and Chapter 4. Please refer to Mr. Jiang’s blog: https://www.cnblogs.com/artech/p/inside-asp-net-core-03-01.html       Figure 1 the relationship between iservicecollection and iserviceprovider & definition of servicedescriptor       Figure 2 […]

  • Ubuntu Install kitti2bag


    The project needs to test the mapping effect, but at present, the effect of our own semantic segmentation training is not very good, and the accuracy of external parameter matrix calibration is not high, so we plan to use Kitti data set as test. Therefore, we need to convert the Kitti data set into bag […]

  • Tensorflow tutorial (first one) — linear regression


    Series articles: Tensorflow tutorial (first one) — linear regression Tensorflow course (first two) — polynomial regression Tensorflow tutorial (first three) — Logical Regression Tensorflow course (1) — linear model Univariate linear regression cost function The sum of the squares of the error between the predicted value and the real value is calculated and minimized One […]

  • Java programmers with these tools are afraid they can’t do a good job?


    As the old saying goes, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. So, as a programmer, what “weapons” have you used? Are your weapons sharp enough? Recently, a lot of new friends asked, what are the tools for drawing flow charts to recommend? Just calm down and […]

  • C actual combat exercise topic 56


    Title:Draw pictures and learn to draw circles with circle. Program analysis:None. example: #Include // VC6.0 cannot run, but in turbo2.0 / 3.0 int main() { int driver,mode,i; float j=1,k=1; driver=VGA; mode=VGAHI; initgraph(&driver,&mode,””); setbkcolor(YELLOW); for(i=0;i<=25;i++) { setcolor(8); circle(310,250,k); k=k+j; j=j+0.3; } return 0; } Thank you for your reading, please feel with your heart! Hope to […]

  • C practical exercises 57


    Title:Draw a picture and learn to draw a straight line with line (implemented in TC). Program analysis:None. Program source code: #include “graphics.h” int main() { int driver,mode,i; float x0,y0,y1,x1; float j=12,k; driver=VGA;mode=VGAHI; initgraph(&driver,&mode,””); setbkcolor(GREEN); x0=263;y0=263;y1=275;x1=275; for(i=0;i<=18;i++) { setcolor(5); line(x0,y0,x0,y1); x0=x0-5; y0=y0-5; x1=x1+5; y1=y1+5; j=j+10; } } Thank you for your reading, please feel with your […]

  • Some drawing tools for writing papers


    1. Process on process onIt is an online drawing tool, which can draw flow chart, neural network diagram, model frame diagram, mind map, prototype diagram, etc. there are many frameworks that can be used, and the early use is basically free of charge, but it is limited to the creation of nine graph templates (more […]

  • Tell a story to AI, how to teach it brain to fill the picture?


    Reading guide of Ali Mei:Visual imagination is inborn. Can AI have similar abilities? For example: given a story plot, how to let the machine expand its imagination and “brain tonify” the picture? Let’s see how the students in Ali AI labs can solve this problem. 1. Background visual imagination 1.1 what is visual imagination? Visual […]

  • HTML5 canvas drawing whiteboard


    Recently, I took over a small H5. The main function is probably to upload photos and canvas sketchpad. It’s mainly about recording your own cooking skills like a fool. 1. Canvas’s Sketchpad hits cattle in the air! The higher the canvas is, the smaller the dislocation distance is, and the greater the downward distance is. […]

  • Two lines of code to achieve image fragmentation loading


    Today, let’s implement an image fragmentation loading effect. The effect is as follows: We implement it in three steps: Define HTML structure Split picture Write animation function Define HTML structure All you need is a canvas element. <html> <body> <canvas id=”myCanvas” width=”900″ height=”600″ style=”background-color: black;” ></canvas> </body> </html> Split picture In this example, we split […]