• Ggtree drawing high-end evolutionary tree


    Phylogenetic tree is almost a necessary map for gene family articles. A good-looking tree map can really add a lot of color to the article. Ordinary users may only use Mega drawing, and those who are more advanced will use two online drawing platforms such as itol and evolview. However, this is not the focus […]

  • R language ggplot2 to draw ring chart radar chart / star chart / polar chart / radial chart polar chart visual analysis of vehicle performance data


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=24896 Beautiful circle chart. I’m not sure if there is any additional benefit to the data analyst itself, but if it can attract the attention of decision makers, it is additional value to me. However, with Coord\_ Occasionally found in coggar\_ Radar () can be difficult to build. The two main problems I found […]

  • Handwritten ecarts ring chart


    The design draft designs a ring chart, only one ring chart. When echarts is introduced, it always feels like killing a chicken with an ox knife. Anyway, it doesn’t have too high requirements. Just write one yourself! <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <title>Document</title> <style> * { […]

  • Python turtle draws seven segment nixie tubes and 14 segment nixie tubes to display letters and time


    import datetimeimport turtlename = []Def drawLine (draw): # draw single segment nixie tube turtle.pendown() if draw else turtle.penup() turtle.fd(40) turtle.right(90) Def DrawLine1 (draw): # draw single segment nixie tube 1 turtle.pendown() if draw else turtle.penup() turtle.fd(20) Def drawtdown1 (draw): # slash turtle.pendown() if draw else turtle.penup() turtle.fd(44.7) Def drawdigital (digital): # draw seven digital tubes […]

  • Custom control


    Android window custom view bitmap 1. Why customize controls: existing controls can’t meet our needs or achieve the effect we want 2. A custom control is to inherit view or a derived class of view, and then override the internal methods in the class. Generally speaking, there are three types of custom controls: 1. Custom […]

  • Qt development technology: graphic view framework (II) detailed explanation of scene qgraphicsscene, qgraphicsitem and qgraphicsview


    Previous words The three core classes of QT’s graphical view framework are: qgraphicsscene, qgraphicsitem and qgraphicsview. QGraphicsScene describe The qgraphicsscene class provides a face for managing a large number of 2D graphic items. This class is used as a container for qgraphicsitems. Together with qgraphicsview, it is used to visualize graphic items such as lines, […]

  • Source code analysis of QT update refresh (2)


    Hello, I’m an it literary man, a front-line programmer from a large front-line factory The last video analyzed the asynchronous event delivery process of QT update refresh mechanism from the source level. This video mainly analyzed the processing process of QT refresh event (qevent:: updaterequest) from the source level We trace the qevent:: updaterequest event […]

  • I open source a lightweight web editor ruler plug-in!


    preface Front end colleagues who have done web-based editors will more or less contact ruler plug-ins, similar to those in PS or PPT software. Older web plug-ins, such as JQury, produce a lot of DOM, so they write a ruler drawn with pure ts and canvas without relying on any third-party library. The usage of […]

  • R use abestr to create an estimation diagram


    This section will share a small example of statistical analysis through RabestrLet’s draw the estimation chart, and all audience masters will savor it carefully Introduction to estimation chart:https://acclab.github.io/robust-statistical-visualization.html Compared with the traditional graph, the estimation graph has five main advantages: Bar chart Box diagram Dithering diagram Estimation diagram Avoid wrong dichotomy ✘ ✘ ✘ ✔ […]

  • Front end interview daily 3 + 1 – day 838


    Today’s knowledge points (August 1, 2021) – day 838(I want to write a question, too) [html] Draw a goblet with HTML5 [css] Use CSS3 to draw the animation effect of a cartoon little bee [js] What is the result of typeof symbol()? [soft skills]How to do user portrait analysis? In the Analects of Confucius, Zeng […]

  • [stm32h7] Chapter 30 ThreadX guix cool and practical clock dial design, combined with hardware RTC real-time clock


    Latest tutorial Download:http://www.armbbs.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=98429 Chapter 30: ThreadX guix cool and practical clock dial design, combined with hardware RTC real-time clock This chapter explains the beautiful and practical clock dial design, and combines the hardware RTC real-time clock of STM32. 30.1 important tips for beginners 30.2 step 1: guix studio creates a blank window 30.3 step 2: […]

  • Source code analysis of QT update refresh (3)


    Hello, I’m an it literary man, a front-line programmer from a large front-line factory The last video analyzed the QT refresh event from the source level(QEvent::UpdateRequest)This video mainly analyzes the further processing of refresh events from the source level, that is, the process of drawing and outputting the screen go back toQWidgetPrivate::drawWidget(QPaintDevice *pdev, const QRegion […]