• Canvas actual project operation, including: line, circle, fan, picture drawing, picture fillet mask, rectangle, arc text


    After learning the last chapter I wrote, Xiaobai goes to school canvas foundation, we come here to learn and use it now. Here we first look at our design drawings and the final implementation effect;On the left is the design draft and on the right is the finished rendering: It’s as like as two peas. […]

  • 12000 star! Super practical architecture drawing tool


    [introduction]: are you still using itvisioDraw an architecture diagram? There is an open source tool for drawing system architecture. Are you sure you want to take a look? brief introduction Diagrams allows you to draw cloud system architecture in Python code. Without using any other tools (such as Visio), you can use it to prototype […]

  • Canvas sprite encapsulation


    When making canvas animation, the quality of wizard encapsulation directly affects the subsequent programming experience. The following packaging method comes from HTML5 canvas core technology graphics, animation and game development, which realizes the decoupling between sprites and drawing objects. It is easy to use. I usually use this writing method myself. A complete sprite consists […]

  • Use asdk performance tuning – improve the rendering performance of IOS interface


    This series of articles will be helpful in several aspectsASDKIn the aspect of performance tuning, the implementation of the strategy is analyzed to help readers understand how asdk makes the complex UI interface reach the refresh rate of 60 FPS; This article will explain asdk’s optimization of rendering process from the rendering level of view, […]

  • Population density maps were drawn using PIL and CV2, respectively


    The pred variable is a single channel density map of the network output.When drawing density map, it needs to be converted to numpy format supported by CPU. Draw using pil import matplotlib.pyplot as plt plt.imshow(pred, cmap=plt.cm.jet) plt.show() This drawing method will have its own coordinate system, which will occupy the real pixels of the picture, […]

  • “Canvas animation every Monday” — forest and star sea


    Point canvas animation code file every week In the previous sectionWeekly canvas animation – 3D physical effectsIn, we introduce the effects of velocity and acceleration in three-dimensional environment. In this section, we continue to introduce two other physical effects:Gravity and screen surround。 1、 Gravity The way to realize the gravity effect in the three-dimensional system […]

  • Cool day and night mode switching button


    preface Recently, I saw a cool day and night mode switching button, so I wrote a copy.Here is the GitHub link. Welcome to star, forkThe effect picture on Po was not recorded very well Main compilation ideas Here, the valueanimator in the attribute animation is mainly used to generate a group of regular numbers, and […]

  • Extension data tecdat: R language K-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, principal component (PCA) dimensionality reduction and visual analysis of iris dataset


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=22838  Problems in using iris dataset: R (a) Part: K-means clusteringThe data were clustered into two groups by K-means clustering method.  Draw a graph to show the clusteringThe data were clustered into three groups by K-means clustering method.Draw a graph to show the clustering(b) Part: hierarchical clusteringThe observed values were clustered by full connection […]

  • circle_ Implementation of arc clock with clock simple canvas


    Slag product drawing:http://codepen.io/thewindswor… Recently, I have a special feeling about the circle… Because I wrote a cricle_ process_ Bar is like to be used to make a clock. It’s probably more interesting, so I wrote a thing like this. Maybe there are quite a lot of errors and omissions in the code. Next, let’s share […]

  • The first attempt of canvas: drawing magnifier Icon


    With the popularity of smart phones and the development of Internet front-end, the requirements of content style are becoming too elegant. Here’s how to use canvas to draw a simple magnifying glass icon: We divide the drawing process of canvas into path analysis and development path analysis First observe that the magnifying glass icon is […]

  • Mongodb (4) advanced_ Find modifier


    Find query operation is the most commonly used in our usual redevelopment, and it is also the most important. Find basic operator //Batch insert data var workmate1={ name:’JSPang’, age:33, sex:1, Job: ‘front end’, skill:{ skillOne:’HTML+CSS’, skillTwo:’JavaScript’, skillThree:’PHP’ }, regeditTime:new Date(), interest:[] } var workmate2={ name:’ShengLei’, age:31, sex:1, Job: ‘Java back end’, skill:{ skillOne:’HTML+CSS’, skillTwo:’J2EE’, skillThree:’PPT’ […]

  • Applet comments / handwriting


    This chapter mainly introduces how to make handwriting / picture annotation in small programs. Introduction to small program documents Canvas:Canvas, drawing context:CanvasContext 1. Create a canvas in the front end, and the canvas ID of the front end’s canvas,Using Wx. Createcontext to get the drawing context var context = wx.createCanvasContext(‘myCanvas’) 2. Set properties / styles. […]