• Wechat applet generating Poster Canvas text wrapping


    Sharing in wechat applets, the official website only provides the ability to share to friends and group chat, not the API to share to the circle of friends. Therefore, the common way to share the applet to the circle of friends is to generate a dynamic poster with canvas, paste a picture of the applet […]

  • Basic use of canvas


    Canvas can be used to make photo sets or animation of checkpoints, or even real-time video processing and rendering. Here I will introduce the simple use of canvas 1: Canvas label The canvas tag and the IMG tag look very similar, Canvas has only two optional attributes, width and height. There are no SRC and […]

  • Using user control to realize RichTextBox with line number and ruler in WinForm (with code download)


    scene The RichTextBox control allows users to input and edit text while providing more advanced formatting features than normal textbox controls. Effect       Note: Blog home page:https://blog.csdn.net/badao_liumang_qizhi Official accountDomineering procedural apeGet programming related ebooks, tutorials and free downloads. Realization Create a new user control, guagerichtextbox. Editing a user control is equivalent to defining […]

  • Canvas drawing pictures


    We have learned some basic methods of using canvas. In canvas, we can draw pictures directly. In canvas, we mainly use DrawImage method to draw pictures 1: There are three cases of DrawImage method parameters 1: Three parameters ctx.drawImage(image,dx,dy) Image: IMG image to be drawn DX, Dy: the coordinates of the drawn img image in […]

  • Hand teaching H5 games – greedy snake


    Simple small game production, the amount of code is only two or three hundred lines. The game can be extended by itself. Source code has been released to GitHub, like a little star, source entry: game Snake The game has been released, and the game portal: http://snake.game.yanjd.top Step 1 – create ideas How to realize […]

  • Wechat applet canvas generates share image to album


    The entry of the applet focuses on the following three: QR code Search bar Chat forwarding However, there is no big user of traffic – the circle of friends; although the small program can’t share it with the circle of friends, it doesn’t castrate the function of long press recognition QR code; therefore, what is […]

  • Project module — 1. Implementation of verification code function


    Introduction: In the Java Web project, a verification code is randomly generated at the back end, drawn into an image, and two interference lines are added to the image and sent to the browser for the user to use. The content of this blog includes the logical steps of function implementation, Java implementation code, and […]

  • 6. painting snowflakes in the sky with canvas 1


    Attachment: drawing the flying snowflakes 2 with canvasDrawing flying snowflakes with canvas 3 Effect preview: https://codepen.io/andy-js/pen/ojpzpdeIt is recommended that you right-click a new label or window to open a preview Today, I saw a beautiful snowflake drawn with pure CSS published by Mr. comehopeIt’s a whim. I drew a picture with canvas. 1. First, we […]

  • 7. Draw flying snowflakes with canvas 2


    Attached link: draw flying snowflake 1 with canvasDrawing flying snowflakes with canvas 3 Next:Effect link: https://codepen.io/andy-js/pen/qwwavjjRight click to open it. This time, we installed the JS method in the previous article, and basically added an initial angle setting.Called as a method at any time. Direct code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta name=”viewport” […]

  • 8. Draw flying snowflakes with canvas 3


    Link before:Using canvas to draw flying snowflake 1Drawing flying snowflakes 2 with canvas This effect: Effect preview: https://codepen.io/andy-js/pen/yzpyqvz No nonsense, just code itThe difference is that it increases the random appearance and top-down effect of snowflakes.And this time I used RAF to do animation.The next article introduces some features of Raf. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> […]

  • Front end uses canvas to add watermark to image


    This article is published on my personal website: http://wintc.top/article/27. Please indicate the reprint. Two days ago, I added a small function to my website, that is, when the article editor uploads a picture, he will automatically add a watermark to the picture. Adding watermarks to web images is a common function and one of the […]

  • New year’s day, draw a fireworks with canvas


    The Spring Festival is coming soon. I plan to bury a new year’s blessing + fireworks egg in the background. The project is based on react + typescript, so it is finally encapsulated as a component, which can be displayed after the opening time is set. directory structure The directory structure is roughly as followsWe […]