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  • Canvas online signature plug-in


    about Original address:Canvas online signature plug-inPlug in address GitHub:https://github.com/javascript-wei/canvas-sign Experience Preview:canvas-sign background Recently, a temporary request was received, which requires the client to sign online and save it to the server. The functions generally include revocation (that is, revocation is required for each stroke), changing the signature color, and support on the mobile terminal and […]

  • QT to achieve line stroke effect detailed principle and example code


    preface Before I wrote an article to introduce two ways of drawing smooth curve in QT, here is the article. This article introduces the principle and implementation of drawing in detail, then, if you want to achieve the stroke effect on this curve, how to do? The so-called pen edge effect is the tip of […]

  • QT implementation of pen line drawing effect examples and detailed principles


    preface Last article: QT to achieve line stroke effect detailed principle, according to this article to achieve the principle of stroke effect, we can easily achieve another kind of stroke effect: pen. The so-called pen effect is to truly restore the line effect written by the pen. Its characteristics are: the width of the line […]