• [science popularization] learning and distinguishing common technical standards: RFC, W3C, ECMA


    RFC RFC is the full name of request for comments, which is usually translated as request for comments. It is a series of notes and documents about Internet, involving the concept, protocol, process, program, meeting minutes, opinions and even humor of computer networkRFC was drafted and edited by Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)Four stages: Internet […]

  • I also upgraded my own online editor and added regular expression search and replacement function to it


    Of course, the search and replace function can choose not to select regular expressions. Two key functions (it took three hours for the test to succeed), it’s time to come! Check “regular?” After that, you can search content across lines. function find(isdesc){ var startPos=Editor.selectionStart,endPos=Editor.selectionEnd; var isreg=document.se.isreg.checked; var str=document.se.find.value; if(str==”)return false; var tmpStr=Editor.value,len=str.length,ss=-1; if(tmpStr==”)return false; //console.log(startPos+’,’+endPos+’,’+tmpStr.length); […]

  • Java back-end blog system article system — No5


    tool IDE is idea16 The JDK environment is 1.8 Gradle build, version: 2.14.1 MySQL version is 5.5.27 Tomcat version is 7.0.52 Flow chart drawing (XMIND) Modeling analysis software PowerDesigner 16.5 MySQL workbench, version: 6.3.7 build Objectives for the current period According to the work of WordPress, the program design is analyzed Complete the process analysis […]

  • Ideal JavaScript immutable data structure


    1、 Introduction Immer (German for: always) is a tiny package that allows you to work with immutable state in a more convenient way. Immer provides a more convenient way to operate immutable state 2、 Core advantages hisConvenienceIt is mainly reflected in the following aspects: There is only one (core) API:produce(currentState, producer: (draftState) => void): nextState […]

  • 006 sigle decentralized blog based on blockstack


    This article mainly explains that sigle based on blockstack is a decentralized blog project; Official website: https://www.sign.io/ GitHub address: https://github.com/pradel/sign Page display: Introduction: A beautiful decentralized & open source blog maker Create beautiful & simple blog stories Publish and share it… to the moon and back!1: You’re ready to share it with the world ?2:Copy […]

  • Everything you need to know about ECMAScript 6


    Terminology related to ECMAScript ECMAScript: script programming language standardized by ECMA International (formerly European Association of computer manufacturers) through ecma-262 ECMA-262ECMA international has created ecma-262 specification, which is the official standard of ECMAScript language ECMAScript 5(.1): the latest version of ECMAScript, which was approved by ECMA in June 2011 = > official document ECMA TC39: […]

  • Monitor return key in Vue


    Question: in projects, we often need to add a pop-up window when users fill in the form and click back. Are you sure to leave? The confirmation will be saved as a draft Solution: take advantage of H5’s pushstate feature and onpopup events Analysis: pushstate from the method name, we can know that adding a […]