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  • Four common data structures in standard library collections


    Collections library is a part of the standard library. There are many data structures in it. Many modifications and improvements have been made on the basis of lists, dictionaries and tuples. Today, let’s talk about the most useful ones. 1、deque It implements a queue that can be operated at both ends, which is equivalent to […]

  • Rnaflow a new fully automatic RNA_ Seq data analysis process


    Recently, I picked up a job to help other teachers in the college analyze the rice transcriptome, but my daughter-in-law rushed to graduate and wanted to help her with articles and data. She didn’t have time to do this. Although she can analyze the transcriptome, she hasn’t realized automation, so I wandered around in Google […]

  • Acwing arithmetic learning: data structure (3)


    Data structure (3) acwing catalogue Data structure (3) acwing 1. Hash table storage structure String hash 3.STL 1.vector 2.string 3.queue 4.priority_ Queue (heap) 5.stack 6. Deque (double ended queue) — basically not use 7.set、multiset、map、multimap 1. Hash table Hash function concept: (1) X mod 10 ^ 5, that is, the value range {modulus is reduced. It […]

  • If you want to monitor the dual terminal Caton problem of Android and IOS, don’t you know this artifact?


    Recently, the u-apm Caton analysis function of Youmeng + application performance monitoring platform was officially launched. After accessing the latest u-apm SDK, you can monitor Android and IOS dual terminal Caton problems in the background for free, so as to help developers evaluate application performance and ensure application quality. The application performance monitoring platform u-apm […]

  • Reading redis source code — adlist (10)


    Double ended linked list adlist.c .h The list in redis is in the form of a double ended linked list typedef struct listNode { //Front node struct listNode *prev; //Post node struct listNode *next; //The value of the node void *value; } listNode; /* *Double ended linked list structure */ typedef struct list { //Header […]

  • 016 learn the safe double linked list layout of rust through the linked list


    introduce Video address:www.bilibili.com/video/av78062009/Relevant source code:github.com/anonymousGiga/Rust-link… Details At the beginning of this section, we will design a secure double ended queue. For the layout of double ended queues, we mainly use RC and refcell. Rc RC: data can be shared through the RC pointer. Because the rust language has the concept of ownership, after the data […]

  • 025 realize double ended queue by using stack of linked list rust


    introduce Video address:www.bilibili.com/video/av78062009/Relevant source code:github.com/anonymousGiga/Rust-link… Details In this section, we use stack to implement double ended queue. Implementation stack The implementation of stack is basically similar to the implementation of single linked list at the beginning, as follows: pub struct Stack<T> { head: Link<T>, } type Link<T> = Option<Box<Node<T>>>; struct Node<T> { elem: T, next: […]

  • This article takes you to understand the queue data structure


    Abstract:For the queue, the data structure is more complex than the stack, but it is not very difficult to understand the first in first out, and then implement it with array or linked list. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Handwritten all kinds of queue, a text is done》Author: bigsai. preface Stack and queue […]

  • Talk about several interview questions of okhttp


    Let’s talk about the commonly used network framework okhttp, which is also the native network framework used by Android(Android 4.4Here we go,HttpURLConnectionThe underlying implementation of theGoogleChanged toOkHttp),GOGOGO! What interceptors does okhttp have and what are their functions How to implement connection pool with okhttp What design patterns are used in okhttp What interceptors does okhttp […]

  • Maximum value of sliding window


    239. Sliding window maximum Solution 1: monotone queue + binary search thinking The elements in a monotonic queue are incremental. Every time you slide the window, the current element is inserted into the queue by dichotomy, and the first element of the window is deleted from the queue. At this time, dichotomy is also used. […]

  • Flutter common library, timely use of entry-level methods (some often used)


    UI related flutter_screenutil flutter_screenutil: ^0.6.0 https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… Flutter screen adaptation scheme, so that your UI in different sizes of the screen can display a reasonable layout! How to use it (getting started)https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… flutter_swiper flutter_swiper: ^1.1.6 https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… Flutter’s most powerful siwiper, multiple layouts, unlimited carousel, Android and IOS dual adaptation! How to use it (getting started)https://pub.flutter-io.cn/pac… fluttertoast […]

  • Circular double ended queue sequential storage


    Array implementation of circular double ended queue Create 3 files: doubleendedqueuearray. H, doubleendedqueuearray. C, doubleendedqueuearraytest. C doubleEndedQueueArray.h #ifndef DOUBLE_ENDED_QUEUE_ARRAY_H_ #define DOUBLE_ENDED_QUEUE_ARRAY_H_ #ifndef PTOI #define PTOI( p ) ((int32_t)(int64_t)(p)) #endif #ifndef ITOP #define ITOP( i ) ((void *)(int64_t)(i)) #endif #define ADT DequeArray //Function: the process of comparison between a and B //Parameters: A, B //Return: a […]